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Posted by Toni on 25th June and posted in Uncategorized

Already say the pedagogues, the best way of learning is fun. Do and what more fun way to learn English can exist that the make a summer camp in one of the most beautiful regions of Spain as the Pyrenees? The secret lies in making the stay entertaining at every moment, with a multitude of activities that children, with their endless energy, worship. It is not only taking English classes, but also for multi activity adventure, workshops, sports and excursions in a comprehensive program that envisages the development of the young man both physically and mentally. Is full advantage of the summer break looking an alternative for what his son pull out? There is no doubt that this type of camp is an ideal. The National Park of Aiguestortes and Lake of Saint Maurice is located very near the hotel where the children will stay. It’s an enormous extension of more than 14,000 hectares which seeks to preserve the ecosystem of the enchanted, two peaks of more than 3000 m height. In the park there are several glacial lakes, among which stands the San Mauricio Lake, located at almost 2000 m in height. The geography of high mountains of this national park makes it the ideal place for the practice of extreme sports, like rafting or trekking, which will not be absent from the calendar of activities that children and adolescents be carried out. Camaraderie will be the order of the day, since during the program will be carried out two large festivals and evenings will be leisure activities and evenings that will allow kids to interact among themselves, meet new people and make friends.

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