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6 Reasons On Which You Want To Play The Guitar

Posted by Toni on 29th December and posted in Uncategorized

1. Development of intelligence researchers conducted numerous studies trying to figure out the effect of music on brain activity. It turned out that the school do better the children who study music, and children who music does not do, a little behind in development. It is assumed the same way that music has a positive effect on IQ. The researchers even argue that music, children begin to read much earlier their peers. As it turned out, the adult class music too is good. When music-making develops attention, increased activity.

These factors ultimately affect the very good general state of the memory. 2. Discipline process of learning to play guitar can be compared to learning a foreign language: without some difficulties can not do. Therefore, the musician should be disciplined. This feature helps to improve their skills tool. You have to make time for that would train every day, and if necessary, exercise even more. 3. Stress Sometimes there are days when you piled problems, anxieties, stress and the only thing that you want at this time – away from it all.

And you probably noticed that when he heard the music (your favorite song or just a good song), feel better and improves mood. Playing guitar has exactly the same properties. Playing your favorite music on the guitar to relax and calm the mind. 4. Beginning sense of achievement, but still making its first steps, could be sorely disappointed. But when comes a feeling of satisfaction from their own achievements, you get great pleasure from the work done. Even teach you a simple composition of a few chords, you will not forget for a long time its success. It is only first step toward achieving his goal, but you already have something to be proud of. 5. Joy Improve your own skills – it's not easy work, but it's hard to deny that this process is not only necessary, but it still brings joy. Developing your skills, you share your success with family and friends. And maybe in the future, you become a professional guitarist. The ability to play the guitar opens up for you a lot of new possibilities, and your life becomes brighter, richer and richer. 6. Expression When you reach a certain level of skill and for your shoulders already decent luggage learned songs, sooner or later there is a desire to compose something of my own. And you sit and iterate some chords. Composing a musical figure. And after a while composing a melody. Then you begin to think of the word, and you get the song. Of course, not everyone can write own song. Someone can write a melody and some can not bind a couple of lines rhyme, but it gives a chance to express myself guitar for everyone. Be bold.


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