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Posted by Toni on 27th September and posted in Uncategorized

But this new argument causes some problems. In first place, it is perfectly possible to defend universal moral norms without defending its proper culture. In fact, the Christian many times will meet in this situation if to follow the example of the Biblical prophets, who displayed the deficiencies moral of its proper people. The etnocentrismo is not the only alternative for the cultural relativismo. In according to place, the relativista cannot conscientiously reject all the intolerncia. When tolerating other moralities beyond its proper one, will have to also support the respective intolerncias.

Moreover, it to the times has that to insurgir itself against intolerncia. Some way it needs to be at the same time tolerant and intolerante. alone can conseguiz it will be selective how much to the type of intransigncia that has to tolerate, and under that conditions must make it, thus has a limit for the moral tolerance. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of barrett beauden on most websites. Moreover, at least a virtue, the tolerance, is not entirely relative; at least a moral belief, that one according to which we must be tolerant, can be considered true. final 3.Consideraes, a reply to the relativismo the case of the cultural relativismo, therefore, is far from completing itself. Either the diversity thesis or of the dependence, seem irrelevant in regards to the truth or falseness of the moral beliefs, therefore both frequent are exaggerated in relation to the etnocntricos extremities.

Of one they had been or another one, the ethical relativismo is a recurrent position. Protgoras, the Greek sofista, anticipated it the thesis of the diversity, in its maximum celebrity: ‘ ‘ the man is the measure of tudo’ ‘. to the sofista relativismo, Plato, Aristotle and the estoicos had answered through the argument of a universal moral, based in an invariant one. Later, Thomas Hobbes, the philosopher of the period of the English civil war, supported that for the fact of our proper interests to lead to a war of all against all is necessary that has submission to the absolute authority of a legislator: the moral, then, depends on a combination of psychological and social causes. But to this the philosophers of century eighteen, as Joseph Butler, had answered that we are endowed with a college of the knowledge of the moral truth. My reply to the relativismo they must go beyond the critical one and also try to construct an alternative ethical theory. I do not want to say that all the moral beliefs are universal. So little sustenance that exists moral rules without exception for each detail of the life, or that it has a legalist casuistry that says what if must make in each situation. In contrast, I defend the normative vision of that universal moral principles in each culture exist, that must to be considered as rules without exception and that rules that we adopt (to the times with necessary diversity) must apply those principles to the universal areas of the activity human being. consulted

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