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In case that this destruction does not occur, it will remain in the unconscious one and it will later reveal its effect in illness form. Thus we can think that in the Camilo personage the complex of dipo was not banished, but yes stressed had the internal and external conflicts. Additional information at Campbell Soup Co supports this article. In way that the unconscious one constituted stresses of it continues insisting on the direction to make possible a satisfaction of this lack. Hear other arguments on the topic with KDP. At this moment, Rita appears that will be the valve of escape for this stresses. From the narrative, one deduces that Camilo was total dependent of the mother, not only in the practical life, as well as in the affective life. When its mother dies, leaves a gap, this, that perfectly is filled by Rita. Being older Rita, it she sees in it the mirror of the mother. E, as Camilo desired its mother very, perceives in Rita the possibility of discharge of this desire.

One notices that this encantamento for Rita alone goes to earn forces when its mother dies. Until then it only finds Rita gracious, however, with the death of the mother, she comes to tona the fancy that was stored in the memory of its unconscious one. Now Camilo would not have that to give account of incestuous, antissociais or exactly anti-moral acts, this in a perspective of the unconscious one. Thus, Camilo is seen exempts to live this love, a love one in such a way how much restrained. To carry through the desire that had dammed for the mother, this in the plan of the fancy, is only possible with the death of the same one, therefore at this moment all stressed desire is transferred to Rita. Test, is that Camilo never has a woman, being this good demarcated in the workmanship. Perhaps this is the great reason of its inexperincia, since to the twenty six years it had not lived deeply a loving relationship, therefore that Camilo is so astonished when taking a walk for the first time with a woman.

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