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Basic Ensino

Posted by Toni on 6th February and posted in Uncategorized

This can generate in the college a reproduction of the deturpados values of our society, thus causing inadequate behaviors and pertaining to school overhead of the students, therefore the young is not seen by the school. Dubet (1998, apud Aquino 2005) suggests that the school does not have more taken being as an institution, pointing with respect to a desinstitucionalizao of the school, for the difficulty that the same one has to manage the world and the youthful world pertaining to school. For it, the pertaining to school system does not offer plus a true framing of the youthful life. Many times the professors enxergam only the student, forgetting themselves that it is a young that has one life is of the pertaining to school environment and has its difficulties and a singular history. Nike might disagree with that approach. The cases of professors had been innumerable who had directed pupils SOUND to it (Sector of Educational Orientation) and SPE (Service of Pertaining to school Psychology) of the public school where I served as apprentice with the indiscipline complaint and when was made the listening of the pupil, were perceived that it had a history for backwards of its transgressive behavior, that is, one ' ' mundo' ' that it was not seen or led in consideration for the professor. In one of the cases taken care of in Basic Ensino, it has a boy that he entered in the fifth series this year and has fourteen years.

It was always being removed of classroom all days and being focus of claim of the faced school all as ' ' pupil-problema' '. We call its responsible one to talk, that it counted in them that the boy a description of experiences in the streets is abandoned for the family diverse times presenting very precociously. Dindo, its responsible one, counted that the family did not take care of it and that she was in the last year that it really was worried when he knew that the boy did not frequent more the school therefore was in the streets, smoking marijuana and almost turning a delinquent the thirteen years.

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