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Posted by Toni on 17th August and posted in Uncategorized

Sandals conventional shirts as always conventional models never become fashionable, but unless they improve the designs and colors that mark the trend every year and is in this case are dark colors which predominate for this upcoming summer, most everything you get closer to the brown or chocolate is precisely what is in fashion this season. In this type of sandals lately tend to design with a slightly rustic style driving a bit of leather and canvas, the good thing is that apart from being able to use them on the Beach also are very good for the outdoors on a warm day and are the best seen in our feet. Health in terms of the use of sandals now a point to consider concerning our health related to the use of sandals and is that the American Podiatric Medical Association has warned recently that having no firmly attached to the shoe toe, beach Sandals make it difficult to balance and increase the risk of power fall us apart from this, experts point out that cannot be any kind of physical activity on teniendolas, can not even mowing the lawn. The ordinary would be injury between the two first toes, where touches strip sandal, said Podiatrist Angel Oliva. The specialist points out that they are very comfortable for when one goes to laplaya or to make purchases on the block, but not to walk more than 20 meters. To walk, what’s optimal is that foot is held by the heel.

Also, the use of these sandals are contraindicated for people who have flat feet or with lot of arch and, also, for those who suffer from diabetes and poor blood circulation. During a study of the Auburn University (USA), picked up by CNN, showed that people who have placed Beach sandals are taking shorter steps, force more ankle walking and more pain in the legs than those who use a normal shoe that best fits your foot. In its favour, scholars say that this type of footwear is very comfortable, frescoy the most recommended for showering in places where many people and when one goes wing pool, since they help us to avoid infecting us of infectious diseases such as fungi.

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