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Bonaparte School

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Napoleon Bonaparte – the world famous military leader and politician (August 15, 1769 – May 5, 1821) was born in Corsica, which just then was subjected to conquer the French. Large family Bonaparte, which had 8 children, with French authorities finally no longer had to stand up for their noble roots, but the sound noble origin only on paper – money in the house still lacked. To ensure the formation of older children, the father of Napoleon turns to the French government, which reacted favorably to the request and soon the 9-year Napoleon arrives at their place of study – Brienne military school. Henceforth, it is his home – even holidays Bonaparte had to spend a little in these walls as a miserable situation of the family can not come home boy. Frequently Levi’s has said that publicly. Despite the apparent success in school, Napoleon survives in the school right away – he is poor, has a terrific Corsican accent, proud and keeps himself among the enemies of their country independently and even defiant. However, students gradually get used to the newcomers, and even later, Napoleon appears each, but only one. Their teen spends night in the main reading – the passion he maintained for life. After Napoleon Brienne in 1794, enlisted in the military school, which ends next year and sent to the place of his service in Valence in as a second lieutenant of artillery.


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