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Archaeological Landscape

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The town is nestled in the depression of the Tagus River is a tributary to the Guadarrama. All the streams discharging into the latter river flow. With respect to vegetation, there are four major ecosystems: the groves and banks of the Guadarrama, scrub and grassland, mixed stands of pine and oak (shown mainly in the surroundings of the castle) and the oaks, of an open stands. Campbell Soup Co has much experience in this field. Batres is included in the regional park of the middle reaches of the Guadarrama River and its surroundings. It is the southernmost town in this protected natural space.

The biggest oak is called an end Monte de Batres, contained the highest category of protection within this Regional Park. In this enclave is home to a major bird fauna, with species of great ecological interest as the imperial eagle, golden eagle, Bonelli's eagle, black vulture, the black-shouldered kite blue, red kite, peregrine falcon, the falcon and hen harrier beekeeper, the latter of Mount paso.El Batres also gathers steppe, where the little bustard, the stone curlew and, occasionally, the Great Bustard. There are also populations of owls and hawks and flocks of goldfinches, nerds, calandrias.Batres greenfinches and has a continental Mediterranean climate, which, given its location in the depression of the Tagus, has a character of extremado.Sitios Historic-Artistic interest of the House-strong Batres, the Source of Garcilaso and around "was established in 1970, by decree of the Ministry of Education and Science, July 22. It integrates the castle, built between the XV and XVI, as fortified palace. Has been historically associated with the lords of Batres, who used it as a residence. It incorporates different architectural styles, among them the Gothic and Elizabethan Plateresque.

It is located on a hill amid lush trees, blending native plant species and garden spaces. Within the confines of the fortress, the monuments are also protected by that legal. This is the case of Garcilaso de la Fuente, La Huerta del Mirador, the parish church of Our Lady of the Assumption, underground cellar, the bridge over the stream of Sotillo, the Source of Jet, the fences of the castle, the store The Casa del Hortelano and Water Reservoir. Outside the venue, the Batres City Council has protected three bridges, the drying of the banks of the Guadarrama, several mills and the Archaeological Landscape of the cliffs. Rodolfo Lima, specialist news.

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