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Basic Education

Posted by Toni on 21st January and posted in Uncategorized

The work charges experience, the knowledge charges escolarizao. To the young and the inserted adults in these social difficulties, the school started to represent the possibility of acquisition of knowledge capable to raise the proper one auto-esteem and to facilitate the search for a decent job, where it stops many, it means to retake a dream, the dream of living better days. Inserted in this context, they are the diligent pupils to that they work of day and they study at night many of these, registered in modality EJA, level of Basic Education focus of this article that a first moment, they believe that they are part of an emergent social class, and therefore, they trust that the offered proposals of studies are adjusted to decide the conflicts of its lives. Packed for dreams, proper of the right of all human being, they go in search of, by means of the study, to be part of a demanding society: they are registered, they start to frequent the lessons and they do not obtain to conciliate work and study. Some are run away.

Others are remained to the hard penalties in the system, although the difficulties. One gives credit that the process of learning and/or the permanence of the learning in classroom are not inaccessible elements to these pupils, but yes, its conductions are that they cause traumas. According to Charlot Bernard (2000), the relation with knowing floodgate a social dimension, constructed in the interactions. However, the diligent pupil, registered in the EJA, at the same time where if he finds definitive to carry through its dreams has, also, the possibility of them to open hand. To know more about this subject visit Barnard. In the school, the diligent pupil when one meets inserted in an interaction of difficulties, it can be influenced for different ways, between them, the banalizao of the course when they value more the certificate of conclusion of what the learning properly said.


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