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10 Commandments Of A Successful Person

Posted by Toni on 23rd March and posted in Uncategorized

All people, whatever their field of activity and social status, working with certain types of resources: equipment, personnel, money and much more. But there is one resource that is most important for everyone – this time. Any person wants to achieve success in life, must necessarily learn to manage their most valuable and scarce resource. So, let's not waste time, go to the 10 most important points in time management. Know what you are want to – put purpose. Since you can not influence the course of time, you need to change the way you work with time.

This can be done by placing a small personal goals, moving gradually to larger goals. For example, put a target not check your E-mail or go to the forums at work during the week. At the end of the week, move up – whether you have achieved goals? If yes – then put the next target – if not, try another. Make plans. This is quite an extensive task, but it should always be done to achieve success in time management. Every minute spent on planning, saving 10-15 minutes of performance.

Watch for them – where you lose time? Throughout the week, each day mark, you're doing. Label all aspects of your work, not even the breaks on calls and dinner. How much time do they take? After a week, think about your schedule and see where you lose most. Develop good habits – record. Habits – the best way to save time and effort.


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