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Posted by Toni on 10th December and posted in Uncategorized

For education in England do not need much. Need only money and language skills at a good level. Both will test you for a visa. England is open to all who wish to study. British private schools are identified the recommended age of entry to school hostels.

Considered desirable student intake at the age of 16 years. In the so-called "sixth grade" that has guided training. At this stage of obtaining Education in England are being trained in two training courses: ib and A – level. Curriculum A-level – a classical course of British school children. Selection of subjects is limited to 3.5 specialized subjects, which required for admission to the selected university.

Relatively new form of course – ib. List of taught subjects are greatly expanded. Having the certificates of completion of these courses, certificates of successful exams passed you get to entry to all universities in England. A distinctive feature of education in England is the British is that the students and their parents sometimes choose not particular specialty, and the school. Fame, importance and prestige of the institution in the foreground. Universities advance hang out lists of items, which are credited to a particular specialty in their school. To get into the prestigious university of your final exams (certifications) shall be deposited mostly in the evaluation of A + (excellent). Only in this case you can afford to provide a chance for admission. To get education in universities such as Oxford and Cambridge will need to pass an additional interview, which will test your creative and logical thinking. On the subject of creative specialties (like Russia) will require the presentation of creative works (paintings, films, programs, etc.). Educated in England not to waste on empty their knowledge and skills – safely go into battle: triple the work! If the visa allows, try luck in England. If not, feel free to implement his ideas at home.


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