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Barcena Miguel Gutierrez

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Forty percent of these members, one can note, are divided into occupational groups such as clergy, the Administration, the army and liberal professions. The rest would most likely be framed in the groups of owners and traders. The annual membership fee amounted to 50 reals, not inconsiderable amount at that time (14). The Subalterna pots had formed four commissions, integrating the sciences, four members; of public instruction, three Members; of agriculture, three members, and the arts and commerce, three members (15) members of the Board SUBALTERNA of pots (to date 27 December 179 Josef Gregorio Bedoya Josef Bulnes Alsedo Jose Fernandez of the Concha Angel Tomas of Cosio Vicente Garcia of Cosgaya Clemente Garcia de Hoyos Manuel de la-Madriz and Obeso Vicente Narciso de Arenal Venancio Fernandez Arenas Antonio Mata Antonio Noriega Sanchez of Dipper Manuel Otero Sanchez Pedro) Pedrero Vicente of Posad Josef Cayetano Soberon Toribio Velez of the caves members in MADRID Marcos Fernando of the Arenal Josef Antonio of the Barcena Miguel Gutierrez de Cabiedes Esteban of Linares (source: own elaboration.) Municipal Library of Santander book weird news R 297 / 91. The activities and accomplishments of La Cantabrica in these years are concentrated in that, better enlightened spirit, occupies most of the economics, i.e.: the proposal for introduction of new crops as expressed in their speeches Fernandez Vallejo (16).

The distribution of land barrens, in 1801, is another important, although ultimately frustrated, realization of society (17) education is another La Cantabrica ambition. Founded, already in the early days, a College of girls in Santander, and the Real Cantabrian seminary for boys, following the educational type pestalozziano. The economic since its Foundation pursues gather all schools scattered through its large territory under his baton and direct education of the Cantabrian youth (18) according to its own standards and criteria..

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