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Posted by Toni on 17th May and posted in Uncategorized

Therefore, the professionals of physical education have that to mount strategies to stimulate these capacities, where they come to tona making with that the person if identifies and interacts with the way. Following this thought, SANTARM (1997, P. 08) tells that: ' ' aging is part of a process that has beginning in the conception and is influenced in such a way by the style of life how much for the factors genticos' '. SON (1997, P. 32), says that: With the aging physiological alterations occur, such as: reduction of the muscular force; reduction of the ssea and muscular mass, bigger index of fatigue; lesser time, reduction of the cerebral sanguine flow; reduction of flexibility and agility; reduction of mobility to articulate and the balance and the motor coordination. With all these alterations the aged people finish for if moving away from the society for distrust and preconception. Ahead of all these changes that occur in the organism of a person of third age, practical the regular one of any physical activity is what it really goes to brighten up or to delay these degenerations.

With this, the benefits with the practical one of the Karat are many, mainly for the Best Age, where the balance and flexibility represent quality of life and more security diminishing the possibility of falls and breakings. Nakayama (1979) collaborates saying that: one karateka through the practical ones dominates all the movements of the body, as flexes, jumps, learning to put into motion the members and the body for front and stops backwards, up and down, in a free way and uniform. In such a way the Karat works varied physical valences that the aged ones need for its daily life developing the following aspects: concentration, rapidity of reasoning, elasticity, motor coordination and muscular reinforcement, becoming the aged ones more active, perspicacious, strong and resistant in the daily activities.

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