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Argentina Kischner

Posted by Toni on 1st October and posted in Uncategorized

The formation of a common market, as opposed to a free trade area, includes the adoption of a common external tariff (AEC) against third countries. It was extremely important to defining it will take as a reference to the country which less tariff applied. If not MERCOSUR with respect to the rest of the world, would have closed which makes the effect of diversion of trade primary on the creation. On the other hand, if a high common tariff is fixed, for countries of lower tariff level the M.C. appears as an alternative less than the free trade zone, which allows you to purchase goods outside close to international prices. One of the major obstacles faced by economies are high labor costs, even when perceived wages are low. Achieve greater flexibility Labor is a condition for reducing unemployment and increasing the competitiveness of the countries of MERCOSUR. Maria Eugenia Soria, Professor of international trade participant tells us in this regard, given that Venezuela has decided to withdraw from the CAN and G3, his joining the MERCOSUR can be an empowering partnership for the country, be noted, that MERCOSUR member countries use a common external tariff that allows to compete equally against other countries in terms of tariff barriers.

Remember that the MERCOSUR consisting of two of the larger and stronger powers South American which are Brazil and Argentina the good political relations that President Chavez has these moments with the President of Argentina Kischner as well as Uruguay Vasquez and Lula Brazil, are precisely ideological or political. On the other hand is an opportunity to expand and explore new horizons, since our country throughout its history has usually made alliances with countries in the Caribbean and Central America but had not taken as allies countries more towards to the South of the continent. It is important to highlight also that Venezuela is in the search for being one Member in the MERCOSUR, not as an observer but now as another actor within this economic bloc Southern American. To do this, you must still meet and commit themselves to meet a number of requirements that are necessary to be accepted in the common market of the South, however on some occasions the President of Venezuela has made mention that the market lacks some readjustments, this divergence at this time can be vital for the acceptance or rejection of our country in MERCOSUR. More now that there are certain acrimony between Uruguay and Argentina by the installation of two paper companies in Uruguay that threatens the environment according to the Argentines; Therefore the importance that Venezuela is sincere and engage seriously with the guidelines required by the Alliance. Sometimes having no tariff barriers, the countries comprising MERCOSUR could bring, i.e. import items or products that currently are imported from other countries, this way we get the same only as to lower costs. Venezuela has in its favour its privileged geographic situation to have with limits with the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, as well as a wealth in oil which gives it a peculiar attraction for the common market of the South.


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