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Posted by Toni on 25th September and posted in Uncategorized

To know history Simn Rodriguez is to speak of the great Liberator of America Simon Bolivar, since the expositions restored in 5 Bolivarianas Republics were based on the lessons distributed by this huge philosopher and Venezuelan educator that recognizes it to history for being the main mentor of Bolivar. But history not only remembers to Simn Rodriguez, educator of free men if not like Simn Rodriguez, training of free men. In their theories nowadays are very well structured expositions and concepts very clear and on as an ideal system would be due to have restored to distribute an education of quality all over all the continent. Simn Rodriguez, training offers bases to us to guide the education clear conceptions of quality: 1. Education to train people and authentic citizens. 2. Education that teaches to learn 3. Education that teaches to work and to value the work and to the worker.

4. to form and to educate to form person and authentic citizens, with an education in the values of the coexistence. They can notice that within taoras offered by this huge Venezuelan educator, Simn educating Rodriguez, theories exist that have today not been implanted in many of the Latin American educative systems. These concepts, theories and expositions can be found in the literary legacy left by this great figures of the Venezuelan knowledge between these works honor the Liberator of the Noon of America and his comrades-in-arms, defended by a friend of the social cause; The ground and its inhabitants; Brief extract on the republican education; Advice of friend given to the School of Latacunga and Crtica of the providencias of the government.

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