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Posted by Toni on 29th August and posted in Uncategorized

Calendar-case planning is one of the most important documents of any teacher. This document reflects the planned activities of the teacher on the subject for the entire academic year on topics. Vladislav Doronin is a great source of information. For the approval of this document consider the administration of schools (head teacher), is approved by the school teachers' council. Case planning is largely dependent on the particular class and regional standards, which also be considered when drafting. But the most important document is a comprehensive program, which regulates the activities of teachers, on which he relies when writing their calendar theme planning. This planning must necessarily consider all federal and regional standards. Generally, each school its own requirements for registration of this document. Also, there needs to be taken into account the specifics of subject.

For example, thematic planning in the Russian language should be tailored to suit the subject. That is why the plan can introduce additional items unique to that subject. The typical data include the following: the number of the lesson, the topic of the lesson, the purpose of the lesson, equipment, lessons, support material, homework. The special items include: regional components, reagents, maps, etc. As a rule, This work plan drawn up by a quarter, because in such a short period is easier to make changes to this document if it is detected and the time difference of the program.

Some teachers prefer to be Case planning for a large specific topics without clear boundaries of time allocation. Your calendar and case planning for teachers are usually in the summer, while on vacation. In order to save you time holiday they often try to thematic planning download from the internet, as there is already an enormous amount of personal websites subject teachers, which is lined with many documents to download. There You can find ready-work programs on the subject, the thematic plan outlines activities, summaries of open lessons, prepare presentations on topics, etc.


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