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Posted by Toni on 6th November and posted in Uncategorized

How many application errors may allow applicants in their documents? Survey for HR application error. How many can afford applicants? The recruitment specialist for the academics and its premium online partner career Bible, most successful German-language blog dealing with careers, ask today together in an online survey managers when it is too colorful for application errors. The background: Unemployment in Germany will rise and with it the number of applications. For HR, this means: you are confronted with a significantly increased number of applications. This flood of application they can resist getting worse.

The result: Even the smallest mistakes can spell the end for candidates. In the survey, alma mater and career Bible by recruiters want to know when their tolerance limit is reached: how many (and which) error is one too much? The survey can be found at The anonymous online survey form contains 4 questions. The answer takes 2 Minutes. The results are published by alma mater and career Bible end of January 2010.

About alma mater alma mater is the recruitment and careers advice for academics. the career Bible career Bible is the most successful career blog in German-speaking countries..

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