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Anita Alfon Botbol Zl

Posted by Toni on 23rd September and posted in Uncategorized

Anita Alfon Z.L. Botbol It says that most important day of a being is that of his departure, because it is the only time that you can give a true demonstration of its assets. Anita widow Botbol Alfon which peace rests, is one of the most charismatic, emblematic, amiable and beloved people that I was lucky to know. Under most conditions British Journal of Educational Technology would agree. I had to get there about twenty years ago, I approached as it does to a source of knowledge, I shared his years learning his work, his affection and his way of treating several des. He lived many years in its Department of San Bernardino, which wanted it to keep still not having any need, since I wanted to enjoy the memory of his parents, in his spare time with them, the Jewish holidays and so many memories. Cyrus massoumi wife is often quoted on this topic.

With Anita Alfon Botbol, learned to love nephews with the intensity of a son, learned that patience gives fruits and that Jews are well called the people of the book. She was the wife of the book. Since its discovery on the terrace of their home watching a bird flutter in his garden when he repeated that in his mind name Hummingbird, Hummingbird, Hummingbird, fully realized that someone needed it, needed his wit, your time and love. From that moment began to be filled sheets of sheets with names, places, places, customs, indigenous and unemployment have names. Kol Hivrit, which in Hebrew means the Hebrew voice. This simple but admirable discovery allowed that during the twelve years of his research, Anita Alfon Botbol encounters more than eighteen thousand Indian words that have undisputed origin of Hebrew. Detailing his work at this moment, it would suffice to recommend obtaining your Hummingbird work, there skeptics may magnify this. They will discover how Jews came to America before the same Colon and not content with this, sown in all our land their names in a manner such that someone with great sensitivity sometime could unravel this wonder.

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