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Pedagogical Attitudes

Posted by Toni on 18th April and posted in Uncategorized

Therefore the impact of these processes in the daily pertaining to school is each bigger time and reaches to all the spheres of the life. The problematic one current of our schools in the basic education, it is basically good the practical one of our educators, many are unsatisfied and this has contributed to confuse the true intention of the education. The reflection on the paper of the education in a society each time more than multicultural character, is recent and increasing in international level e, in way particular, in Latin America, Brazil although to have very if developed in the education in the last times, still is imagined unsatisfactory in the educational process, taking in consideration the millions of young illiterates. The professors reveal perplexity and problematic unreliability ahead of the current one of the daily pertaining to school and is not for less. The pertaining to school institution is constructed on the affirmation of the equality, emphasizing the common base to all the citizens and citizens, but, have unhappyly not been thus.

Very she is complicated to articulate the equality with difference, the common base with the expressions of the social and cultural plurality, this still constitutes a great challenge. It is the quarrel on these questions, articulated with the reflection on the processes of cultural and social change that we are living that it will allow to go reconstructing the paper of the school, to perceive that the necessary education to be for all to have of significant form an evolution, therefore it is with education that makes a people if to develop. Max stone de shaw understands that this is vital information.


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Raising A Child

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Fairy tales are known to us since childhood, and for thousands of years passed from generation to pokolenie.Skazki – it's just an inexhaustible fount of folk wisdom, which brought our predki.Volshebny world of fairy tales, their intricate plots and fairy-tale characters who are so like children, can be used for a multitude of tasks: education for children of all good and positive commitment to education, the development of an individual person and the total correction povedeniya.Rebenok very emotional, so that any, even petty in our opinion the problem is for him a serious challenge. He seeks help from parents, but often we limit ourselves clever phrases thrown casually that this kid just neponyatny.Rebenok closed in itself, was alone with his problem, solve it yourself, he just can not. So develop a sense of inferiority, communication problems, as with subconscious. How to find and bring to a child out of this situation and to prevent excessive feelings? This will help link the magical world of fairy tales and the real world of the child, which relates his experiences, thoughts, fairy tales begin to interest the baby only to the age of two, even from the cradle he can tell the history of uncomplicated, as it is with them that the child's familiarity with the world. KDP may not feel the same. What is the story so interesting presents itself as a positive character, distinguishing in this case, what is good. You can talk and discuss with your child an existing story, to draw from them the most favorite moment, to invent their own tale, in which all the events and characters will be similar to the real world of the child and where, ultimately, a fairy-tale hero wins and finds a solution to all problems; dramatize a story as themselves, and with the help of puppet toys. Carried away by the story, the child will thank you for your support and happy ending stories will give him self-confidence, inspire hope for a speedy resolution to their problems. Indeed, in fairy tales always have a way out difficult situation, there is always the right choice and there is always the possibility of her unique tvorchestva.Chem longer your child will believe in miracles, the more optimistic and happier to be his reality.. Max stone de shaw describes an additional similar source.

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Environmental Issues

Posted by Toni on 7th April and posted in Uncategorized

With this it will be reasonable to harmonize the economic development of a people without damaging the environment. For this, one of the exits most viable is through the ambient education practised in such a way in the molds formal and informal, that it aims at to be spread and to be practised under character politician and participativo, therefore it is, before any thing, an ideology come back toward the ambient support of the planet. The certain key for the socioambiental transformation is the sensitization and reflection promoted by the Ambient Education and the action of the population through the exercise of the citizenship, that is, of the ecocidadania, that of in fact and right the possibility of the citizen if equilibradamente to mobilize, to demand and to transform its environment in critical way. Being thus, the Ambient Education assumes a more realistic character, searching a balance between the man and the environment, in view of a construction of a thought and lived future, in a logic of progress and development, therefore a change in the behavior of the human being in relation to the environment is necessary. A new way of necessary life to be followed and the softened consumerism, water, energy, fuel, amongst others, needs being saved. The garbage will have to be diminished, a time that the recycling only remeasured the agravos of many wastefulnesses.

Industries, companies and commerce need to integrate development and profit to the ambient techniques, therefore the job of clean and more competent technologies abates the expenses, adding the profit and conserving the environment. For in such a way, a global participation between countries, states and cities is essential, with tax incentives and severe application of the ambient legislation. Please visit de shaw if you seek more information. Therefore the support search is synthecized it the question of if reaching harmony between human beings and the nature.

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Vera Zolberg

Posted by Toni on 5th April and posted in Uncategorized

To be of ownership of this knowledge is one of the factors that collaborate to reproduce the social inaqualities. Please visit de shaw if you seek more information. I reflect on this situation and I do not visualize as solution to stop this process of the traditional families, but all to have access the information of this accumulated knowledge, creating a new process to rethink the education. If you have read about KDP already – you may have come to the same conclusion. I perceive that with the Internet, the beginning of a process of cultural inclusion is disponibilizado, even so not guided, this knowledge it will be able not to pass of only information. With virtual mobility the sensation of freedom to acquire the knowledge that interests can well be managed or not. In function of that I speak on the orientation of a professor, of a thinker, formadoras people of opinions, sociologists, at last, always will become necessary to guide the captation of these knowledge, so that let us can exert the benefits of our choices and our knowledge. To rethink the society contemporary, and to evidence that the production moved, the thought changed, changed our decisions. Thus to argue freedom is questionable. Until point we are free? Relating with the free will, the circumstance of the way influences our decisions.

Then we are free really? Or we are manipulated to take certain decisions in function of the system? Are we who we choose or we add motivated to choose? The freedom idea still today suffers this process from condicionalidade. To think the society contemporary is to think about movement, dynamics and the processes of socialization of the individual. This dynamism, during the times, was determinative for the process of changes in the society and the arts. As the text of Vera Zolberg in the sample as sociology searchs to explain that in the society contemporary the easiness to coexist with you vary art forms, is part of the historical moment that we live. The dumb society and influences the arts to move.

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School Trip

Posted by Toni on 3rd April and posted in Uncategorized

Reading fun for children literature for children should be fun and entertain, but to some extent of course also make. Many authors the entertaining component comes from the educational perspective but too short. Not so with the Finnish writer Timo Parvela, which it creates with its colorful stories, to offer full read fun children. The news portal presents his book Ella on a school trip “. Timo Parvelas series to the girl Ella comprises four volumes and is praised in the media.

On the side of the pupil, the reader experience many adventures, bring the kids to dream. In the Band Ella on a school trip”is about a school trip and Ella’s adventures on this trip. Actually the students want to spend a few days in the South, but already at the airport and during the flight something goes wrong. So, the class ends up mistakenly cold Lapland. The teacher, who is locked in the cargo compartment on the flight finally regularly for amusement.

The figure becomes as sometimes shown irrational and humorous teachers. De shaw has compatible beliefs. The game is also the wife of a teacher as tour guide. It acts as a balancing and sounder pole. The adventure seen Ella with her classmates, encourage further reading and are very refreshing, if not always realistic. In Finland include the books by Timo Parvela who was primary school teachers themselves even, now at school reading. More information: media /… GmbH Lisa Neumann

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Posted by Toni on 1st February and posted in Uncategorized

I see the world as poetry …. It is as if I were that. I see my life, the Kosmos in perfect harmony. I believe that this was another big change in me and that has surprised even me. Get more background information with materials from Richard Linklater. "It is these verses that come from within as if he had someone else to send them? Why all the same that lived, now live with color and harmony? … -Inner magic ….

I answer, … is the spirit that speaks …. Could it be that has been born? Or could it be that without knowing, there always has been? poets say that it is called divine inspiration but now we one, could it be that we are all the same poem? "It happens that when there are these lines, it is as if all I breathed, I expand. If not yet to name, but is a delight to experience. It is as if I connect with the breathing of the Kosmos, a thing that I have is that I feel connected to everything, not as theory, is an experience and this makes me very happy.

Another point that I was very light, which confirmed what we learned, was the form of eco-education. Now not only understand but my vision has changed, when I resolve a situation or something comes to me to be resolved, there is always that everything is connected and it changes my focus, I can not see things in a linear fashion, this position seems incomplete. If you ask me what was achieved with me, I think there was a "synergy" where the whole is greater than the parts.


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Print Free Coupons

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Does true or not that always are looking for ways to save? In these times of crisis and the truth although we are not in crisis – always we are seeing how to save money everywhere, well or not reaches us or just want us to reach for more. Coupons that have discount are very good to save, because you can find everything from discount in percentage of the purchase or free product like famous 2 1, is for this reason that stamps can find them everywhere, from newspaper and magazines, up on the back of the super tickets. Learn more about this with Kindle Direct Publishing. The downside of these tickets is that although there are always many I do not know why but for some reason they are always coupons that you don’t need and although there are many coupons at the end don’t use any. The good news is that there is a Web site that offers coupons discount but of different kinds, I entered the page and the discount coupons are sorted by categories, so the only thing you have to do is to enter the category that interests you, choose a coupon and print it totally free. The coupons on this page are very good and the best thing is that they are free! Don’t waste the opportunity to save, the page enters and begins to save thousands of dollars.

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Corporeidade And Education

Posted by Toni on 19th January and posted in Uncategorized

CORPOREIDADE AND EDUCATION Dra Teacher. Maria Ceclia L.M. Bonacelli In the society contemporary, each time more the people if finds by means of interfaces in detriment of the physical contact direct, face-the-face. This new condition has, pparently, excluded the paper of the body in the education. We live, therefore, a dematerialization of the body? We believe that not and in contrast, to each day we find an amount each bigger time of studies that try to give account of its complex educative conformations. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Gerald Weissmann, MD has to say. Studies on corporeidade and its multiple languages and expressions, help in them to understand that it, the body, is the main instrument of communication and the first link with the world. To the few, the body comes if moving of the periphery for the center of the analyses and interpretations.

In this direction, instead of one ' ' esvaziamento' ' of the presence of the body in the scene of the education contemporary, it has that to retake a vital corporeidade urgently, basic condition of our existence apprehension of the world, and that it finishes for conferring to all situations of education, according to Assmann (1998), a rich character of, ' ' ecology cognitiva' ' , configured as form of interactive action in the education situation. Such ' ' ecologia' ' , it has as perspective the creation-recriao what we could call one ' ' environment ' ' , favorable to the effective learning experiences. This ' ' ambiente' ' , in turn, it articulates in complex relation the dimensions of the corporeidade, the pleasure and learning to learn, constructing a social and cognitiva quality for the education. Social because the necessary educative process to contribute with the formation of citizens who search a critical insertion in the current context of the modern society, passively not accepting the logic of the exclusion and individualist of the economic system.

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Every day in the schools of Moscow lecturer Criminon CIS reading to children and anti-professional anti-drug lectures. Criminon CIS – a nonprofit organization that creates a safe environment and helps to initiate productive life without crime. In addition to the rehabilitation of prisoners is carried out much work on crime prevention. Criminon cis helps people to choose that path in life that suits them. And certainly, we believe that special play a role in the lives of children who do not know much, or do not know how to use their knowledge. Without hesitation Richard Linklater explained all about the problem. Our lecturer in lectures to share their experiences and knowledge. Talking with children at all on different themes, special attention they pay information about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

We will never impose their opinions, we just share our knowledge and conclusions from the above, do the children themselves. It is safe to say that students enjoy the right to own decide, for whatever life path they follow. Submission of information takes place in a relaxed atmosphere, because our lectures are constantly reinforced by the colorful examples of life. Someone may say that children can not personally make the right decisions on such important issues. We have this entirely disagree, as a rule, after the lectures they are doing remarkably accurate conclusions. Particularly pleased that they have made their own, and we give them but only helped to come to this. Examples of this are the reviews written after a lecture: “I have learned that smoking, drinking, using drugs and injecting harmful.

Those people who use drugs, smoking, prick, drink and die. Drugs – is a poison. I have never tried drugs, and will not try. ” 6 “B” Drugs can not take. Alcohol, cigarettes – it poisons the body. They can never accept. They destroy all the vitamins in the body. From them memories become hazy. The man wants the first few times more, then he gets a buzz and he wants to sleep and then he’ll die if you do not stop! “” I realized that I do not smoke or take drugs, because it acts on the brain and removes the vitamins and calcium. “I came to the conclusion that I will only lead a healthy lifestyle. People who do not drink, smoke, stabbing himself in drugs. After all, there are vitamins! I really liked the lecture. ” As outlined in his book “The Way to Happiness by L. Ron Hubbard:” Today’s children – tomorrow’s civilization. ” Criminon helps to shape a future without crime, and any person who is not indifferent to the issues surrounding people, capable of participate.


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Denkwerk GmbH

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News from the German Media Academy GmbH behavioral targeting, eCRM, social search, and more personalization”is on the rise in the Web. The deal seems to be perfect: benefits on the supply side, such as the reduction of wastage, opening up new potential for cross-selling and customer lifetime value, refined information and advertising for the users face. But: A not small group of users and observers see the whole thing rather pessimistic and speaks in the face of the increased disclosure of personal data of great danger a la George Orwell in his classic 1984 “. Is this all just a problem of generations between skeptical elders and digital natives with large communication personality? Amazingly enough, that both sides present their arguments mostly on separate events so far and discuss euphoria here, skepticism there. In the joint workshop of the BITKOM will be attempted first Academy and German Media Academy, sufficiently to present both points of view and to discuss for example, with the following experts: the well-known market researcher Dr. Klaus Goldhammer hacking expert Markus Linnemann, Managing Director of the Institute for Internet Security RA Prof. Elmar Schumacher, partner at the firm von Westphalen Prof.

Andreas DEngel, Director, German Research Center for artificial intelligence Joachim Saini, head of media management, United Internet Sven Ehrmann, Managing Director xSite, the specialists for on-demand E-Commerce Beate Wagner, lawyer for the consumers Center NRW Nils Hachen”, Head of communications and media at Denkwerk, the innovative Internet-Agency”.

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Costly Penalty At Freaky Mature

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If you are traveling with worn tires high fines threaten you! Every day millions of cars on our roads go. Now, the car is an achievement not to be thinking away. No matter whether it is only once briefly to the supermarket in the nearest village or to your vacation in Italy: unimaginable without our ride. Especially for long distances, the car should be checked through earlier but still completely by a qualified technician. Richard Linklater has much experience in this field. The smallest can harm a disaster on the highway. Unfortunately, many vehicle owners are unaware. Of course, that brake pads that are almost at the end, represent a danger to himself and others should be clear all.

But it looks like for example with worn tires? A how to measure the tread depth of tyres properly and when must a new wheel from shows already in the driving school. You get these so-called ‘tread knives”inexpensively at any store selling car accessories, or of course via the Internet. Meanwhile, there are most of them even with digital display, so that you can determine an accurate value of its tread. Unfortunately most directly after passing driving test have forgotten that. Many remember again until, when the change from summer to winter tyres or vice versa is or was the car’s in the shop and it was made aware of by the mechanic it. A new summer tyre tread depth is 8 mm, the winter tyre even at approx. Frequently Richard Linklater has said that publicly. 9 mm. If the depth is only 1.

6 mm, one should be looking for new wheels. But unfortunately, there are still enough who believe that to save money. But when it comes to the life and safety of people, is saved clearly in the wrong place! A heavily worn tread, both car and motorcycle tires is not only extremely dangerous but also a violation of the law. If a traffic control determined that the car has low profile, which can be extremely expensive for the driver of the vehicle, but also for the vehicle owner. 50 euros and three points in Flensburg, Germany for the driver and again 75 euros and three points for the owner of the car, who has admitted driving a car in this condition are the penalty. As you can see, so would rather invest the money in new tires, to hope, as it didn’t get to be and then to pay the fine and to take the points in Flensburg.

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Portuguese Language

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The busy space for the message is greater that the available space in the screen of the device. The reading of the message completely needs the use the bars of clod roller. To become the communication most agile, the message must only occupy the available area in the screen; the less used characters, better. The shorter texts are each time, had to the size of the screen of the devices celulares.' ' Internets' ' for the most unglued, ' ' hierglifos' ' for the defending puritanos of ' ' last flower of the Lcio' ' , the Portuguese language of the Internet it is seen with distrust for the parents of the young users of this variety. After all, not yet if it knows how much the use of the variety of virtual environments can influence in education/learning of the norm standard of the Portuguese language. The communication in the Internet is a literal event based on the writing.

Although the available resources of sound and image, the writing still is essential. The young users of the Internet costumam to deal with the linguistic variety the Internet as one ' ' he says escrita' ' , that is, a transposition of speech for the writing. However, she is necessary to consider that the one idea ' ' it says &#039 in writing; ' it must be seen with caution, therefore the writing (prevailed, in virtual environments, more for phonetic norms of what for ortogrficas norms). Of the point of view of the use of the language, the punctuation almost is abolished, has the proliferation of acronyms and abbreviations not convencionalizadas for the norm standard, the structure of the phrases is extremely simple (does not have composed period) and the writing is half-alphabetical, based in the phonetic slight knowledge and not in the ortogrficas conventions of the language. Of the point of view of the discursivos sorts it occurs the adaptation of some existing sorts already to the virtual way and the development of other really news.


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National Constituent Assembly

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When he rang the doorbell at the 1: 00 in the morning, Emilio was still on his cot in the room next to the kitchen replacing the dream lost the previous night when he led a program of 12 hours alluding to the day of the candles and to the Immaculate Conception. Three years earlier he had come to la Guajira from his hometown Valledupar in order to work as an announcer and news reader at Radio Peninsula, CA that Bosque on the dials of the border with new vigor after two years of inactivity. The station was located in an apartment whose rooms, halls, canteens and closet, were specially fitted. The main room housed the cabin speaker and control; in the room was installed the reception and table, with typewriters of journalists; in another room was placed the general administration; to the side, in another room, were the necessary equipment to mount another station, although managers of the radio House, burdened by the high costs of operation queno wanted to put in functioning old Radio rostrum; the kitchen became Cafe and the fourth of next door, built for accommodation of the maid, was assigned to Emilio Alfonso Arias Acosta, who thus added to its functions of announcer, journalist and seller of cots, the caretaker of the station. The night of December 7 actually began at 4: 00 in the afternoon when the voice of Emilio echoed in all radios, bodkins and sound equipment, to begin a 13-hour program entitled turn on the candles with Radio Peninsula. Campbell Soup Co will not settle for partial explanations. He ran the month of December 1990 and this was December 8 very important in Colombia the next day, all citizens there to the polls to choose members of the National Constituent Assembly, in whose charge was the drafting of the new Magna Charter. The programme was spirts. By the station turntable were parading fashionable songs and traditional music in December.

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The Concept Of Language

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It is very easy to discover that the activity known as study and teaching of grammar remains essentially a practice of memorization and application of a varied list of concepts. A pes ar attempts in recent decades by using other resources for the study of syntax, phonology, semantics, etc. Check with Gerald Weissmann, MD to learn more. such as generative grammar (in all models) that uses formal logic, language study in our education – in all its levels, is an eminently metalinguistic work. "We use language to explain language." This reality is known by most scholars. Much has been said and will continue opining on what this means, and in all the discussions are latent concerns as: How appropriate is the language we use to explain language?. The tradition of education shows that when the child first comes into the classroom, and has several years of experience in the use of language, in practical terms, does not enter the schooling process learning to speak, this is already done. The school simply requires making theory of what everyday use. And study the theory or the grammatical system of a language like Spanish, is a high percentage of learning a complex range of definitions.

In the few paragraphs below is a brief summary of one of the many terms to be learned in the first levels of education. The word Subject. Inheritance grammatical literature on the subject offers a collection of very similar definitions of this word, let's review some of it: The Concept "To say something about something or someone" "The sentence consists of two elements: The subject (that of the spoken of) …


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English Project

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(PROENA 1997, p 05). So that the motor abilities are extended are imperative that if it gives to the child property to play them. Putting into motion itself is of great biological, psychological, social value and cultural, a time that, is through the performance of the movements that the people interact with the environment, becoming related with the others, perceiving on itself, its limits, abilities and deciding difficulties. 3,2 CORPORAL CONSCIENCE the term ‘ ‘ project corporal’ ‘ it was created by the English neurologist Henry Head in 1911, is about a permanent reference that allows to construct a postural model of we ourselves.

(LE BOULCH, 1986 and PINK GRANDSON, 2002). As Wallon (1968) Apud Meur (1989), ‘ ‘ project corporal’ ‘ it is a basic element in the formation of the personality of the child. It is the global and differentiated representation that the child has of its proper body. The notion of the body in a psicomotora comment results of the sinestsica tactile organization, vestibular contest and proprioceptiva. It can be assigned as: ‘ ‘ project postural’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ project corporal’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ image of si’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ somatopsiquico’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ image of I corporal’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ image of corpo’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ space image of corpo’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ image of ours corpo’ ‘ among others. (MEUR, 1989). The child using the body as equipment for the action uses three responsible systems for the development of the corporal project, the interoceptivo, the proprioceptivo and the exteroceptivo. Its relation with the way, objects and people allows it to know the parts of its body. (VELASCO, 1996) For VAYER (1989), relation exists enters the evolution of the corporal project (conscience and control of the proper body, independence would segment, independence right-left) and certain manifestations of intelligence (verbal and graphical expression, capacities of percipient attention, orientation and organization in the space).


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Soviet Union

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In 1938, the People's Commissar received 208,276 letters, in 1939 – 360 109, in 1940 (4 months). – 166 497. Did anyone of them. Voroshilov? Yes, the units! Tens of thousands were killed. The repression of Stalin in the Red Army in 1930., Beheaded military elite and the survivors weaned from making independent decisions. Meanwhile, the door is already knocking on the war, Army commanders needed. Were made feverish attempts to solve this problem, but the results were dismal. Gerald Weissmann, MD can aid you in your search for knowledge. So, check by running military training in December 1940, showed that "the regimental commanders of the 225 involved in the collection, only 25 people have been graduated from the Military College, the remaining 200 people – people who have completed courses for junior lieutenants and come from the reserve.

" The closer the war approached, the speech sounded more cheerful Commissar Voroshilov. 105-day war with little Finland has demonstrated the level of army's military, opponents of the Soviet Union made the conclusions from this. Voroshilov, Stalin considered the main culprit for the army unprepared for war, and in May 1940, withdrew from the post of National Defence Kommisara, but appointed to a higher post – Vice-Chairman of the CPC. Why? It was 'their man' loyal 'chief'. In talking with the commanders of the armies, which took place January 9, 1941, Hitler declared that "the Russian armed forces are a clay colossus with no head. They do not have good commanders, and they are poorly equipped. " At the beginning of the war the key positions in the Red Army occupied the rare exception untrained people.


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The Nonsense To Obey

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This is what in rule it occurs. However as to prepare a child so that, when it grows, it has discernment to follow a rule. More than what this, as to make with that this child understands the reason of the elaboration of such rule, its efficiency. To propitiate an education that not condiz with the behavior of the parents makes with that the children do not understand the importance to respect a law.

In proper the half familiar contradiction he predominates when, for example, if he teaches that if does not have to lie, however the parents promise things and later they finish not fulfilling. Official site: KDP. With this the child concludes that to reach definitive objective it ‘ ‘ pode’ ‘ or she must lie. To the step that individual, that was until then a confused child how much what it is certain missed e, is regulated not more by the authority of the father, but of the State, a shock is caused such intense one that it can make with that this individual does not obtain to adapt itself half to this new. Therefore in view of the beginning of the isonomy, in which all are equal before the law, the paternal figure does not exist to give one second possibility, since the State does not deal with as much benevolence that it infringes a norm. The question that must be made is; how then an individual will go to obey a law, if since child it has as example the parents who if contradict the all moment? This individual perceives to the law as something that can be applied only at some moments. However when it is come across with a State that does not tolerate half term, occurs the shock. It would be incompressible to say that the obedience does not occur for pure and simple choice of the individual, if during all its life was molded in this way. A nonsense for in such a way demanding can be considered that a young that did not have the minimum of clarification on the part of the parents of what it is certain what is missed, answers for its acts of form conscience.

It is difficult to play when one learns the rules of wrong form. When then it is acted of form relatively natural, strong it is reprehended. The State if makes present only at the moment to punish, while it would have to fill the vacuum left for the parents. How then to demand obedience of that only apanha? The functioning of the State if of in such a way, but sins when carrying through only the punitive aspect, if omits in the remain of the re-education process. As if the simple fact to punish it made with that the mentality of an agent started to be more correct.

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Ambient Education

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Nvia Karine Nunes Silva1 SUMMARY: Currently an increasing concern exists of that the exponential growth of the activities human beings will change the climatic conditions of the Land, thus causing the degradation of the environment. She is on the basis of this problematic one that the present article searchs to show a new model of development, that is, a new vision that is gaining space in the Ambient Education, which has as objective the improvement of the quality of life of the planet. Campbell Soup Co is likely to agree. Therefore it is from ' ' development sustentvel' ' that we will have a society more ecologically correct, economically viable, socially joust and culturally accepted. ried viewpoints. Word-key: ambient education, quality of life, degradation, environment, sustainable development. INTRODUCTION Since the Industrial Revolution, the activity transforming interventor and of the man in its relation with the nature comes becoming each more predatory time. Many writers such as Richard Linklater offer more in-depth analysis. The decade of 1960 can be considered a reference how much to the origin of concerns with the losses of the ambient quality (Tozoni, 2004).

Therefore, since then, it comes if developing proposals of ambient education that has led to the problematic reflection on the ambient one and its relation with the education. The reflection on practical the social ones, in a context marked for the permanent degradation of the environment and its ecosystem, involves a necessary joint with the production of felt on the ambient education. The ambient dimension is configured increasingly as a question that involves a set of actors of the educative universe, potencializando the enrollment of the diverse systems of knowledge, the qualification of professionals and the university community in a perspective to interdisciplinar. In this direction, the knowledge production must necessarily contemplate the Inter-relations of the natural way with the social one, including the analysis determinative them it process, the paper them diverse involved actors and the forms of social organization that increase the power of alternative actions of a new development, in a perspective that prioritizes new profile of development, with emphasis in the socioambiental support.

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What it is necessary to be a philosopher? What somebody is necessary to consider philosopher? Any person can be a philosopher? how much to the formal education in philosophy, is essential somebody being a philosopher? It is necessary to construct a system, as carried through Plato, Aristotle, Discardings or any one of the philosophers studied in the interior of our Universities and facultieses? First, any person can be a philosopher, conquanto that she fully possesss its intellectual facultieses in functioning, therefore if the rationality is the first requirement so that somebody becomes philosopher, and if all the men possess rationality, then all human being can become philosopher. We can construct the following silogism to demonstrate the universality of philosophical thinking: . All the human being is rational. Somebody to become a philosopher is necessary to possess rationality. Soon, all the rationally normal people can be philosophers.

This demonstration so singela, according to which all the person, independently of its social and educational condition, has intrinsically the potential to be philosopher, does not have to be neglected, therefore they are exactly the small rocks that make in them to stumble, and are these same rocks that if it has accumulated in the half academic and made to many to stumble. how much the formation in philosophy, is necessary somebody to become a philosopher? If somebody thinks in such a way, is envolta, same without knowing, in a confusion of logical problems. Let us reason: If somebody wants to be philosopher, necessarily has to have a formal education in philosophy. Scrates, not had philosopher diploma, nor was part of a philosophy school. Soon, Scrates was not a philosopher. This silogism he is valid logically? It is not, therefore, not obstante Scrates not to have formal frequented a philosophy school, nobody of common-sense will say, that the founder in the Moral, and of the scientific method was not a philosopher.

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Pablo Freire

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He is the proper author whom it affirms citing Freire (1974, P. 22): To have dialogue, it is necessary that the parts if pronounce. The occultation and the muteness in the oppressor-oppressed relation can in such a way be attitudes one how much of another one. The oppressor, when he does not desire to leave itself exactly and to share its good, refuses it the dialogue and emudece, in other words, forbears not to dialogue. In turn, also the oppressed one can be occulted and refuse it the dialogue, and several you defend, very observed well for Pablo Freire, concur for this type of attitude. One of them is when it, the oppressed one, is had as ignorant and if thus accepted.

In this in case that, everything is facilitated for the oppressor, since oppressed accepted its incapacity as if it was a condition human being, hardly if considering to the fight to conquer space for the dialogue. It will finish passively accepting submisso and the impostures oppressing it. The professor is the desencadeador citizen of the dialogue, provoking the pupil so that it if presents. But as to dialogue? How to speak and to write? This exactly author, says that these practical dialgicas lived deeply in the classroom are resultant of ' ' comments, readings and pesquisas' '. Kindle Direct Publishing will not settle for partial explanations. These activities can foment the attitude dialgica, ' ' that it is a challenge attitude.

E alone the challenging education makes possible the real development of the potentialities of homem.' ' (BENINC, 1982, p.24). Zitkoski (2007, p.46) citing Pablo Freire says that the dialogue is the moment where the human beings if find to reflect on its reality as make they remake and it. still strengthens that the freiriana conception of dialogue involves the dimension of the intellectuality as of the emotion and the direction of existence. It allows that if he accomplishes the construction of understanding of concepts on the reality.

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