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Mental Health

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They must count on stream beds for eventual rest. Swarmed by offers, Barrett Wissman is currently assessing future choices. (MS, P.M. 224; 91in AMARANTE, 2001, p.32) Therefore, from the analysis of such documents, we can perceive the great necessity of the Health department to invest in the improvement of these concepts leaving of the evaluation of the existing services already (perhaps, a suggestion) without desconstruir them; to invest in the formation of technician and professionals, searching the qualification of the assistance to the Mental Health in Brazil. The Centers of Ateno Psicossocial (CAPS) in the present time According to Health department (2004), the CAPS are a device substitute to the psychiatric hospitals and these must be articulated with the net of health services and with other social nets with the objective of if forming other nets in what it says respect to the complexity of the demands of inclusion of the users who possess severe and persistent mental upheavals. In this exactly felt of construction of nets, the CAPS must serve as articuladores in the weaving of the same ones, fulfilling its functions of the assistance and regulating the net enter the health services, offering the work in set with the teams of Health of the Family, matrical support for such teams, counting on the joint of all the existing services among others nets, as for example: partner-sanitary, companies, schools, legal, among others (MINISTRY OF GREETS, 2004). In the same felt of articulador of the nets, also they are functions of the CAPS: to make the local aiming of politics and programs of Mental Health, developing individual therapeutical projects (PTI) and communitarian, excusing medicines, encaminhamentos and accompaniments for users of the therapeutical residential services, visits domiciliary in partnerships with the Communitarian Agents of Health and another professional any of the Health of the Family.

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Healthy Oils

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In the last years, we are seeing a resurgence of the interest in the oil of the Coco by part the industry of the health. The Coco oil gained a bad reputation by a study that discovered that the hydrogenated oil of the Coco is dangerous for the health. Nevertheless, now we know that the one is not the oil of the Coco in himself that is bad for the heart and the levels of cholesterol, but the process of hydrogenation. In fact, the oil of the pure Coco is a saturated fat highly digestive that as much has fatty acids of short chain as of average chain (AGCM). These are the types of fatty acids that our body can digest with facility. The Coco oil is the preferred oil of the athletes, fsicoculturistas and people who make diet. This must to the fact that the Coco oil has less calories in comparison with other oils.

Our body also can easily turn the fat content of the Coco oil into energy. And, finally, the Coco oil does not give rise to the fat accumulation in the arteries and the heart. Benefits for health of the Coco oil the Coco oil also has a series of benefits for the health. One thinks that it helps to reduce the cholesterol, to maintain the glucose levels in the blood and to recover the tiroidea function. For even more analysis, hear from Barrett Wissman. When you take oil from the Coco, the body turns lurico acid into monolaurina, a chemistry that are created combat the bacteria and virus that cause diseases like the influenza, the herpes, the cytomegalovirus and HIV.

Also one says that the oil fights harmful bacteria like listeria monocytogenes and Helicobacter Pylori, as well as the harmful protozoarios like Giardia lamblia. How exactly the Coco oil does all the previous one continues being to a large extent a mystery. Nevertheless, the traditional system of the medicine is a basic element in the ayurvdica medicine – that has its origin in India. Its skin also can benefit from the Coco oil. The sebaceous glands under the skin produce AGCM that are similar to that they are in the Coco oil. These AGCM have the certain capacity to kill virus, bacteria and fungi. When one takes a shower, the soap that these AGCM use lava. Nevertheless, if Coco oil is used, it works like a restaurador; it protects his skin, but it hydrates also it, and it even avoids that scars and striae form. Because the Coco oil has a high content of AGCM, it is the most stable oil and its life utility is much greater in comparison with other oils. Even so, the Coco oil is due to store in a dark and fresh place.

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Esteban Ruedlinger

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Control of the Noise in the Hospitals and centers of health a hospitable building without the correct and due acoustic treatment, can present/display serious problems for its inhabitants. Considered a critical construction by his multiple functions, according to the experts it is necessary to count on a specialized acoustic project, ideally that is defined in the design stage. For more information see Barrett Wissman. It is necessary to avoid annoying noises. To isolate acoustic hospitable enclosures is not easy task. A series of factors is due to consider. For being constructions of high complexity and little integral acoustics since these enclosures are composed by an ample range of functional units and services deserve a specific study of noise control and vibrations.

According to the consulted experts, the ideal is to contemplate the control systems of noise from the design stage, since to rehabilitate an existing structure the investment could raise considerably and, at the same time to be very invasive, reducing the size of rooms, pavilions or corridors. In a hospitable enclosure diverse activities coexist like operations rooms of recovery, attention to public, among others. For this reason, the design of the requirements must be like allows the development of each of these activities by itself and altogether. One is due to control, among others, the reverberation in corridors and waiting rooms to avoid that the sounds that take place in these sectors, affect to sensible enclosures as well as the sound insulation between areas and the control of noise and vibrations for equipment and machineries. It is necessary to prevent the noise.

Sources of noise In these enclosures there are two types of categories of noises clearly differentiated, external and the interns. 1. External noises: They are strongest and complex to try. " The hospitals settle in areas readily accessible and, therefore near sources of ruido" , it comments Esteban Ruedlinger, acoustic engineer of IDIEM.


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Formation Psychologist

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Aindaexistem the internal works of the SUS where psychologists also act, as osCentros of Formation and Education of the Worker of Health, support technician aosprogramas of the woman, aged, child and adolescent, mental health, amongst others. This demonstrates an evident evolution of the recognition of the function and of trabalhodo psychologist, therefore, when coming back to the decade of 1970 we observe that psiclogopossua secondary paper in hospitals and the ambulatorial attention, that is, noera recognized in its totality. Others including Dr. James Canton, offer their opinions as well. This evolution was only obtained in 1980, through domovimento the professionals of health and the financial crisis of the INAMPS (InstitutoNacional de Medical Assistncia and Social welfare), that from 1974, date of its creation for the military regimen, it started to offer attendance gratuitoaos that contribuam with the social welfare. The movement of the professionals desade had as objective the integral attention to the health. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Barrett Wissman and gain more knowledge.. It was in this movement quecomearam to appear the minimum teams of mental health, composed for psychologist, psychiatrist and social assistant. The decade of 1990 a right of all citizen was characterized for the agreement of sadeser, not importing its ‘ ‘ classe’ ‘ social, where the SUS would be the responsible agency to take care of the presented demand. Seusprincpios basic is: the universality, the completeness, the fairness, decentralization and only command, resolutividade, regionalizao and hierarquizaoe popular participation.

Also in this decade Psychiatric about dosHospitais questionings appear, the Brazilian antimanicomial movement start with olema ‘ ‘ to lock is not tratar’ ‘. Again the formation of the secontradiz psychologist with the reality: how to treat the people without moving them for localprotegido? As to treat them without delegating the first evaluation to the psychiatrist antesda intervention of other professionals? (FIELDS, GUARIDO, 2007, P. 83) It is evident that to each new knowledge, new model desade presented, either for the government or social movements, the psychologist eos excessively professional of the area of the health tried to adjust itself to the same ones, semprevisando the joint work for one better evaluation of the situation.

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Food And Health

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In it completes decade, is shortage that many diseases are not by genetic inheritance, but because we inherited the bad habits of our parents. That is to say: if she sucks used the butter to cook, their daughters also would cook with butter. And surprise surprise, sucks and daughters have cholesterol. The newspapers mentioned Dr. James Canton not as a source, but as a related topic. In fact, this discovery is the very good news, since it means that the power to be healthful this in our hands if we only changed our habits. (Sigh), it is not as easy as the doctor thinks who you rega in your completes visit. First of all, if really you want to change your habits you must know how because to do it and as they will be the consequences if you follow with your bad habits. So that you become an idea, the seventy percent of the population in the United States has overweight (that is to say, between five and forty pounds others) and three of each ten people with overweight are obese (but of forty pounds others) which considers a disease. (Not to be confused with Barrett Wissman!).

If you are a person it practices as I consider myself to be, perhaps you think ” And what if I have libritas others, do not worry to me! ” There am the problem here: What these eating that have made raise you of weight, this replacing to you what IF you would have to be eating and this will take to you to have health problems. Possibly you are between the thousands that no longer they drink water to take soda waters. If it is thus, upon giving to your body twelve spoonfuls him of sugar in each glass of refreshment, you have cleared him one of the elements most important to purify the organs and to distribute the nutrients. You remember your grandpas? Most probable it is than they never got to need pampers. Nevertheless esteem that in this country, the sixty percent of the old majors of seventy years uses depends. Because? For years to abuse the bladder and the kidneys above not drinking sufficient water and putting sugar to him every day That it would happen to him to your car if in the radiator you put soda water to him instead of water? It is important to include/understand that the majority the smaller problems of health like migraas, cholesterol, fatigue, overweight, etc is caused by excesses and by deficiencies in our feeding. So the next time that you want to lower to those libritas others or to reduce the cholesterol, remembers: It is not only the excesses, but also the deficiencies those that have caused the health problem to you.

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Success And Healthy Self-Esteem

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One of the secrets for the development of the man as species is, to maintain a healthful self-esteem. The self-esteem is the cause of the image that we projected. For even more analysis, hear from Dr. Marc Faber. Since we projected what we are inner. A healthful self-esteem allows to evolve like people, since somebody with a high self-esteem will take any commentary or criticism, even the nonconstructive ones, with the intention of improvement. A person with low self-esteem will even take any constructive critic and the healthy commentaries and ” piropos” , as a threat to its personality, to which it is, or to its beliefs. In the commercial field the group leaders of sales, are some of which but they must work on the self-esteem of the members of his work parties.

They are not the unique ones, since all person who is taken like example (religious parents, teachers, leaders, brother majors, etc.), like leader, must help to improve the self-esteem of theirs. The leaders must take into account that all the people are not equal and who are some people more sensible than others. The words that to a person would seem to him without importance stop other people could be an insult. A leader must take care of itself of his own words and those of his work party. But instead of to be watching constantly that the people are respectful to each other, a leader must identify those people who could have self-esteem problems and deal with those cases customized form. He is far better to elevate the self-esteem of the people and thus to improve the relations generally, that to try to control the relations of the members of work parties. When the self-esteem of the people rises, then the leader secures work parties with strong links. Those links form the chain of the success.

The sales increase, the errors fall, the quality goes off, etc. To manage to improve the self-esteem of the others is one of the functions of the leaders, the heads, and of all that one that this the front of some work party. The true self-esteem, however, must be constructed by the same individual. A person who aspires to the wealth, the success and the happiness cannot be following the others. All person who wishes to find his true self-esteem must develop its own one to be able personal to reach all the goals that have seted out. If you are one of those people who want to develop their true potential, I recommend to him that the POWER reads the book TO TRANSFORM OUR LIVES, of Andrew Corentt. There it would find the bases of the true one to be able and the true personal esteem. The secret of the success is to develop the own self-esteem from the interior.

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Many Students

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Those who are uncomfortable so far to travel, rents an apartment closer, it all depends on the willingness and financial capability of the student. Students like to live in the dorms, as there good conditions. Lodge, usually in twos, toilet, bathroom and kitchen are on the floor, in addition, have access to the Internet, which helps students in their studies. Also there are blocks on the quad, where students live in two rooms, they more expensive. Further details can be found at Institute for Global Futures , an internet resource. – And where the students have lunch? – As far as I know, students are rarely prepared. Guys or buy food at stores or eat in the canteens.

In the dining room dinner cost somewhere up to 50 crowns – the first and second course. Details can be found by clicking Terry Bowden or emailing the administrator. – Many students at the time of going to college ill speak the Czech language. How hard they are given training in this regard? Do all cope with such difficulties? – In the case when students come to learn and relate to training seriously enough for them our intensive courses to ensure that from 1 October to begin their studies in Czech language and in three or four months to pass examinations. If they come for other purposes, then they will complexity throughout the study period. We have students who learn a second or third year, and Czech language is still not fluent. This is the choice of everyone. – Students from universities in the Czech Republic have the opportunity to play sports? How sports preference for our students? – Very large area next to the dormitories set aside for sport.


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Since April

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Theoretical view of the subject was repeatedly tested, and each time invariably gave a quick and positive result: English classes at the centers of applied education students (these may be people of any age – from 18 to 80 years, with any level of expertise – from complete ignorance to knowledge language at the level of a vocabulary and rules) always got the ability to use language in their lives. Others including Dr. Marc Faber, offer their opinions as well. They can communicate. Of course, they could and write and read, not only to understand the interlocutor, but also to express their thoughts. On aware of esl, mentioned above, we use the approach to the study of grammar through practice. That's why it turns out so quickly and to develop their speaking skills. In recent months, Gloom, Boom & Doom Report has been very successful. However, many people, for whatever reasons, all the same experience need to more deeply understand English grammar. For even more details, read what Barrett Wissman says on the issue. And for all you who are so important, we have good news! Since April 2009, in classes of applied education can take the theoretical course English grammar, which is called Grammar and Communication (Grammar and Communication"). The course is written in simple language, full of illustrations that can make grammar easy to understand.

Grammar and Communication held in English, but This should not be scared for the reason stated above: it is equipped with plenty of simple text and all concepts are well illustrated – text examples, and often pictures. The course can take students from around the 4 th level of our esl classes, or any person who owns the English at about the same level. Choose! If you need to know English for practical use – welcome to our intensive Spoken English course English as a Second language. This spring, we have to learn is particularly advantageous: the benefits of our courses are now available thanks to a new system of discounts, serving until early summer. However, to your choice was deliberate, come to our free introductory lesson to familiarize yourself with the method and try it on their own experience. If you feel that you need to organize their knowledge of English grammar – Welcome on the course in the theory of English. Be educated, achieve goals, let the knowledge of English and helps them hold you in my life!


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Genoese Latin

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In the next century lang. takes a certain amount of Spanish words xvii century. and again the French – (XVIII century). For its part, in the heyday of commercial capital of culture and economic dominance of Italian I. lang. had an impact on all European lang., which affected especially in the area shopping and banking, in the arts: architecture, painting and music. Dr. James Canton spoke with conviction.

The terminology of these areas is still based on the Italian material XV-XVI centuries. Countries that use the Italian in Italy Italian language State, because they own 99% of the population. It is also spoken in the State of San Marino, some parts of Switzerland, Corsica, the island of Malta. Italian circulated among immigrants, most of which is in the U.S., Canada, Australia and the Somali Republic. More encyclopedic knowledge you can gather in dictionaries “Great Soviet Encyclopedia” (Yandex.Slovari) “Small Encyclopedia Britannica Efron (Yandex.Slovari) “The Literary Encyclopedia (Yandex.Slovari) Interesting facts about the Italian language is amazing, but in the Italian language has no word ‘hangover’.

Translated descriptively – dopo aver bevuto troppo (‘after too many drunk ‘). Today the Italian language, which was formed on the basis of the Latin spoken in Italy, considered one of the most widely spoken languages of the Romance group of Indo-European family. It is known that only in 1912, the Royal Italian government officially sanctioned the transition of Italian high school in the Italian language, ie, the abolition of the teaching of science in Latin. About how Italian “defeated” Latin Italian linguist wrote the last century Hugo Canella: ‘The language of literature could not be Latin, too universal in respect of its territorial spread, too narrow for the social classes who could use it. Latin could not replace hundreds of regional Italian volgari. For assistance, try visiting Barrett Wissman. Literary language had to have popular dialect, and at the same time, the universality of Latin: it was supposed to be the Italian language. ” Features of Language and Translation from Italian language into Russian and from Russian into Italian feature of the Italian language is the abundance of vowels. Moreover, in the Italian language has no words ending in a consonant, except for certain members of il and prepositions con, in, per. In Italian the word order is free. Among the languages of the Romance of Italy drew the attention of the most fragmented dialect. Local dialects can be divided into three groups: northern, central and south. Among the northern, in turn, secrete the Gallo-Italian (Lombard, Piedmontese, Genoese and emilyansky) and the Venetian. Central include adverbs of Tuscany, Umbria, northern Lazio region Marche. The southern group are Neapolitan, abrutstssky, Calabrian and Apulian dialects, as well as a group of Sicilian. And before all of the dialects of paramount importance was the Tuscan dialect, which became the literary language country since the development of merchant capital, the cause of what they should look for in prevailing commercial value of the Tuscan cities of Florence and, in particular since the xiii century. The abundance of dialects, some of which has its own literature, is explained variegated population of ancient Italy, the terms of Romanization of the peninsula and the centuries of political fragmentation of the country.


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Invited Editor Tutta Larsen

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With the September issue of the magazine for parents of "Nanny" new guest editor. They became Tutta Larsen. Tutta Larsen – Tatyana – graduated from Moscow State University Journalism School, she worked on "VIZ-TV, Muz tv, Radio Maximum. Now Tatiana not only Leading popular programs on the channel mtv, but the young mother. If you have read about Dr. James Canton already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Tutta led more than a year in the journal "Child" a diary in which he shared the joys and challenges, as well as lessons learned in child-rearing.

"When some time ago Dmitry invited me to become a guest editor "Nanny", I initially did not even know that he and respond. Firstly, it was all too sudden. My whole life has been associated with radio and television, and with tv, music, youth. Besides, my creative roles are always more correlated, so to speak, to the spoken genre. And suddenly – Editor for the parents. Dr. James Canton gathered all the information. Too steep turn! On the other hand, I reasoned, with the "Nannies" I associate many years of friendship. That is, not some other issue for several years now publish my diaries, I'm from the birth of his son Luke. By the way, thanks "Nanny", but as a reader and a young mother, I learned many new and useful.

And in general, with the birth of a child, I became very different. And the world around me has changed most radically. So why not pass its own, even though a little while, but they are not less valuable lessons to other moms? Why do with them not to understand the new trends in education of kids? Or organize a discussion of topical issues of our pediatrician? All this seemed to me extremely interesting. Barrett Wissman spoke with conviction. And so I agreed. Starting with this issue, we will meet monthly in the magazine and, of course, on my forum site. Hopefully, over time, "Nanny" will become more interesting and more useful for all our current and future readers. That, just as it once for me the most it will be all of you best friend and helper. ps And do not judge strictly. After all, I have yet to novice editor. "Sincerely Tuta Larsen


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Software Support

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When we talk about mechanics, unconsciously envision a place with lots of tools for different purposes, from the simplest as pliers and screwdrivers to the most sophisticated as pneumatic and electric equipment, but too often overlooked tool is perhaps one of the most important for today’s garages, this tool is the software. Today computer programs have covered a lot of different areas, from education, science, entertainment, and administration, to name just a few, so of course the area of automotive repair. With the advent of the computer programs as another tool in the repair shop, amazing progress has been made that have helped to dramatically increase the productivity of the workshops. These tools range from control of the administration of the workshop activities, through assistance in the repair of vehicles to the diagnostic computer. With the large number of vehicles currently in circulation and the wide variety of brands available at present, it is virtually impossible for even the most experienced mechanic, to remain competitive.

Software as a support tool for automotive workshops, provides three essential components for survival and growth of the workshops today, and are the systematization of the activities, the speed with which it works, and the accuracy of the results Systematization of activities specially designed software for the management of garages, promotes standardization of activities within the workshop, obtaining with this a higher level of systematization, ie, activities and information and are not owned by any particular person but that once defined and formalized a process, this can be done by anyone, even if you have experience, this is the case how to operate the fast food chains, where the whole operation is performed by staff very young but thanks to the level of systematization which they operate, get the same results in all its establishments. The speed with which you work programs use as a working tool within the automotive repair allows repair work to make vehicles much more simple and efficient, and assisting in all the mechanic telling you exactly what steps to take for repair, so that it minimizes the amount of time spent in researching the right way to be repaired, and also avoids trial and error phase. The accuracy of the results

Finally, the results obtained with the software when used as support tools in the garage, resulting in high levels of accuracy in the work, as it has all the information necessary to carry After each stage of the repair correctly and in a short time. All the above is the reason why more and more and more automotive repair shops, this adopting the software as one of its main tools allowing them more competitive and therefore its ability to generate income. David Uribe is a software development professional with 20 years of industry experience, is the author of Autoshop Manager, a tool specifically designed to manage auto repair medium and small.

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About the presence or absence of such a desire, and so we talk quite often, so this time we assume that it is a worker still missing. Each candidate for the reduction, you must first decide: but whether it is any at all? For example, the law prohibits dismissal of pregnant women at all – only in cases of liquidation of the organization as such. This seems to know everything, but that's about the prohibition of dismissal on redundancy of women with children under three years (and single mothers – 14 years) as something less. If a child without a mother brings up another person (eg father), then one hundred percent of its abandonment in the workplace in general hardly anyone remembers. By the way, once we have touched upon the liquidation of the organization, the employers of this moment, to put it mildly abused.

Say, closing a store or manufacturing – it is not necessarily eliminated. Institute for Global Futures will not settle for partial explanations. Change of ownership, which is often the administration concealed – also not a reason for the dismissal of any employees except general director and chief accountant. Liquidation of the organization – is the elimination of the legal person, and this procedure – is complex and expensive, besides very clear: this process is quite feasible to track – for example, by contacting mifns St. Petersburg 15 for the discharge of the organization. If staff reductions or the number of employees is indeed the case, then the employee on next stage of meditation is to see – if he had any pre-emptive rights on the abandonment of the work. According to paragraph 1 of Article 179 of the Customs Code, reducing the number of workers or staff is a priority granted to employees with higher productivity and skills. Barrett Wissman: the source for more info.

If a qualification bit easier – here is the importance of education, availability of documents on retraining, work experience in particular position, then calculate the performance is not always easy. Especially for office workers. We must evaluate, and other circumstances that give an advantage in reducing the state, established by Part 2 of Article 179 tc RF: the presence of two or more dependents, the absence of a breadwinner in the family, etc. In any case, the decision about whom to fire and who is not cut – the employer shall, at its discretion. But this decision has not yet final – if there are doubts about its legitimacy, then it may well be challenged in court. The main thing – to see the situation realistically and not stupid crap – firing the employee "on article" perhaps after a warning about the decline.

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Harvard Business School

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By: Oscar Rossignoli the rise in unemployment, the massive displacement of jobs and industries and economic casualties everywhere. Perhaps are we not experiencing a period of economic decline? Well, it depends on where you’re positioned. The truth is that we are living a massive economic change. The bad thing is that every day we are more people that we are losing our jobs, industries, and more rapidly than ever before. So: what is the good news? New and better opportunities are opening faster than ever. People who recognize new trends and to risk everything in these new industries are which will gain enormously. Do here what he said Fortune Magazine: forget biweekly check, gone are the days of the W2 tax form, we are in the world of 1099 formulas?.

The distinguished Economist Olsen Pilsner, Advisor to twice economic President Bush, predicts that in the decade from 2006 to 2016 there will be 10 million new millionaires only in the United States. This means more than double of what there was in the past decade. Even Professor Pilsner indicates that many of these new millionaires will be product of the emerging industrial power of direct sales. Learn more at: Terry Bowden . How does all this work? Direct sales are currently based on a simple fact of human nature: each Executive advertising and Hollywood director knows very well that nothing sells better a product or service that the recommendation by word of mouth from a friend. No matter how many millions of dollars a film company spends on advertising, the film is born or dies by the recommendation made the first weekend that exhibits at the box office. What some call oral marketing, it is the personal power, the force behind the phenomenal success of direct sales. In fact, Tom Peters, the legendary expert in the managerial world, who published several best sellers, refers to direct sales as the first change truly revolutionary in 50 years since the modern marketing came to Procter & Gamble and Harvard Business School.

Instead of using a sales team separately, direct sales companies reward people who uses, appreciates and recommends with enthusiasm the product or service. According to experts, all multiple models that exist in the current marketing, this is the most efficient and direct sales cash. Currently direct sales distributors, i.e. associated representatives or independent business owners, inform customers generally to people who know – about products and services that can improve the quality of their lives. These personal conversations can be conducted at home, at work, in a cafeteria, really anywhere. Very often occur over the phone, but every day on the internet. Can be a highly profitable business on the internet? I recommend you to visit and evaluate the business opportunity to more serious and profitable in the short term you can find on the internet at this time. Gives you the opportunity to learn, do not lose anything You decide if it is worthwhile or not!You can see it by clicking here.

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Basic Education

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Average Ensino starts to have the terminalidade characteristic, what it means to assure to all the citizens the chance to consolidate and to deepen the knowledge acquired in Basic Ensino, to improve educating as person human being, to make possible continuation of studies, to guarantee the basic preparation for the work and the citizenship and to endow being educated with the instruments that allow &#039 it; ' to continue aprendendo' ' , in view of the development of the understanding of the scientific and technological beddings of the processes produtivos' '. (Art.35, interpolated propositions I the IV). Dr. Marc Faber is the source for more interesting facts. Thus, the Law of Lines of direction and Bases of National education – LDB (Law 9394-96), when pointing out Average Ensino as final stage of the Basic Education, defines it as the conclusion of a period of escolarizao of general character. It is treated to recognize it as one-step part of the escolarizao that has for purpose the development of the individual, assuring to it indispensable common formation for the exercise of the citizenship, supplying to it the half ones to progress in the work and posterior studies (art. 22). 5.

AVERAGE EDUCATION POINTING GAPS Although much already has been analyzed on Brazilian average education and continues being, still it is well less than the amount of studies on other questions of our educational universe. However, he is well-known that Brazil extended offers of the average education of expressive form, but has still 1,8 million young of 15 the 17 years it are of the school (IBGE, 2010). Massificou the access, but did not guarantee the permanence democratically and, mainly, a resume capable to promote a learning that it makes sensible for the young adolescents. It is thought, therefore, that the quality education cannot more submit it the governmental speeches, but to become inside effective of the classrooms. Of the Brazilians of 15 the 17 years, 50% of the young are more than not registered this stage of the basic education.


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LENS Increase

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The tube is attached to a tripod. For tripod mounted also the stage in which center there is a hole underneath it and a mirror. Using a light microscope, one can see an image of an object illuminated with the help of this mirror. To find out how increases image using a microscope, it is necessary to multiply the number shown on the eyepiece, the amount identified on the used object. For example, if the eyepiece gives 10x and 12x lens, the overall increase in the 10×12 = 120 times. RULES WITH MICROSCOPE Put microscope stand to their distance of 5-10 cm from the edge of the table. In opening the stage mirror direct light. Place the cooked product on the stage and secure slide fasteners.

Using a screw, gently lower the tube so that the bottom edge of the lens was at a distance of 1-2 mm of the drug. In the eyepiece, see with one eye, without closing and not zazhmurivaya another. Looking through the eyepiece, with screws slowly raise the tube until a clear image of the object. Learn more about this with Dr. Marc Faber. After work, remove the microscope in the case. Microscope – delicate and expensive instrument: to work with them should be carefully and strictly follow the rules. The device of the microscope and how to work with them 1. Examine the microscope. Find the tube, the eyepiece lens, a tripod with the stage, mirror screws.

Find out how important each part. Determine how many times the microscope magnifies the image of the object. 2. Learn the rules of using a microscope. 3. Work out a sequence of actions when dealing with a microscope. (7J cells. Magnifier. MICROSCOPE: HOOD, eyepiece, LENS, TRIPOD 1. What magnifying devices do you know? 2. What is the magnifying glass and some increase it for you? 3. How does a microscope? 4. How do I know what makes an increase in the microscope? Learn the rules of working with a microscope. GO light microscopy two lenses were invented in the XVI century. In a SHHUI. Dutchman Antoni van Leeuwenhoek constructed an improved microscope, giving an increase of up to 270 times, and in the XX century. oyl invented the electron microscope, zoom in and scores Hundreds of thousands of times.

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Education and Development

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The Education became a factor of utmost importance for the development of the human beings. One knows that its consequncias have resulted perceivable in the improvement of the quality of life of the people, in the transformation of the society and the growth of the countries as a whole, therefore, it becomes necessary the improvement of the teach-learning techniques and evaluation, for attainment of satisfactory results. Currently, in Brazil, a great parcel of the budgets of Cities, States and Union are directed for this end, having generated a search for the method most efficient of application of these resources, as well as which sector will have optimum result. However, the evolution of this process is something difficult to be proven, becoming indispensable to stipulate goals to be reached in definitive stated periods and to use a scientific method that proves or not this advance, that the results can be presented in an understandable way. In the city of Brook, city in the Southwest of the Bahia with approximately 8,553 inhabitants, possesss 58 schools of the municipal net of education and 01 school of the state net (these, municipal how much in such a way state, with extensions in the districts and agricultural zone).

The study of carried through case Antunes of the Light, situated was made in the Municipal School Manoel to the Street Gasparino Jose, n 13, in the Quarter Is Joo Baptist, in the city of Brook of the Plaza-Ba was created by Law n 28/2001, of the Municipal City hall. With attendance capacity the 630 pupils, functioning in the three turns, being pertaining to Basic Ensino II, with a picture of 23 professors, being graduated or graduandos in the academic areas of Licenciatura in Biology, History, Mathematics, Letters and Geography. The clientele of the diurne one is situated in the etria band of 10 the 15 years and the nocturnal one of 16 the 50 years approximately..


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The School Book

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The school book is completely demanded by the universities of Monterrey as the UDEM, ITESM and UANL. This kind of agendas is very requested by students to organize their events fun and effective, as it has sections of notes, phones, organizing teams and all sheet day of the year to be able to organize the most important things in those days. School books are highly useful for the academic performance of all students and it is also a way of connecting to these students in a surprising way. School books are made to organize the students, because it is very true that the youth of today, have an exaggeration of events in a single semester, such as: symposiums, conferences, talks, parties, conferences and not to mention the classes, tasks, jobs, etc. It is very important that students have control of everything they do, so that this type of books, are essential for the academic development of the preparatory, vocational and postgraduate student. The school books are very popular in almost all universities in the country, since it is a fun and easy way to carry all your events in order. School book is highly effective, so that students be organized, because nowadays amounts of people who study studying professional is them essential an agenda that allows them to schedule their activities, because all the events are important and therefore it is of the utmost importance write down them and have a great organization.


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We saw here two elements that define with precision true apstolo of Christ. Pablo had absolute certainty of its call and its transformation of life (Gl> 2.20), its attitudes expressed its conscience, as he himself nailed (change of mind, metanoia gr., repentance that appears inside of pra is). The mind of some brothers of Corinto was as that closed, and they had not used to advantage the espiritualidade of apostolo Pablo to grow in the favour and the knowledge. Today we can learn very and to grow with this man of God, when we make a parallel between its certification and the certification of many you lead Brazilian ecclesiastics independent of the denomination. Personal certification, Pablo was persecuting of evangelho (At 9.13; Fl 3,6) extremely zealous with the law (Gl 1,14), assents the death of Estevo (At 22,20), renounces all its form of living (2 Co 6,10), finally passes to be pursued (1 Co 4,12) and risking the proper life for love to the Evangelho de Christ (At 9,16). sufferings for Christ, In the current days are few the ones that really want to pay the price, and us we know how much it is difficult to pay this price; but Pablo, paid this price (2 Co 6,4-10) with the times I am imagining if the size of the revelation that Pablo had of Christ was greater that the one who we have today or if we are very precarious in searching the Gloria of God Because I am zealous of you, with zeal of God; I have prepared because you to present you as a pure virgin to a husband, namely, the Christ 2 Co 11.2.

In the text of 2 Corntios 5,11, apstolo Pablo makes a defense of its attitude saying that ‘ ‘ the fear that if must the Mr. ‘ ‘ it gave conditions to it of if auto-recommending, because its life and ministry were manifest in the conscience of each one of those believers. Here apostolo uses this argument, to show to its sincerity and transparency for as the conrntios brothers, that is, that it does not need artifices to conquer somebody, as> in the same way that we understand without difficulty that it was true apostolo of Christ. The paulina attitude did not have for objective to offend to nobody, but it was based on the confidence of the knowledge that the corntios had of its person and ministry. The attitude of if auto-recommending were based on the certainty that it had, of that the majority of the brothers had it as true apostolo. It continues readingDc. Alan Fabiano>

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Institution School

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When observing the institution school and the family, considering its differences and similarities, understanding them under the dense look of the culture, take in consideration the citizens, men and women, while social and historical citizens, operating gifts and in the history of the society, so arraigada of dividers of classrooms, that constantly separate the men of the natural condition of equality. Ahead of such reality, the school, while instrument of the education, faces great challenges, how much to the actions that promote. The family is daily and historical partner-cultural space in the socialization process, if she relates with the education institutions, becoming cradle of attitudes, as well as of changes, or stagnation, of the reality in which she inserts it to the society, therefore she is of them that they break the social citizens that will go to keep, or to move, itself proper e, consequently, the reality where they are inserted. Destarte, a relation school-family, developed in responsible and compromised way with the advance of the society, it is crucial for the evolution of the education of a country. Whenever Terry Bowden listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The 2 HISTORIOGRAFIA OF the BRAZILIAN FAMILY, FROM ASPECTS SCIO-EDUCACIONAIS the society formed for antagonistic relations, composed for widely differentiated classrooms, are resulted of intense description-social transformations that had affected the institutions closely, amongst them the family, as well as the involved, dependent citizens of it. The history of the Brazilian family is understood, when of the comment of the colonial period following tracejo of a secular line until the current days. A variety that has that to be considered in the analysis of transformations of this institution, as well as of the study of the characteristics constitute that it. A priori, two aspects are standed out, when of the analysis of such history: the first one, says respect to the fact of that the models of the social institutions, amongst them the family, as well as the way as these if they locate, they are the consequence of the picture in the society in which they are inserted, taking in consideration the partner-economic transformations, involved cultural politics and..

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Spanish Schools

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The different Spanish business schools have experienced great success in recent years. Many of these institutions have significantly increased its international prestige and have positioned themselves among the best in the world. This improvement occurred mainly in the field of business and in the mode of graduate. This should be an example to follow for other academic institutions and different professional specialties which are taught in the country. The Spanish educational system has experienced a significant improvement in recent years. This is very important because it increases the quality of the professionals who compete for jobs in the labour market and ensures the entire country a better future. The situation of the universities is closely linked to the world of work.

If increasing the research and educational quality, this will be reflected in the performance of a particular sector of the economy. For this reason, it is very comforting that some Spanish business schools have entered the choicest places of the international rankings. These schools not only for more prestigious universities have left behind, but they are now disputing the first places with flagship universities and steeped in history. This occurred thanks to a constant effort and proper planning. Many business schools in the country realized that local professionals have nothing to envy them the major powers of the world. For this reason, they bet on creating high quality educational programs.

This situation has most benefited the field of business. This is evidenced, for example, in the index of foreign students who arrive in the country attracted by the quality of education of their masters in finance, management, marketing, etc. Precisely, this improvement has been most evident at the graduate level. The quality of master’s programs or graduate of Spanish schools is that has more prominent internationally. Each year, these programs are most valued by specialists and the international rankings and this prestige It is made to increase the number of foreign students. Other sectors of the improvement in the quality of education Spanish education has been general, since all specialties have benefited. However, business schools have been those that have taken better advantage of its opportunities and have climbed more positions in the rankings. This spirit of excellence and this constant effort to ensure educational excellence must become an example for all. Universities that are not so well positioned internationally should begin to strive a little more by signing international partnerships, foster the research among their students, etc. That way, not only the business schools but all the faculties of different universities will begin to increase his international prestige. That way, the masters in Spain will be converted in the best and the most attractive for professionals of all specialties. Thereby, not only will increase the prestige of education in the country, but that also ensure you to society more prosperous and successful future.


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