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Posted by Toni on 6th December and posted in Uncategorized

As a child I had created their own alphabet with symbols replacing all letters and deleting consonants Ba a , a OECA , a Ha Ja , a Ya it served me to write my diary in secret in front of everyone, until my teacher realized so that a total ban me and little by little against my will I was learning the alphabet a Today I have two books: Look children, in colleges require certain requirements such as this education program is aimed at certain people and it must meet certain requirements such as, original birth certificate, certified copy of identity document, certified copy of the completed studies, photographs, and in some cases be a member of such an institution to achieve certain discounts and privileges, these studies have their final college for classes at set times, deliver diplomas, certificates, there are even some universities very close, if the last cycle of study only one subject disapprove certificate expelled him without giving proof of their studies. Does the student expelled for a diploma shall be relieved of the scientific knowledge learned from the subjects passed? The papers are signed with the label side of the fingers and the brain grows with the senses of knowledge. . . Hear other arguments on the topic with how much does ron daniels make.

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