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Brazilian Philosophy

Posted by Toni on 4th December and posted in Uncategorized

Not they stop nor to analyze if really that is good or not. How to say in pensantes minds ahead of an accepted youth that the lack of escrpulos of the politicians? To be more explicit I have that to cite the military period. During the terrible and massacrantes times of military dictatorship he was seen artists constantly, militant politicians and in general, to be deceased, tortured or having that to be exiled. Although all this risk, still thus we saw the people, and, over all the young, to go the streets and to fight for its rights. Now, in full century XI, and without all this pressure and fear, and even with certain freedom, where we would have to be the streets and not to accept everything that impose in them, we are been silent and other people’s to everything.

Will be this a consequence of the many years where the philosophy was extinguished of our pertaining to school life? Or it will be also a consequence of this false democracy where we live? When I say false democracy, I say false because nor all it has the same chances. Journal of Research in Science Teaching might disagree with that approach. not to run away from the subject, I can say that nor all it has the chance to study the pure philosophy, that one that wakes up in them for the world and it makes in them to reflect. The Brazilian elite, in turn, always had this privilege, that for the moment is placed in the Brazilian basic education simply for a mere obligation and not with the same intention where it is placed for the supplied individuals more. To finish I have that to say, she is not only enough to study philosophy, or to only place it as part of the basic resume. The philosophy is much more what this, it needs to have a liberating and explicit function. It needs to serve pair that the man pass to think and to reflect. Now, she is enough we professors, as much of philosophy, how much of geography, history or any that are to face the philosophy as important and basic for the process of intellectual growth and of emancipation of the man.

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