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Automotive: Sales Consultant Peter Schreiber & Partners Increased Manpower

Posted by Toni on 20th April and posted in Uncategorized

Automotive specialist of Luc Laeremans strengthens the management and sales consulting. The management and sales consultant Peter Schreiber & partner, Ilsfeld (near Heilbronn) is located on expansion course. Since April 2013, Luc Laeremans reinforced the Automotive Division of consultant specialising in investment and industrial goods industry and coach teams. The studied engineering (specialising in electro mechanics) was prior to joining consultant from 1989 until 2009 in several European countries for internationally active companies of the automotive industry working both for car manufacturers and their suppliers. In them, Luc Laeremans held various technical and leadership positions in the areas of process engineering, logistics, support, engineering, purchasing, project management, and sales. Since 2009, the native Belgians worked as a management consultant and coach and interim manager at a Turkish Automotive supplier. Luc Laeremans speaks Dutch, French and English languages other than german. In addition, is He is due to his professional biography in the automotive industry are very familiar with the international structures. In addition, he knows the (business) culture in various not only European countries from their own experience. The team of Peter Schreiber & partners advised Luc Laeremans automakers and their suppliers in the areas of internationalization and cost analysis and sales strategy and organization. In addition, he will train their employees. If necessary, Luc Laeremans is help companies as interim manager at converting their sales strategies and concepts to ensure that the necessary deeds on decisions. The necessary industry and sales experience according to company owner Peter Schreiber the management and sales consultant won with Luc Laeremans a competitor”, due to his many years of experience in the automotive sector in several countries, which has, to advise the management of companies in the internationalization of their strategies and to support”. In addition, he gives as an engineer and Man of practice”the necessary know-how with, to their (sales) employees immediately that fine-tuning the necessary acceptance to find and give them” to give the them for their day to day work still need. For more information interested on the Web page of the Division Automotive of management and sales consultant Peter Schreiber & partner, Ilsfeld (Tel.: 96-8;) E-Mail:; Internet:).

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