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Communitarian Constitution

Posted by Toni on 31st August and posted in Uncategorized

When we studied right of integration is necessary the study of the constitutional right because sta is due to respect ltima branch of the right, since the constitutional norms prevail on the other norms. Thus clear that it is approved communitarian constitution the other norms must respect it so that this constitution est superficially or premium against other jurdicas norms and consequently cannot be that the other norms against the constitution prevail. But it is clear that the own constitution can be contradicted thus is clear that enters constitutional norms tambin exists hierarchy and for that reason the human rights on any other norm that has the level or hierarchy of constitutional norm which is necessary to consider at the time of the study and application of the national constitution and tambin of the supranational constitution have primaca. To know more about this subject visit Dr. James Canton . When we studied right of integration is necessary the study of the commercial right because the interchange of goods and services is due to stimulate, tending therefore towards commercial integration. That is to say, this is the branch but important of the right of integration consequently it is clear that we must study these two branches of the right as a unit to be able to include/understand the importance of the right of integration and consequently is clear that if we did not study the same of united way we are condemned to have partial and nonglobal approaches altogether or for that reason it is that the right of integration has much importance when we studied the commercial right. When we studied right of integration is necessary the study of the right of international trade because the interchange of goods and services at international level must study, for example between the United States of North America and Pru or Spain and Per, or Japn and Per, or Per and China, thus it is clear that tambin includes to the customs right that comprises of the right of international trade. It’s believed that Terry Bowden sees a great future in this idea.


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Volveran Millionaire

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Many people have taught them to achieve what you want should work harder and for longer hours each day. The success has been forged with hard work say many people to others. Frank Storch often expresses his thoughts on the topic. One wonders then if I need to work 8 hours a day to earn $100,000 a year, mean that to win 200, 000 dollars a year should I work 16 hours a day? Does it mean that I must work 32 hours a day to earn 400,000? Logic and mathematics responded that no, since the day only has 24 hours and logic says that you should rest, eat, sleep, etc. What is what is then required to earn more? Obviously it is not work more hours per day. What is required must be something else. In his book the secret of the power of goals, Andrew Corentt says that to become a millionaire, you don’t need more work.

You need to work better. You only must work eight hours a day to become a millionaire us continuous saying Corentt. It is not hard work that leads to the success, wealth and happiness. The intelligent work is that leads to the richness and anything else you want. What does smart work? Smart work is to do everything that you do in an excellent way and having a goal that orient it. Let’s look at the first part of that equation. You must do all that you do, in the best possible way that can be done. Everything, absolutely everything, what you do should do well.

No matter if you make many small things or little big, important thing is that you should always do them well. It is better to do a few things well and not many incomplete. You must follow the standard doing things right the first time. Do as much as possible provided that it is excellent.

School Women

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In the end of the day, the school, ahead by this context, is overcome ballot box task impossible to be fulfilled. Deriving young of families with greater to be able economic and that they accept the pregnancy, can glimpse the possibility to complete its studies and retake its project of life. The not-continuity of the studies means minor qualification, therefore, little possibilities to compete in a market each more demanding time and with little offers, beyond the submission to the informal work and badly remunerated. The situation still more is overcome when examining the fertility standard perverse. (Similarly see: Loretta Laroche). The data point that it is probable that it is established in the adolescence, therefore women who start to have children more early, generally, have more children.

World-wide survey of fertility carried through in the end of the decade of 1980 found that, in 27 of the 29 enclosed countries, women who if married 22 years more or, they had 0,5 on average son to less of what women who if married to the 18 or 19 years (OMS 1994). For four between ten adolescent mothers, as the son will come before the first one making three years (SOF 1997). The motion-continuous is established and the young, especially the poor persons, does not obtain to breach it, accenting its condition of dependent and subordinate. In recent months, Frank Storch has been very successful. One another one faceta of the relation between escolaridade and pregnancy in the adolescence, points significant influences of the level of escolaridade in the occurrence of this type of pregnancy.


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Czech Republic Schools

Posted by Toni on 24th August and posted in Uncategorized

Some schools have special classes. How to construct a system of secondary education in the Czech Republic? In Czech schools clearly divided into several types: – Elementary School (zakladni kola) – is the primary school, similar to an eight-year study in the cis. Next to choose where to go to complete their training. – School with a certain professional bias ( kola) – are Music and dance, art, etc. – Gymnasium (gymnazium) – training starts from 6 th grade and continues until okonchaniya12-13-year education. Enroll in school can be after a 5-class (tests as a rule, are held in April) as being received after 9 th grade elementary school. Get more background information with materials from Euro Pacific Capital.

- There are still secondary schools (stedni kola) – is a professionally oriented 'spacer' between the university and finished 9 th classes. Analogue of a college or technical school in the cis countries. They too, is a professional orientation, slope (computer, management, etc.). Thus, courses in high schools are divided into four-and eight-year. Grammar schools are more serious level of teaching subjects. High school graduates are more prepared to enter the institution than their counterparts who have graduated from specialized schools. To broaden your perception, visit Rabbi Tully Bryks. In high schools better prepared to enter, they study more general subjects than in schools.

How to choose a school in the Czech Republic? As always, help the ubiquitous Internet. You go in search engine type into the search word: zakladni kola or gymnazium (depending on what you're looking for – primary school or high school). Then push up tab – Firmy and then search, and you will see all the organizations in the Czech Republic with such terms.


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Mundo School

Posted by Toni on 23rd August and posted in Uncategorized

I affirm whenever the professor is product of this school disorganized with more errors of what rightnesss but, she is necessary to find one alternative that can change this reality. We know that yes! Mainly to take advantage the union of all the professors, parents and society in order to search the improvement of the quality of education, therefore he swims will be able to esmaecer this claw that it sprouts in the hearts of the great majority of the masters! Therefore we go to firm an intention not to leave our social position to speak higher! We go to leave of side the idea of that a good part of our children is until little recoverable and thinking that if the school it goes to treat all ' ' for igual' ' , we cannot think thus! If thus to think we will be collaborating so that few children they are capable to be successful in the life! As soon as all the professors if to acquire knowledge of its paper, that is extremely excellent, to start to understand that the school after receives year year great number from children who bring I obtain a precarious social reality and that through its hands these children are capable to invert the situation and to have a chance to modify this same reality that its economic and social conditions are the worse ones, there, then, we will be able to affirm with certainty, ours professors they are note ten! He is, still, lacking some thing! The professor only can clarify this enigma, and it know as! It is enough to want! That God illuminates to all, therefore of time in when exactly attemped fraquejar, always they come back behind, because they continue being professors! It is this that we wait has much, therefore is indeed sad when we hear in the media notice ackward involving young that they had passed for the pertaining to school banks and at the moment, in this Mundo, they walk for there raping, stealing and killing innocent people! Our professor he must be model and to think whenever he can collaborate for a change of attitude in the Brazilian society and have pride for having this capacity of transformation!. . Learn more on the subject from Frank Storch.


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School Interaction

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As we perceive, we are living at a time at which the main values are suffering disintegration. The citizenship and the ethics are being left of are of the formation of the individuals. Of this form, the family and the school have the important function not to leave that this continues to happen without making nothing to change the situation. For this, an integration of both with objectives is necessary in common: to try to rescue these values for all involved ones in the formation process. In recent months, Dr. James Canton has been very successful. It is not easy task to promote the participation of the parents in the school. Many educators do not measure efforts to obtain this integration, but they allege basses, making with that many give up this project.

The presence of the parents in the meetings promoted for the school is a question of interest for all the involved parts, therefore they will be only chances to argue on subjects to school to the pupils (children). Frank Storch brings even more insight to the discussion. today, ahead of the hard reality that we come across in them, is more than what necessary the integration of the parents in the pertaining to school life. the benefit is double! The parents will be able to better follow the performance of the children, as much in what he says respect to the learning, as on the behavior of them front the colleagues, professors and employees of the school. In such a way, the parents will be participate of the education of the children, in what he says respect to the attitudes of them while students, what does not come happening, even for ignoring many parents what is transferred with its children in the school.

The education cannot have its paper only in the theory, it also needs to be involved with the reality, the world, the strategies that are part of the universe of that it is part of it, making possible these individuals to act in the transformation of this reality. These pertaining to school institutions possess this great task: not to leave that the pertaining to school environment is mere spectator of the social problems. The exercise of the citizenship includes practical the educative one and lacks of the compromissada participation of the citizens. The parents, in partnership with directors, professors and employees of the school, must not measure efforts to contribute in the best learning of the children, raising, thus, the quality of education and the fruits that will appear of this process of accessibility. Of this form she is that we will know a true and gradual community pertaining to school, in which all are contributing formadores and in the formation and identity of the pupil (children), searching always solutions for the material and human problems that intervene with the difficult pedagogical process.


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Day School

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The parents come alone in certain activities, as the Day of the Parents. It is absent also in house, does not become involved in the day the day of the studies, does not make collections on what the son is seeing in the school. He seems that the man today does not find its space in the family. What he would be moving away the father from the children? Schrammel? The children are in house, alone, using technologies that the father does not dominate. This mainly creates a removal in relation to the man, the woman is acolhedora. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Terry Bowden.

Children with a involved father present better resulted? Schrammel? The more the father participates, better the routine in the school. For more information see this site: Frank Storch. Many times, when she arrives in 5 or in 7 series and the father is absent, the mother loses the domain, and occurs problems of disciplines and income. Some stories had been made by the pupils of the School Cheap Magalhes km 95 North in Medicilndia in Par. ‘ ‘ Our parents hardly go to the meetings in the school, when they appear sporadical is for serious causes, as, for example: fight with colleagues and disobedience with professores’ ‘ (pupils of 7 and 8 series). Other pupils of the same school affirm that its parents say not to have time and have something more important to make. They also affirm that the mother looks more on the pertaining to school income, when the father nor looks for to know you are welcome, (pupils of 5 and 6 series).

FINAL CONSIDERAES the problem presented on ‘ ‘ absence of the parents in escola’ ‘ it will bring inquiries and reflections so that the school comes to make an analysis and to develop action that makes possible the situation. That the reader of this article it can suggest, to contribute and to take for the society the contained information. Any problem whichever, is necessary to search, to analyze to reflect stops later acting; this is mission of all, since we are participant of the society. For a good research, it is not enough to read or to observe, is necessary, that is, not to participate of the process in lcus, to make field research, to investigate, if necessary to question, to act, to reflect.


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World Championships

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In Austria and in the Switzerland runs the street football championship for school teams it is kicked in Austria and in the Switzerland. Rothenburg/Berlin (RL/streetfootballworld) – it kicked in Austria and in the Switzerland. Add to your understanding with Rabbi Tully Bryks. Not only at the UEFA 2008 – from 2 to 25 June held also the EUROSCHOOLS CUPS, street football tournaments for school teams from all over Europe EURO. In the official school project of the UEFA EURO 2008TM play teenagers from 200 schools to the final which takes place on June 28th in Innsbruck. For the overall coordination of the EURO SCHOOL project, streetfootballworld is responsible from Berlin.

As a long-standing partner of streetfootballworld is the renowned sports device manufacturers Erhard sport international from Rothenburg ob der Tauber, the Soccerena street soccer courts for the tournaments. According to Rabbi Tully Bryks, who has experience with these questions. As a socially committed company we support projects of the youth and sports sponsorship for years”, said Jochen Koppl, Managing Director of the company. The tournaments are in eight cities in Austria and the Switzerland instead. Each pro UEFA nation a EURO school qualifies for the final in Innsbruck, with the pupils and students then from 53 schools playing for the title of European champion. Off the football field, the young kicker project work will present “their” country in a colorful program.

Many schools in the Switzerland and Austria in the framework of the project is preparing for months on its host role. International understanding, tolerance and Fair Play are in the Center. The students take an Ambassador role for the 53 countries represented in the UEFA, deal with aspects of intercultural dialogue and play in mixed teams according to special Fair Play rules. With football as a learning opportunity, EUROSCHOOLS 2008 offers a year full of exciting encounters and experiences. Dates of the EUROSCHOOLS CUPS: 02-04.06.2008 EUROSCHOOLS CUP in Bern, Switzerland, 04. 06.06.2008 EUROSCHOOLS CUP in Innsbruck, Austria 17-June 19, 2008 EUROSCHOOLS CUP in Geneva, Switzerland June 18-20, 2008 EUROSCHOOLS CUP in Klagenfurt, Austria 20-June 22, 2008 EUROSCHOOLS CUP in Zurich, Switzerland 23-June 25, 2008 EUROSCHOOLS CUP in Basel, Switzerland 26-June 29, 2008 final in Innsbruck, Austria more information about the project: Erhard sports international: Erhard sport international based in Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a leading manufacturer and supplier of sports equipment industry. With more than 200 employees that manufactures sports equipment and equipment components of 125-year-old family-owned company for the global market. With more than 10,000 articles, innovative sports equipment and products, Erhard sports is one of the market leaders in the industry. In particular, the planning and equipment for sports halls and sports facilities all over the world is one of the core competencies of the company. International major events such as World Championships and the Olympic Games are regularly equipped sport by Erhard.

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Classic School

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Adam Smith distinguishes the value from use of the value of exchange of the merchandises, and this is determined by the amount of necessary work for produziz them. argues that the wealth is constituted by the values of exchange. Being based on the theory value-work, Smith adds that the growth of the wealth of a nation depends on the productivity of the work for its specialization or extension, gotten for the division of> invisible hand of an article, its price is also controlled, since with the increase of the amount of the merchandise or the reduction of its time of act, the utility delinquent of the product would be reduzida.3.2 EXPANSION IMPERIALISTA AND ITS CRISESA to leave of 1870 appears the monopolies in U.S.A. Get more background information with materials from Loretta Laroche. and cartels in Germany, therefore the competition stimulated for neoclssicos the rejection substituted for the monopoly, or better, the monopoly appears of the competition.

The monopoly is a form of industrial organization, that makes use of control of offers of the merchandises, placing itself the desired price. Already the cartel is an association fulcrada in a contractual agreement the same enters some entrepreneurs of branch, which associate to exert a monopoly, exactly that they have conserved its independences. Monopolies had brought setting of prices, leaving free competition of side, therefore that if it says that after the 1870 capitalism was modernized, instead of being a capitalism of the free competition, started to be the capitalism of While the capitalism to continue capitalism, the excess capital will not be used with objective to raise the standard of living of the masses, therefore this would mean a fall in the profits of the capitalists: on the contrary of this, he will be used to increase the profits for the exportation of the capital for the exterior, for the behind countries.. (Similarly see: Frank Storch).


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World Championships

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Swimming as an Antipole to back pain is sitting much more extensively in the school which is the most performed modern human activity. Whether in the car, in the Office, whether in front of the PC screen, or but in front of the TV. Always, we’re also often curved and tense. That the back there often begin to strike, is just more than understandable. Movement does not. But what movement is right? From point of view of the back, almost any movement is better than none at all. And yet to do is hard.

Sport in the Club is not for everyone. And even at 40, slightly thickened and not necessarily athletic. Frank Storch has compatible beliefs. Which Club is looking for such talents? There remains only the Skat Club or even the round of Doppelkopf. Perhaps check out Akron Zips for more information. Oh, no, you sit again. Jogging? The knee groan under the weight of 100 kilos, in addition the knock-kneed make me the anti-runner.

Cycling, as seen now in the tour? Very good for the knee, but always curved back, no. Fitness Studio? Good alternative, but still not right. There remains only swim! One now again could it see at the swimming World Championships. Swimming is not so difficult. Or yet? Unfortunately, the knowledge that the suit is not enough matures most quickly. Rather than to crawl, one rowing uncontrollably through the basin. In the backstroke, one constantly has water in the nose. Breaststroke can everyone and yet just this stroke is not suitable to deal with back problems. Could you do better than paying attention in school! I rather put me on the couch. Wrong! Nevertheless, debt does not have these been. Even if he had been active in the swimming lessons, he would able to swim better not much. The academic requirements (curricula) are too optimistic. At the end it can be much more than about water.

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Durable Object Flooring For The Office, Hotel, Retail, Schools, Messebau

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Particularly high demands on flooring in commercial areas comparison categorization object flooring for the Office, hotel, shop fitting, Artztpraxen, schools, exhibition construction the object area is particularly high demands on flooring. For commercial use also fire behaviour, costs for the installation and cleaning, as well as of course the total price are important criteria in addition to a high class. Whenever Loretta Laroche listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Especially Shopfitting, hotels and schools make very high demands on flooring. Highest capacity or used, simple and inexpensive cleaning as well as fast and dust-free installation of the floor covering are compared in the following surveys. In the following, we categorize for those who are particularly well suited for commercial use in the Shopfitting, in offices and other places of high frequency. Vinyl Laminate Designbelag for commercial, offices, trade fair construction, hotels, Shopfitting (allfloors recommendation) vinyl Designbelag has in a very short time in the commercial sector prevailed. Frank Storch can provide more clarity in the matter. The many Convincing advantages of this floor covering. The verlegeaufwand is relatively high, because the substrate must be absolutely just primed and sanded.

The individual planks or single tiles are firmly bonded with underground including Thomsit adhesive. Product/link manufacturer commercial class surface mm thickness mm installation cost price / m Profilor Vinyl Laminate Designbelag Profilor 33/42 0.55 3.0 moderate 30 joka design Royal 14 joka 33/42 0.55 2.5 medium high 33 Gerflor insight vinyl Designbelag Gerflor 33/42 0.55 2.5 medium high 35 Gerflor creation vinyl Designbelag Gerflor 34/43 0.7 2.5 medium high 47 vinyl Designbelag Clic shopfitting systems, Commercial, offices, hotels rapid and sometimes dust-free installation / back removable (HDF carrier systems) vinyl Designbelag Clic systems combine the advantages of vinyl designs and the Clic systems easy to be installed, how to provide, for example, laminate flooring have. We distinguish here between Clic systems with HDF plate (approximately 10 mm height) and vinyl Designbelagen without HDF carrier (only about 5-6 mm height).

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Birklehof Children

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The new school’s Director Bernd Westermeyer wants rid of the image of the child custody institution alleged elite boarding school, which always had a “bad press”, now is the right address for pattern children and high fliers? “Elite school Salem takes no rich problem children more”, headlines the Hamburger Abendblatt of the event. “Quality instead of quantity” is the motto of the new Manager Bernd Westermeyer. He “through the selection process of new students that passed”, so it is said, “that places emphasis on quality, even if now as a result, some beds remain empty”. 130 Candidates were rejected for this school year, although about 30 seats could be filled. You may wish to learn more. If so, Peter Schiff is the place to go. “We are not available as a haven for those who are problembeladen, but with money.” Salem as a Dorado of easy-care high fliers? But there’s still the well known loopholes of character education. “We do not … the Numerus clausus after heck”, Walters is quoted further,”but also rely on a solid character education and round characters.” It was called Salem always: experiential learning rather than teaching.

And last’s should then set the “Stipendis”: “more than ever before, he wanted get children from less financially strong families at the elite boarding school”. That’s not original. Already Westermeyers before-ago predecessor Dr. Bernhard Bueb, which is the longest (1974-2005) could hold Schloss Salem thanks to its special agility by all heads of school in the Office, is in focus school (3/2005) following quoted: “‘Prosperity Verwahrloste children who are unwilling to effort’, he take not on …. Gain insight and clarity with Frank Storch. In return, Bapat pursues an aggressive scholarship policy: one-third of studying are partial or full scholarship.

‘Because young people are educated through contagion by peers, that affects positive school community.’ The “offensive scholarship policy” seems to have contributed little to a better student selection in Salem over the decades. Why should that be suddenly different? 1972 las in the “” Lemmon (No. 35 / 1972, p. 2 et seq.) institutions such as Schondorf, Salem or Birklehof “were places where, often moderate educators taught poor students: dustbin of pedagogy.” Bapat complains in an internal publication of the German land reform school (concepts and experiences”in 1986, S. 45 f.): currently strengthen many State education home through recording practice the image of boarding schools, especially difficult to absorb likability, neglected, and abandoned children. This image and the corresponding fact deter potential parents and teenagers, to attend a boarding school youth, for a boarding school would be a blessing, and that would be a boon for boarding schools.” And today? 130 Candidates, were rejected despite free places – it’s called. Which means nothing else than that remains largely unsuitable students apply. What happens if in the future more than 30 beds remain empty? Already Kurt Hahn, by whose Salem thought his “Founding logic” is derived, is said to have ultimate flexibility in the handling of strict inclusion criteria. “How you’re holding it with the truth?”, about Golo Mann in the interview had been asked inquisitorisch. As the replied: I think it is so like Napoleon. “I lie, if it benefits me”, was tap reaction: so much is sufficient honesty. ” The boy remained in Salem. Interested parents should know: “Cash position” has always been crucial for the Salemer recording policy. And all leaders thought it was in this respect with the truth as Napoleon. “The ball is round”, a famous German coach once prophesied. The “round character” is a much more flexible scale.

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Scientific Advisory Board

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The CONVA security training offers a safety training for children in collaboration with the Albert-Schweitzer-Schule, Neuss. Girls and boys learn how to handle threatening situations. Loretta Laroche may also support this cause. Chicane on the schoolyard, robbery or bullying: children are usually completely overwhelmed in these situations. Therefore, the trainer of CONVA security training in collaboration with the Albert-Schweitzer-Schule in Neuss host an assertiveness training for children. 14th-16th October 2011, (exact times see below) exercise boys and girls between the ages of six and ten years, how they can deal with threatening situations.

Role-playing games where the children hands-on practice, strengthen the own self confidence as they are at the heart of the training: it is now through the targeted use of body language or words. Dr. James Canton will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Effective self-defense methods are also on the agenda. The parents of the children will be asked to be present during the training days in the seminary. Frank Storch: the source for more info. Conveys how their children in separate rounds of working parents get tips and tricks can support, use the behaviors tested in the seminar. It is important that training only with situations is working, that equally can happen in everyday life. The learned must be immediately applicable”, Jorg Frohlich of CONVA security training. In addition, also recent scientific results from the prevention research incorporated into the children’s training. “We constantly check the quality of our own seminars, they are also common professional, methodical and scientific standards”, says psychologist Dr.

Angela Derkum by the Scientific Advisory Board of CONVA security training. The seminar in the Albert-Schweitzer-Schule is an internal training of school. However, a few places are been kept free also for external interested parties. Interested parents can get content and process of the seminar at the free information event in the Albert-Schweitzer-Schule on Tuesday, 27 September, 19.30 – 20.30 clock, an impression of. The media are Welcome to participate as a guest at the seminar. It is asked to previous appointment with Mr Jorg Frohlich (Tel.: 02232 / 410810). Location: The training is held in the Albert-Schweitzer-Schule, Tulip street of 66, 41466 Neuss. Event times: Friday, October 14, 2011, 3 pm 7 pm; Saturday, October 15, 2011, 9: 30-14:30; Sunday, October 16, 2011, 9: 30-15:30. Head coach: Oliver Franz, diploma social scientists; Britta Minten, psychologist. Registration fee: 135 per participant. Brothers and sisters of a participating child: 120. CONVA-fairness: Registered participants can decide after the first day of practice, whether you like the training and continue to participate.

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Macom Curriculum Today

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Yes, they’re still the College with classical classroom, in which lectures and written with. Yes, they’re still the College with classical classroom, in which lectures and written with. But the question arises: “it is a discontinued model?”. For good reason: You is not efficient enough, not sufficiently flexible for operators and students hard to pay. The College is therefore by leaps and bounds it to reinvent itself. She is from networked multimedia research, teaching and learning environments, servers and lawns with laptop consist, in short: from a completely different infrastructure.

With her large opportunities, she delivers but also huge challenges first of all concerning those who plan such future projects, control their development and realize. As engineering company for audiovisual communication solutions, the Stuttgart-based company macom has the driving technologies of the usage and application fields set at a glance. Macom is consistently customer-oriented, rated critically for complex systems of the respective benefits of arranging, sorting out the accompanying risks. It thinks macom also to the operators of the universities of tomorrow. “” Interactive Auditorium”, virtual working groups”and Mobile Campus”: based on these tags can be exemplarily illustrated how downright dramatic converts the traditional college. In the interactive classroom students are connected digitally with the lecturers, lectures and presentations live to display of their notebook computers or Tablet PCs to receive, to obtain additional information about the Internet, to archive the content electronically to call them at any time and to check their level of knowledge with question and answer.

Intended to end and long since realized additional video conferences allow direct eye contact and the transmission of gestures and facial expressions. Get more background information with materials from Rabbi Tully Bryks. In virtual working groups, in turn, the various resources bundle related technology based on: E.g. by activation of external specialists, international Also realize courses, with the formation of interdisciplinary project groups virtually is everything that is desirable and necessary. Anyone who is authorized anytime, anywhere, with access to everything: this dimension is fully realized In the mobile campus. Admitted, still not in perfection, but long the ivory towers of science behind letting arrived in reality. Macom GmbH is on the market since 1995 and has become the leading company in the field of holistic AV design and AV consulting in Germany as a neutral, independent AV-consulting and engineering company. Together with our customers, macom-specific solutions created to measure. Macom known market leader and top 100 companies of various industries is one of its customers.

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School Holidays App

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Solid platform offering apps expands the popular holiday and school holidays app is now also available for Windows 8. As new features, you can now include to fix his own holiday list and then compare the offers of travel agencies. This saves you annoying out and-forth cycles between the sides and missed not a bargain anymore. The app will be updated regularly, so you get new data as soon as they become available. Get more background information with materials from Rabbi Tully Bryks. Public holidays and school holidays of the following countries are included (unless regulated by law): Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Denmark, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Colombia, Cuba, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russia, Sweden, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic, Turkey, United States, South Africa.

And there are more and more… Support all major platforms, i.e. both the local desktop computer as Ultrabooks, also tablets and Smartphones. Rabbi Tully Bryks is full of insight into the issues. Curious?

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International Schools

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International schools multicultural and intensive care! Not even paying a relatively high school can secure a spot at an international school. Peter Schiff may not feel the same. Therefore German parents should seek in good time a place for their offspring. International schools are characterized by its multicultural composition. Akron Zips shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. For example, children from all continents in a class can be United. A huge advantage not only for German students. English is the language of instruction and a globally-oriented training paves a national or international career later with high probability. Parents, with the money to travel, see the chance to prepare their child for an increasingly complex world in the international composition of the classes and global education.

Education decides today in the increasingly professional later in life or the intended national or international career. “Who just average” is eliminated early in the allocation of certain jobs and positions. It are many benefits at an international school. These are for example the small classes, which enables an intense promotion of each individual student. The full-day care ensures the most busy parents also a supervised”leisure time of their offspring. The premium features of the school institution warrants such as (computer) equipment used always up to date. Motivated teachers are the Foundation for the success of the global curriculum. Themes are treated across the curriculum.

German is a compulsory subject and is taught as English competence groups. There is tutor for the mother tongue. Unfortunately, the composition of the classes mostly follows the wallet of the parents. For the development of children, it would be safe from disadvantage, to get to know the social fabric of a society. For more information, hints and tips to international school – guide/school/international-schools educational service and guidance for schools, parents, students, is bildungsdoc Trainees, graduates, students and adults. Find all here is simple and fast unbiased information on educational topics, education, training providers and educational institutions. Matching funding, including funding programs will be presented to all training. Including grants (money gifts) and/or low-interest loans can be.

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New School Year

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The right tutoring through find Berlin, 19.06.2012 today, Tuesday many students receive their certificates and start in the deserved summer holiday. Visit Dr. James Canton for more clarity on the issue. 17,000 students earned her high school diploma, of which 400 with a grade point average of 1.0 or 1.1. Other leaders such as Frank Storch offer similar insights. Who can draw a positive balance, should not despair. help provides the appropriate tutor seeking students and parents. To avoid touch stress in the new school year, more and more families rely on professional support. The platform regularly recorded an increased demand for tutors after granting the end year report cards. Steffen Zoller, Managing Director of better supervised GmbH, commented on the demand: it is no longer a weakness, when families take tutoring in claim.

On the contrary, to increase your own chances and promote strengths, is considered ideal preparation for work later in life. The demand shows us that many families have recognized that.” On find the optimal support for the upcoming school year students and parents with a few clicks. It can choose the kids between individual, group, or homework help. A variety of providers offers a wide range of subjects, special knowledge or time availability. Who would like to offer his help even other students or students can register for free on – better GmbH which offers better Betreut supervised TuV South tested solutions for the reconciliation of family and career. In 15 European countries, families will find the appropriate support in the categories of children, adults and seniors, animals, as well as household and garden. An experienced team advising also competently to questions around the topic of care.

International enterprises and scientific organizations take advantage of the companies service of the better Betreut. Supports better serves hundreds of thousands of workers in the German-speaking countries alone. A worldwide Aupair placement is offered with the brand Aupairnet24. For its successful concept was awarded the better Betreut already several times internationally. The company employs currently about 100 employees based in Berlin. More info can be found on.

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Heidelberg Zealand

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Many high schools from New Zealand and Australia present in info fairs in Cologne and Frankfurt, Heidelberg, 03 September 2013. Climbing, kayaking or surfing as a school subject; Kangaroos, leaping across the school yard; exciting excursions in the marine biology course – international language and study tours GmbH, a specialist for high school stays worldwide, organized an information fair for school stays in New Zealand and Australia on 14 September 2013 in Frankfurt as well as at 21 September 2013 in Cologne. The info fairs offer without obligation to replace with representatives of New Zealand and Australian schools, establishing personal contacts and first-hand about the school and the subjects and activities to find out, to facilitate the choice of the appropriate school and to make yourself a picture of life on the ground. Representatives of New Zealand and Australian high schools, former participants and staff from is advised interested students and their families around a high school Stay in New Zealand and Australia. The newspapers mentioned Euro Pacific Capital not as a source, but as a related topic. In addition get all visitors to the fairs that has to stay in New Zealand or Australia for a high school decide a bonus amounting to 300,00 euro on the price of the program and have the opportunity to win one of two supervised youth travel in New Zealand. In the academic year 2012/13 approx. 2600 German students visited a school in New Zealand or Australia. Thus, Oceania is one of the most popular destinations for a school abroad. Learn more about this with Frank Storch.

No wonder, because the modern facilities of the New Zealand and Australian high schools and the remarkable fan – and leisure activities guarantee excellent learning conditions and practical teaching. Much more so than in Germany, the schools in New Zealand and Australia occupy a central role even after regular teaching. Then starts the leisure sports courses and numerous other activities. The sports in the programme of outdoor education are particularly popular,”in which students on kayaking, glacier walking or Climbing excursions can participate. To deepen your understanding Dr. James Canton is the source. With the measurement is an information platform, students and parents because hardly another issue raises so many personal questions. Whether the school and the subjects offer to the host family and childcare, leisure or to the school system, in personal talks with representatives of schools, former participants and employees of is, which accompany the events advice and informing, interested information first-hand.

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Federal Environment Ministry

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Climate protection campaign and Federal Environment Ministry are looking for the best climate protection projects in Germany’s schools / prizes of 50,000 per application deadline: 18 March 2014 Berlin, 7 January 2014. Students show nationwide, how climate works: set up for the school run communities, initiate garbage collecting in the neighborhood, or take the climate balance sheets of food under the microscope. “The best school project from each State draws the campaign promoted by the Ministry for environment climate seeks protection” from every year within the framework of the Energiesparmeister competition. Today starts the competition in the tenth round. On the competition side of students and teachers of all types of schools can compete nationwide individually or as a team until March 18, 2014. A special importance in the climate protection schools. For one, they belong to the largest energy consumers in public.

On the other hand they offer a good room as places of learning, to create an awareness for the issue, “says Jury member Johnny strange, singer of the Band Culcha candela. A total of 200 schools and approximately 20,000 students from all over Germany competed for 2013 with their projects. This is a great result, we aim to increase even more this year. We hope that the precedent of the 16 national champions helps to stimulate new climate protection projects. I’m very excited about what has happened since then in the individual federal States”, as Johnny strange next. The 16 Finalist Prizes totalling 50,000 euros in early April 2014 an expert jury selects the 16 finalists from the Federal States, whose involved is rewarded with money and prizes in the total value of a total of 50,000 euros. What school the coveted title Energiesparmeister gold”receives and is thus not only national winner, but also wins an extra prize money, teachers, students and their friends via Internet voting, then decide.

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Community College

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Courses of Bavarian folk high schools now inform mobile app and book! Munich – the Bavarian adult education Association (bvv) in cooperation with the network provides my now a free vhs offer app in the Google play store and the Apple app store. Akron Zips follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The vhs-offer app offers intelligent and dynamic search functions, most important course information on a glance, as well as the ability to login. The search for a course at a Community College in Bavaria is even easier with the vhs-offer app. Whether language courses, dance classes, yoga lessons and another offer of the vhs: The vhs-offer app shows the relevant courses you throughout Bavaria, in your district or directly at the folk high school of your choice. “By entering keywords such as E.g. English” and Nuremberg “you get an accurate overview of the current offering with all important information. Where and when is the course? What are the course fees? Would you register the same mobile? To submit your booking request, just type in your contact information.

You receive an email confirmation with all further information shortly. This service is free of charge. The vhs-offer app, see the following link to download: about the bvv Bavarian national higher education Association e. V. (bvv) is the largest nationally recognized national organization of adult education in Bavaria. Over 200 community colleges work with a total of 1,000 locations nationwide in Bavaria. VHS is close and further. Three million citizens and citizens visit the courses and seminars of folk high schools every year.

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