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Boule Athenian

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Timocracy meant the division of the population into four classes according to the medimnoi produced by one person. For more clarity and thought, follow up with The Journal of Educational Research and gain more knowledge.. Wealth determined the political participation because only the Pentakosiomedimnoi and perhaps the Zeugitai could opt to arcontado (Executive high courts). Therefore, participation in the Areopagus was limited to them. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc. Only the three upper classes could participate in the army, to be able to afford necessary weapons. The Hippeis (Knights) could also afford a horse. The Areopagus or aristocratic Council, the Council of the King had been in monarchical era.

In monarchical era was called Boule, but changed its name when Solon created the new Boule. In the time of Solon was maintained as a prestigious Board that oversaw the Government of the city, the work of the judges, opined about the Government and acted as a court for serious crimes and blood. I could not decide, but the Ecclesia was trying to have his favor. It was composed of life form by aristocrats, powerful families and by the exarcontes as interesting facts about this Greek, refers to the next; Disputabanse with weapons the Athenians and megarians the island of Salamis, his homeland, until having been already spilled much blood, began to be a capital crime in Athens propose the acquisition of Salamis by force of arms. Solon, feigning madman suddenly went out crowned the Plaza where, reading through a Crier to the Athenians some Elegies that had composed on Salamis, touched them so they renewed the war against the megarians and beat them, by this subtlety of Solon. These are the verses that mainly induced the Athenians: first of Athenian, would be like Islander folegandrio or sicinita.Even for them the homeland permutara, since it has to be said among men: This is an Athenian of the many who abandoned Salamis to leave. And then: Let’s fight for Salamis, rich, beautiful island, along great smear afflicting our honor adds us, which also induced the Athenians to take the Chersonese Chersonesos. That does not seem that the Athenians Salamis they had taken only by force and not by right, different tombs opened and he did see that the corpses were buried facing East, that was rite of the Athenians in burying their dead.


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