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Cash Number

Posted by Toni on 27th January and posted in Uncategorized

After about sex money – following a difficult topic to discuss with their children. Sometimes it is difficult to explain the financial side of life that we, the adults, it seems quite clear. I suggest you answer the most difficult questions that children ask about money. How much money did you earn? No matter what is the amount a child with a student it may seem overwhelming. Therefore a specific figure is not necessary. Kids love to gossip and can therefore chance to give your "secret." Answer evasively, I make more than a (your friends, neighbors, etc.), and less than others (also can provide examples).

We are poor? If the family is in financial difficulties for child, this often means one thing – he and his parents in the lurch. Babe takes possession of worry and anxiety. Explain that your financial situation is not so critical, but you should be thrifty in order to not only have time to pay current expenses, but also make savings. Film director recognizes the significance of this. We are rich? In response, ask another question: "Why do you think so?". Depending on the response of the child build the conversation further. You can also say that you have enough money to buy everything you need and still save some money. If it's my money, why can not I spend it the way I want? Explain that by law he can put money in just a few years, and to do this successfully, it should learn. Until then, you are responsible for him and for his financial relationships. Therefore, you should be aware of all cash gifts (such as from grandparents), and small earnings, even small loans. Explain that life is often necessary to set aside a small amount every day, so after a while to buy something large and you want him to do the same.

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