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August 2012

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Social Inclusion

Posted by Toni on 8th August in 

The present work brings a theoretical and practical quarrel around the Syndrome of Asperger in the context of the social inclusion and discloses the difficulties, as well as the possibilities of these people ahead of its insertion in the regular school of education and still it considers a partnership between the school and the family, […]


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The Professor

Posted by Toni on 6th August in 

The knowledge thus becomes mere a transposition of ideas that in the truth are not of pupils. The necessary professor to be motivated to give a good lesson, however many are in this profession due to option in the work market, being not motivated with low wage floor, needing to have many groups, what the […]

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The Education System

Posted by Toni on 5th August in 

For return of the decades of 1920 and 1930, new systems of work are gifts in the new industrial society. Henry Ford introduces also the accepted school 1996, P.23) Rossignol (1971) detaches that until then the directors of schools of academic education they faced true dramas, therefore they saw that to the pupils of these […]

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Reading Education

Posted by Toni on 4th August in 

To sound says despite illiterate he is not synonymous of alfabetizado illiterate as well as is not synonymous of scholar, ‘ ‘ therefore exactly a person whom she does not know to read and to write (illiterate) living in a society of strong presence of the reading and the writing, can use of these ways […]


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