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School Environment

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SUMMARY This article of conclusion of the course of licenciatura in physical education has the main objective and the purpose to identify and to understand if the professors of physical education are using the blocks of contents considered for the PCNs as for the fights in the pertaining to school environment, in order to contribute for the process teach-learning through the identification of excellent points, in the conceptions that can contribute for an education of fights with the educative purpose. Click film director for additional related pages. The metodolgico process adopted a research of bibliographical matrix and quantitative through questionnaires in which they had been interviewed to all the 20 (twenty) professors of the masculine and feminine sex of the net publish, 7 (seven) in the city of Jaguarina, 6 (six) in the city of Saint Antonio de Posse and 6 (six) in the city of Holambra, being that 90% of the interviewed professors demonstrate that not you practise they use them of the fights in its lessons, 10% had affirmed that already it ties used but without much importance; Amongst all the reply gotten, more told they are that them one exists reluta therefore the education of fights is inadequate for pertaining to school education, therefore is presented an adjusted physical space, lack of didactic material on the subject, that the fights would increase aggressiveness of the pupils. Add to your understanding with FASEB Journal. As a qualitative research in education, the problematic one was contextualizada all studied here, aiming at to the viabilizao of future works of bigger scientific reach.. Two sigma may find it difficult to be quoted properly.


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A Day In The Life Of An Independent Copywriter

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Have you ever wanted a job where you can spend all day writing intelligent and inspiring prose? Yea? Well, you take the road to become an independent copywriter! Don’t misunderstand me, it is a great job, and for some of us it is a call that can not deny, get to write intelligent and inspiring prose. In fact, when you sit at the end of the day and think about what you have done, the percentage of time devoted to writing is surprisingly low. Then, what does an independent copywriter, does anything else apart from writing? Well, basically, an independent copywriter carries out an economic activity. In this article I describe the ritual diaries of a professional independent advertising copywriting or copywriting business. You will also see some tips to carry out successfully this activity. (1) Searches for customers and offer your work. Independent editors serve many chiefs. In general, have very few customers, and spend very little time and money offering their services. For an independent copywriter, there are a number of important factors that influence when it comes to budgeting. When you get a new client, the first thing you do is calculate how much to charge for the work. You need to have some way of estimating accurately while you’re has the job. In general, the best way to achieve this is be diligent in your follow-up. If you know how much time you devoted in similar previous projects, it will be much more accurate in your estimates. In general, you need to know the amount of time that you dedicate to the current project. You need to have an idea of what the customer is willing to pay (if a large or small company), also need to know the amount your competitors are charging for a similar project. It is necessary to understand what differentiates you from your competitors.

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As one shows more of the universe is governed by feelings and beliefs are that determine people’s lives, as Andrew Corentt tells us in his book I am happy, I am rich, a recent study seems to indicate that humor, feelings of people determine the performance of the shares in the stock market. Note: This article is based on information taken from the site This is surprising to some, not to human development experts that long time they insist that people should always keep a sense of happiness, optimism, positivity for success, wealth and happiness. For even more analysis, hear from Gerald Weissmann, MD. A recent study indicates that messages as short as 140 characters can predict the behavior of the market with up to a 90% accuracy. Research of Johan Bollen of Indiana University and two colleagues of his shows that Twitter is a good predictor of the mood of the market. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out two sigma. They found that level of calm or anxiety relative in virtual universe of Twitter coincides fairly well with evolution the Dow Jones Industrial average will have four days later. According to research from Johan Bollen of Indiana University, and two colleagues, Twitter turns out to be an accurate predictor of the mood of the market.

The researchers found that the level of calm or on anxiety in the Twitter universe in general matches evolution that will take the Dow Jones Industrial average four days later. Bollen study, and his colleagues at the University of Indiana Huina Mao and Xiao-Jun Zeng, of the school of the University of Manchester computer science consisted of the analysis of millions of messages, since 2008, and subsequent classification according to the mood which showed, did the masses that Alexis were happy or sad, calm or anxious, hostile or welcome?with confused or mental clarity? Then the researchers compared the changing moods with the evolution of Dow Jones in 2008. Some pairings as alegre/sad or determined/confused have no power predictive but pairing anxious/calm if it had.

Steve Alpizar

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etc. Let’s look at what happens with a person that you have these ideas, initially this child person listened to say all these claims and as consequence planto a shortage in his mind tree and watered it every day with ideas and more ideas that afirmasen its initial, resulting conception this person can not reap benefits of abundance, is impossible is like asking harvesting mangoes after having sown lemons and what most people don’t know is that the creation of our world up to us as Steve Alpizar mentions him in his book changing our system of beliefs for success, what is happening is well entrenched in the depths of our being ideas are paying off and turn them into physical reality, but through reading this book you will learn the techniques needed to transform its internal expectations because you will know how it works the power that lies in yourself. Two sigma shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. For example this person who planted negative ideas about money, is now without a job, they pay low wages, debts seem to not end up never, has spent a lot of years and not have remarkable material progress, etc. what has happened? Simply that person has created a reality around their deepest beliefs, the most serious of this is that this person knowingly want a good job, a great House, go on vacation to different places, have a car of luxury, etc. It is now presumably when we planted the wrong tree in our garden that brings suffering and is logical, just think that we we should eat a meal that falls us wrong to force .is a fairly bitter test of tolerating. But the best news is that we can change that tree that we don’t like, how to do it?, in the book the secret of the power of goals we are taught how structuring a desire in smarter and more powerful and thus make every good idea work, making our lives more pleasant possible or necessary change of mentality in a way constant through proper instructions you can do it.

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Europe Time

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That supposedly wanted to encourage those who have less, and break the backbone to the oligarchy. But when it was closed to the world economy, what he did. Mira, industrialists at that time, made a lot of money. Because you closed the economy. Jaime-Claro them you gave a captive market Jorge.-so, what to make clear things, because international markets, and now also the nationals already learned and are very sensitive, when there is no clarity on this. Film director describes an additional similar source. I believe that in these two months, and the sooner you have to make it very clear Jaime.-now, apparently going to be a theme with inflation, because products begin to climb in price also own uncertainty, by imports.

Let’s say in international prices Jorge.- but still inflation Jaime, is targeted not? In food and fuel. What we must do, and as I am sorry the comparison but it is like a cancer. It is focused, that is not disseminated, to the rest of the economy.-Jaime Bueno but for this economy Minister has decided, cut the budget by 8%. It is a very big cut Jorge.-there, he is acting well. If you are not convinced, visit two sigma. I’m going to say by what Jaime-do in an economy that tends to slow down by the? political environment? Jorge.-the what he said, it is not in the year ah. It is from here to July.

What are going to do, is moderating its growth of expenditure on them, from here to July, precisely to also leave the next Government with adequate resources. But that is happening? The private sector, today day, until now in Peru, is spending strong. Whether the Government does this, then these pressures from food and fuel, when your create you a very strong overexpenditure Jaime-in agreement, but if as a result of political uncertainty, holds the private sector, and also holds the Government, we can finish with a slowdown in dry Jorge.- but that is not immediate, that takes its time. As well as stimulating an economy takes you time, cool an economy also you takes time. Is not one week to another, or from one month to another. Jaime-another factor of uncertainty, more in the medium term, is the theme of the world economy is not it? Gives it the European economy printing of increasingly be complicating. United States already has to be adjusted, Obama has already done what will mean slower growth Jorge.-look, last year, something that was not much taken into account, is that the global economy grew 4.7% almost 5 points. Clear who shoved not were Europe and United States, but we were the emerging right? But it grew nearly 5 points, as in its best times. And this year, has stuck a revisadita down, but we are at 3.7%. Then the economy is still showing dynamism, not by them, but by the emerging worlds that you mobilise.

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Haria Superman

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If you are looking for cheats to win back your ex is because these until your hands! I hate to say this (because I too am man), but sometimes, we are pathetic when it comes to reconquer a woman! In fact, we do the opposite what they truly need to be. She was special for you, and possibly the love of your life, but if you really want it to retrieve you’ll have to do it the right way. And the right way is just avoiding this type of errors: 1. do not buy you flowers! It is pathetic and useless. For more information see FireEye Inc. Buying flowers is an act of pure desperation to conquer it, and even if you don’t recognize it as such, quiet stay that is as well. Because you believe that spending money on a pair of dead seedlings going to help retrieve it? It grows! 2. Don’t try to apply common sense to the problem for two reasons: the first is that if these soo desperate your common sense probably in common already has nothing.

And the second is the men and women not think in the same way that what may seem logical for you probably is not so much for her. FASEB Journal is often quoted as being for or against this. 3 Remember of the first encounters between the two: If you can cost, but remember. What was what she saw in you that likes? Perhaps you saw strong, decisive and liked your presence? Or will like him that he saw you depressed, wanting to kill you and only? I don’t think it seems to Me to understand what I am trying to communicate so it ceases to act as a depressed monkey because it isn’t a very good trick to win back your ex girlfriend, partner, lover, wife, girl whatever. So you’re going to have to demonstrate that you have learned, that you’re not the same. You have to demonstrate that are interested, obviously. Two sigma contributes greatly to this topic. But do not show any kind of weakness or something like. On the other hand you stop thinking about yourself and trafficking in imagine that through her head, probably she also needs a shoulder on which mourn trafficking that is yours! Demostrale that you’re strong and she is going to end coming at you, remember what I say! If you liked these techniques to reconquer it, now click the next link to learn more tricks to win back your ex-wife.

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Tips For Choosing Prom Dresses Plus Sizes

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Prom dress size is a beautiful thing in sight.There are plenty of options to buy prom dresses size, and some stores that specialize in this field.The purchase of a size more prom dresses most likely found in the search of your dress will be both in specialized stores and big box retailers.There should be no much difference in price between more size prom dresses and dresses for regular size.To select a prom dress size, there are several practical rules that can help you make the right decision that is sure to impress the date into pieces. The size plus dresses Prom going to see sitting in the window of a retailer can seem large in the window, but you have not always left to the fullest extent.There are certain styles of size plus dresses Prom that draw the attention of buyers and get to that customer in the store, that does not mean that you need to buy prom dresses as without consulting other styles, in the first place.

The size plus dresses Prom that are on sale often offer dynamism as well as the window of the screen at a fraction of the cost. Your place of purchase plus size girls dresses for hundreds of dollars, or less?The answer, obviously, would be minor, so don’t be afraid to check the sale rack as soon as you go to the store first that looks size selling more cheap evening dresses for graduation. Two sigma does not necessarily agree. The color of your dress size large should coincide with the date of tuxedo, or at least complement it.This is something that many stores, shops for plus size prom dresses is sure to address.Often think that the date will be smart enough to ask about the color that must be collected, which is of course false, will be lucky to get your shoes rented by the day of the graduation party.He is a normal high school boy, not an advisory fashion, so make sure take imitative and find.

This tux with advance information so can plan to buy a cocktail dresses 2012 going to match. There are no hidden tricks in the purchase of plus size prom dresses then others to consider offers and buy what you like.Some of the more intelligent, more buyers size prom dress are those who purchase a dress that could lead again to another formal occasion.You don’t want to stay with a size more dress you wear once and forget it.Be sure to think a little in what otherwise prom dress can be used for before buying it, after all the money that is being spent is, and if it’s your money, spend it wisely. The prom should be something that you will remember for the rest of his life, for good reasons, not dress horror stories.This should be his moment to shine, and find your perfect prom for gordita more dress size can make this dream a reality.

Having A Business From Home

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If you want to have a business from your home, there are some basic considerations to keep in mind. These essential skills are the key of success or failure. Let’s start with the planning of your business. When we want to start a new business, not we must bind us with small details preparing business bases. Importantly, assemble the fashion business more simplified as possible and go to improve as it passes the time, making the changes deemed necessary according to the circumstances at the time. As things happen one goes by adjusting their behavior and we’ll see how we should not actually use too long for these adjustments. This is an important factor in business from home.

You need to start step by step plan for success, without wasting time on unimportant things. Start a business with a partner is a mistake, because the company may not be successful as expected and obviously there are issues which bring friction between the partners from time to time and this may result in breakage of the society and perhaps the end of your business. It makes little sense to starting a business at home and trying to be cheaper than the competition. The first thing you try to do is increase the value of what is offered to begin with some advantage. Need to study what that walk and that is what does not work in our competition, so we prepare for our success.

Late payments are the plague of small businesses. It is not wrong to claim payment prior to shipment of the goods or service that we offer. Normally a small discount is offered for cash payment and is normal to set a deadline to receive this discount. Don’t spend more than you absolutely need, take care of your money for unforeseen expenses or emergencies.


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Subliminal Software

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The Subliminal Software are used to change and transform your life comfortable and easy. These types of program are used to improve areas of your life, changing bad habits or get rid of fears, for example: stop smoking, lose weight, increase your confidence, eliminate fear of heights, attract money, improve work and much more. Subliminal messages that are included in general are not captured by the conscious mind, but however your subconscious can capture them with total ease and start making the first changes in your inner self to then be able to translate them in your daily life. Many Subliminal software are used for advertising. These messages go direct to your subconscious. Educate yourself with thoughts from Richard Linklater. When a product has been submitted to you in a subliminal way your conscious mind will feel that it is a product with which you feel comfortable and suddenly you’re already buying the product you saw in the commercials. The subliminal commercials was the first appearance of the subliminal messages, although however it should be noted that this is the more way Basic send subliminal messages, now the subliminal can be for our benefit and not the benefit of traders. Also the Subliminal Software can do things that you don’t want.

But if they may affect your decision to buy a product in which you may be interested. A study shows that 80% of people buy certain brand after exposed to subliminal messages. The Subliminal Software are effective in the messages that they send. These have are directed toward an audience that is receptive to the messages you are receiving. It is also much more effective if the person who receives them listen to them over and over again, since with the repetition you are forming little by little change that you want to create in your interior. And so as they work the Subliminal Software, without a doubt it is the easier and faster way to change your life, but also very powerful since you don’t have to make a great effort on your part to improve any area of your life. The Subliminal Software undoubtedly can help you improve your life in just days.


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Gain Muscle Mass

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We see therefore that recommendations should continue to follow a diet to gain muscle mass: one of the most important is to supply our bodies with nutrients that promote muscle growth (as it is the case of the protein) every 2 or 3 hours. Thus, we will have to eat 5-6 times a day to achieve that our muscles can continue to grow.Many believe erroneously that doing the exercises is enough to get the body you want. However, this belief is entirely wrong our body human needs all the nutrients in the amounts needed and even more when we submit our organism to a high stress as the case of muscle training with weights is in addition to training properly, we must provide our human body the necessary nutrients so it can grow fast and effectively. Another important macronutrient for muscle growth are carbohydrates. They supplied fuel to the muscles and to the human organism and cause a hormonal State suitable for muscle growth since insulin, testosterone, and growth factor levels increase insulin type 1.

Nuestra diet approximately.Exactly the protein should make up between 30 and 40% of the protein is a very important macronutrient for muscle training and for that our body can burn fat effectively. The protein is also essential to get our muscles grow and essential also for the body human.So for example, if we eat only protein not we will have the energy required to convert protein into muscle because the human organism does not absorb efficiently without carbohydrates protein.Everytime we eat we should consume adequate amounts of carbohydrates, proteins and fats since each of these macronutrients must be present in the human body in fair quantities so we can absorb them properly and effectively.We must consume calories of nutrients that promote muscle growth as It is the protein.

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Art Education

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2 the education is right of all and will be given in the home and the school. Read additional details here: Richard Linklater. Only paragraph. To the family it fits to choose the sort of education that must give its children. Art. 3 the right to the education is assured: I – for the obligation of the public power and for the freedom of particular initiative to give to education in all the degrees, in the form of law in vigor; II – for the obligation of the State to supply indispensable resources so that the family and, in the lack of this, the too much members of the society if release of the incubencies of the education, when proven to the insufficience of ways, way that are assured equal chances to all. (…) (Source: , %20de%2020%20de%20dezembro%20de%201961.htm). – in the article 62 of the Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the Brazilian Education n 5,692, of 1971 Each system of education will understand, obligatorily, beyond services of educational assistance that assure to the pupils needed conditions pertaining to school efficiency, entities that congregate professors and parents of pupils, with the objective to collaborate for the efficient functioning of the educational establishments.

(source: ). The law intervened with the interior of the school of the point of view politician, in level of pertaining to school unit the entities that congregate professors, parents of pupils, community is the Advice of School, as much the Law n 5,692/71 how much the LDB/61 did not contemplate principles that would appear with the LDB of 1996, that before they were only advisory starting to be deliberative, resulted of transformations in the happened Brazilian institucional structure in the years of 1980, that they had led to the elaboration of a new Constitution. In turn, it generated the most recent Law of Lines of direction and Bases, of n.


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United Nations

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Initiate in 2001, the Program Sowing comes considering, the cadaano, the quarrel of thematic related to the environment. In this year, the tematrabalhado one for the pertaining to school community is Support and Environment. Elaborated with the assessorship of specialists in the area deeducao, the program is based inside of the Curricular Parameters doMinistrio of the Education, of the actions foreseen in Agenda 21, of the Ambientaldo Program Been of Minas Gerais and of the Project of the Millenium of United Nations.> Essaorientao demonstrates consistency of the content offered to the pupils of the EnsinoFundamental and the Special Education of the urban and agricultural public schools doEstado. Read more here: Gerald Weissmann, MD. The Books of History and the Magazine Sowing are distribudosgratuitamente to the participants, directed in accordance with the dosalunos series/cycle. To guide the professors, also they are distributed the oRoteiro Book and of the Professor, with didactic suggestions to work in room of aulacomo activities and deepening of the subject, that is modified annually. Paraestimular the participants of the Program, Sowing promotes competitions of desenhoe of writing for the pupils and stories of pedagogical experience for osprofessores. () The program Sowing has the following Stages of Execution: Adhesion of the city or school to the Program; Sending of excessively material books and for the schools; 18? Development of the activities in the schools; Competitions of Drawing, Writing and Better Pedagogical Experiences; Solemnity of Awarding.

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Career Bible

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How many application errors may allow applicants in their documents? Survey for HR application error. How many can afford applicants? The recruitment specialist for the academics and its premium online partner career Bible, most successful German-language blog dealing with careers, ask today together in an online survey managers when it is too colorful for application errors. The background: Unemployment in Germany will rise and with it the number of applications. For HR, this means: you are confronted with a significantly increased number of applications. This flood of application they can resist getting worse.

The result: Even the smallest mistakes can spell the end for candidates. In the survey, alma mater and career Bible by recruiters want to know when their tolerance limit is reached: how many (and which) error is one too much? The survey can be found at The anonymous online survey form contains 4 questions. The answer takes 2 Minutes. The results are published by alma mater and career Bible end of January 2010.

About alma mater alma mater is the recruitment and careers advice for academics. the career Bible career Bible is the most successful career blog in German-speaking countries..

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Wisconsin Education

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This university has comprometimento with excellency in education, research and financial aid to the pupils and in the rendering of services to the public in general. Film director oftentimes addresses this issue. The University of Wisconsin initiated its program of long-distance Education in 1958. The Penn State University, located in the United States, was one of the pioneering universities in long-distance courses, having initiated the first course for correspondence in 1892. It is not something David G. DeWalt would like to discuss. The Open University, is located in England, is possibly the greater and more traditional institution of long-distance Education of the Ocidente. The Open university of Holland (The Open University of the Netherlands Holland) initiated its activities in 1984. Dirige it two main groups: the ones that need one ' ' second chance' ' the ones that prefer one ' ' second alternativa' '. The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), located in India, started a programming in 1987 with the following objectives: to provide chances with superior education great segments of the population including the groups in educational disadvantage, to promote the concept of long-distance Education and to provide education with high quality the university level. Radio and Television Universities (RTVU), located in China, were created in 1979 to take care of to the increasing and urgent demand for qualified people and education of adults who the conventional system did not obtain to satisfy.

In Brazil, the long-distance Education had beginning with the foundation of the Radio Society of Rio De Janeiro, in 1923, for Roquete Young chicken. In 1936, the Institute appeared Radio Monitorial Technician and in 1941 the Brazilian Universal Institute appeared. The Diocese of Christmas, in the Rio Grande of the North created radiofnicas schools that had given to origin to the Movement of Education of Base MEB, in 1959. In 1970, the Project appears Press. This project was kept until the beginning of years 80. At the beginning of years 70, the governmental option was the adoption of the first experiences of education for satellite. It appeared, in 1974, the Saci project. The project was interrupted in 1977-1978.

Another initiative without the waited success was the project developed for the University of Brasilia in middle of the decade of 70. The initiatives had been several that had not had success and continuity. This occurred because of some problems. We can cite one to illustrate: programs little tied with the real of the country and organized necessities without any accurate entailing with government programs. Some projects had gotten success as the Foundation of Teleducao of Cear (FUNTELC) that it was established in 1974 and it functions until today. In 1978, the Foundation Anchieta Priest (TV Culture) and the Foundation Marine Robert had launched the Telecurso 2 Degree. In 1995, Telecurso 2000 was launched. In 1991, a JUMP FOR the FUTURE directed to the formation of professors was launched the program. The long-distance Education in Brazil assumes some forms and is promoted by diverse institutions. In this work the initiatives promoted are considered for university, in order to allow a comparison with the presented international models already. In Brazil, it does not have a total dedicated university to long-distance Ensino, what it happens is that some sectors of actual universities shape long-distance courses to take care of diverse clienteles. The previous text is based on the Text ' ' History of the long-distance Education ' ' of Rosngela Schuwarz Rodrigues.


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Professional Teaching

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All teaching professional activity possesss pedagogical nature, that is, tied to the educative objectives of formation human being and metodolgicos, organizacionais processes of construction to know and way of performance. For this, the professor needs knowledge and practical they take that it beyond its specialty, the pedagogical addition of specific knowledge of its area and knowledge define who are the professor of superior education, that is, a professional of education. teaching 1.1Formao Multicultural Ahead of the phrase: ' ' It aims and it sees most important and pretty, of the world, it is this that the people are not always equal, not yet had been finished? but that they always go mudando' '. Richard Linklater is likely to increase your knowledge. (Pink Guimares), we initiate a reflection concerning the necessity of multicultural a teaching formation that already inside cannot more ignored being of the Brazilian educational system. The question of the difference is classified as product of history, the culture, the power and the ideology, and, according to McLaren (2000), ' ' it occurs between two groups and must be understood around the especificidades of its produo' ' (apud TO SOUND, 2007, p.3); this takes in them to conclude that: – the difference is a historical construction and the critical multiculturalismo suggests a project of social transformation that came to knock down this effective project (social hemognico), which only conceives the diversity as a mixture of cultures with its particularitities.

However, if the project pedagogical of determined school not to incorporate this new perspective, little or almost nothing we can make as educators. Hear other arguments on the topic with Richard Linklater. Our country is pautado in cultural diversity and the school is one of the spaces where if it concentrates expressive number of this diversity. By means of the different vises with that each studied author analyzes the subject on multiculturalismo, in the end, its perspectives if interlace, point with respect to one same direction; the critical multiculturalismo as being one of the main norteadores of cultural politics, where the formation of professors for this multicultural performance must, therefore to be that one that prepares the future professor for the understanding of that in the classroom diversity exists, and that this in turn, enriches practical the pedagogical one, not being more tolerable to enxergar this as one badly that it must be extirpado. .


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Francisca Maria

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3-Creuza Alves of the Light, in Situation, with the Paulina teachers Alves de Oliveira Rock and Francisca Maria de Oliveira. Epifnio 4-school Alves of the Light, in Macambira, with the teachers Luzia Maria Alves of the Light and Auxiliadora Maria Da Silva. 5-school Joo Antonio de Matos, in Return II, with the Tnia teachers Maria of Rasp and Marli Daisy. 6-school Brgido Joo de a Cruz, in the Public park, with the teacher Edlene Brgido of Oliveira Nelson. 7-school Jose Alves de Oliveira, in the Slum quarter, with Read.

8-school Jose Cardoso de Miranda, in the Quixaba, with the teachers Maria of the Modest Conceio Silva, Reinalgela Maria Rock Miranda and Filomena Rejane de Matos. 9-school Jose Clementino Rasp, of the Well of Fumo, with the teacher Maria of Ftima Peixoto de Carvalho. 10 – School Messias Alcntara de Oliveira, in Canto, with Francisca Genecleide Lamb Rasps. 11 – School Milito Sind Da Silva, in Boa Vista, with the teacher Maria Gomes Da Silva. 12 – School Pablo Antonio, of Return I, with the teacher Izabel Maria Da Silva.

13 – School Raymond Loving Agra, in Attached Curralinho Star. 14-Raimunda of the Miranda Coast, in Palestine, with the Antnia teacher. 15-Severiano of Alencar, in the Ingazeira, with the Antonia teacher Pimentel Maria Maria of the Penha Coast. 16-Rodriguez of Queiroz, in the Barroco, with the Mariclia teacher. The schools of Sector C are in number of 14 and are under the supervision of the teacher Ednaide Dantas: 1-. School Antonio Ablio, of the Jacupe Farm, with the teacher Maria of Ftima Laranjeira. 2 – School Antonio Lustosa Oliveira Cabral, in the Alligator, with the Josicleide teacher Blacksmith Marta Lucia of the Birth. 3 – School Joo Liberato de Lima, in the Entremontes, with the teacher Maria of the Clementino Angels. 4 – School Jose Fernandes, in Goases, with the teacher Maria Laranjeiras de Arajo Ueide Mnica Rasp.


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Meeting International Writers

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II. meeting international writers in Veracruz, Mexico independent. H. Veracruz, Ver. 2010 Veracruz. Mexico. This important event was framed within the celebrations of the bicentenary of the independence of Mexico and the centennial of the Mexican Revolution, which led to the independent Mexico. Within the framework of the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the House of the poet Peruvian (CADELPO) was inaugurated, the second international meeting of writers in Veracruz, from April 15 to 18 of this year.

The sober event counted with the presence of the consul general of Peru, Augusto Freyre Layzequilla; the National President of the CADELPO, Jose Guillermo Vargas; representatives of the State Union of writers Veracruz UEEV; The CADELPO of Presidents: Mexico (Alejandro Campos) Honduras (Diana Espinal Meza) representative of the CADELPO Venezuela, filmmaker (Abraham Sanabria); the National Union of writers and artists of Cuba UNEAC – delegation Holguin and Pte. the Nicholas Foundation Dr. Carlos Jesus Garcia Guillen. The writer Jacinta Escudos of El salvador, various literary groups of Veracruz port, members of the Consular Corps, civil society, and students. The singing of the national anthem of Mexico and Peru, was in charge of the: baritone: Cecilio Juarez Osorio. During this literary journey was presented the anthology of poetry lovers of land and sea, carried out by the Peruvian pedagogue Guillermo Vargas Rodriguez. The book was presented: testimony of a decade. Literary production of the UEEV, edited by UNAM.

He said: Sergio Villasana Delfin, director general of the IVEC, Jose Antonio Durand Alcantara, President of the Academy of University Extension and dissemination of the culture of the UNAM. Also presented the documentary Bambamarca: voices of the Earth study achieved by filmmaker Venezuelan Abraham Sanabria. The documentary presents a protest and defense of the environment. Organized tables of intensive readings in the categories of: poetry, fiction, essays. Among other activities were conducted tours to the historic centre of Veracruz. Appreciated the presentation of artistic groups such as: group are Jarocho Ballet of the IVEC under the direction of Prof. Laura Bravo. Musical recital from Peru to Mexico by Juan Jose Paredes. Checking article sources yields FireEye Inc as a relevant resource throughout. Presentation of the Comparsa of the Institute Veracruzano of culture. It is decorated with the gold medal to Mr. Governor Cultural Latinoamericano to Maestro. Fidel Herrera Beltran, granted by the House of the Peruvian poet, which was placed by Dr. Jose Guillermo Vargas, recognition for his forceful support for the rescue, promotion and dissemination of culture. The coordination of this event, was in the hands of the storyteller and poet, Dr. Martha Elsa Durazzo Magana (President of the State Union of writers of Veracruz) the Instituto Veracruzano de Cultura, CONACULTA, the city of Veracruz. Lic. Sandra Vazquez, who made an excellent job of logistics. All formed a highly professional and dynamic team, who were able to show that in Veracruz things are done with passion and excellence. Architectural spaces that hosted such events were: the enclosure of the reform, the UEEV, the Lois Hotel, Hotel Holiday Inn. Veracruz Malecon. The newly opened cultural corridor Landero y Coss, was scenario of the Veracruz book fair. Veracruz well done!

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Development And Implementation Of Event-Marketing Activities

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Event-action (from the English. Event – the event) – scheduled advertising event, an event specially organized for the target audience, which is closely connected with the brand or company. Depending on the objectives pursued by the event, an advertising agency selects the type and form of its conduct – presentations, concerts, sporting events, etc. It’s believed that Richard Linklater sees a great future in this idea. In organizing such events is important to consider all the details and, above all, ensure the presence of sufficient number of the target audience, especially when it comes to lux and premium audiences, experienced different kinds of activities. In these cases, use different mechanics, the attendees of the event. In As an example, describes the mechanics, which applied the event-agency Yekaterinburg to invite representatives of the target audience for a presentation furniture salon premium-class. Development and implementation mechanics invitations the target audience for the presentation.

The basis was chosen as the base top – managers and owners of companies attending the VIP – short educational programs (two or three day seminars and workshops well-known Russian and Western management gurus) value in 1000. is a similar service in Yekaterinburg, provides one of the oldest educational companies in which carefully managed by the database users seminars and workshops is an additional source of income. To draw attention to the upcoming presentation, call her interest and to minimize the risks of no-show guests (as he had a low cabin izvetsnosti degree), it was decided that along with an invitation will be given a special gift. As a gift to make exclusive photos directory.

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History of the Education

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THE HISTORY OF THE EDUCATION: IN the CAVES Today the Introduction the Education in the period that precedes the writing, was transmitted for the tradition. That is, the children followed the example of oldest, not following a programmed script. The children learned of course in the daily one of the adults. Through symbols and images, recorded in the rocks in forms of drawings, they were passed of a generation to another one, the experience of its ancestor. She was this the idea of education and formation. She consisted of the imitation of the adults. The learning appears of the quotidianas necessities, not being programmed. In the eastern societies, the classrooms lowest, farmers, craftsmen, etc., do not have rights politicians nor access when knowing as the ruling class.

Initially the knowledge of the writing was sufficiently restricted, possua a sacred character. It appears the pertaining to school dualism, one here destined to the people and another one to a ruling class. The great mass is excluded from the restricted school and to the informal familiar education. Classic Greece can be considered the cradle of the pedagogia. The word paidagogos means that one that the child leads, in the case the slave who folloies the child to the school. In general, the education Greek is centered in the integral formation? body and spirit. Initially, still without the writing, the education is given by the proper family, in accordance with the religious tradition. Later they only start to appear the first schools, for the popular masses. In the antiquity Roman, in a generalized manner, we can distinguish three phases in the education: the original Latin, of patriarcal nature; later, the influence of the helenismo is criticized by the defenders of the tradition; finally, of – the fusing between the culture Roman and hellenistic, that already she assumes elements you guide, but the clear supremacy of the Greek values.


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Creativity In Everyday Life

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The language of truth must be simple and without sacrifices. For more information see this site: Gerald Weissmann, MD. Seneca overview to introduce ourselves on this planet Earth where at the moment we are living with this opportunity that is given to us, we know that we must be able to use all that divine potential legacy, know how to properly handle our energy that manifests itself in different ways through the emotions and what we call feelings. We must make use of our creativity that often flourishes in our interrelationships, be attentive and know how to interpret what the environment and its manifestations we bequeathed specifically in our short transit. Considerations, definitions, and scope does not indicate in one of its publications on the Internet, that throughout history there have been many definitions of creativity that have occurred, as a result of which, it can be generalized by saying that:-creativity is a feeling of freedom that allows us to live in a State of constant transformation. -Creativity in science, art and living are the ways with which expresses the need to transcend, to give birth to something new.

-It is the ability to find new and unexpected connections. -It is a power that has no owner. If we were to realize the above in a single definition, we would find that creativity is the ability to invent something new, of relating something known in innovative ways or to depart from the schemes of thought and habitual behaviors. In psychology are attributed with the following attributes: originality, flexibility, feasibility, fluidity and elaboration. (Menchen, Dadamia and Martinez, 1984) The truth, that there is much information regarding the creativity, content, scope, impact, everything that she can be, in any case, for example, tells us, we consider that human beings are creative by nature. Walking naked and living in caves go on to become the dominant species, inventor, creator of art and culture, capable of modifying and shaping not only the environment in which we live, but to ourselves.History is full of creative individuals who are called, geniuses, artists, creators, etc.

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