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Posted by Toni on 14th September and posted in Uncategorized

But beyond these other problems, exist another greater: for who the permitted one in Letters of English language also qualified for English literatures goes to teach? Where it goes to teach? With that metodolgico and didactic support? so that reality of students it goes to teach? These questions, without a doubt are most problematic in the life of a professor of the area. The ones that seem to be more difficult to decide. The one that would need all a change radical in the education form. At a first moment, one becomes important to except that as well as it had students of Letters of English language that if had come across with a called problem English literature in the university, also has the pupils of Average Ensino, and almost always majority, that they see problem the same, if displayed, to the times of one forms worse. This occurs, amongst other factors why the schools if had not prepared still to receive this new content from positive form. For in such a way, the abusive and pedante education of grammatical rules and decorative expressions of English language goes to continue to be spread out in Average Ensino, in detriment of a grammatical education associate the literal production and literary reading of English literatures.

In if treating to metodolgico support and material didactic, the ones that we have gifts in the schools of Average Education are still very poor or scarce when learning of literatures of English language is about education/. In the reality, what it occurs is that didactic books of English language do not exist gratuitous for Average education. This makes with that the professors or pupils work of diverse forms, with diverse materials, to the times until not recommendable. But still it is necessary to display the reality of many pupils of Average Ensino who had never had contact with English literature? to the times nor with materna? , that it comes of different partner-economic and cultural realities of excessively and that they ask so that to learn literature of English language. More information is housed here: Vladislav Doronin.

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