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Chinese Medicinal Plants

Posted by Toni on 28th February and posted in Uncategorized

In India and China, the use of plants as part of the medicine for at least 2000 years. In Brazil we have a reasonable knowledge of how to use these plants, most users use the herbs in a wrong or ineffective, fashion is still a way to find medicinal plants, however ephemeral. The materials in scientific journals do not make use of medicinal plants in some cases, even dangerous, but the television reports follow a format to be used by magazines such as consulting experts in the area. The local and state where most people acquire herbs is another problem that can even become a health threat, many herbs are sold on the street or exposed to the fairs and outdoor markets of the street, where correct these plants are packaged and sold to benefit accordingly. I had the opportunity to see plants and sun-dried and packaged to be sold on the streets.

These plants have no active ingredient, and may be contaminated by microorganisms. Another problem of lack of knowledge about the use of herbal medicines and the dosage and use, as depending on the plant can be effective or not, and if the dose is low can not have the desired effect if high can poisoning Lead and adverse effects. I knew a case where the person bought from vendors using herbs for weight loss, took a one-liter bottle with the three types of herbs in a day, which was about 10 times the recommended dose, the result was probably a change hormone that caused the opposite effect and the effect was weight gain, more than triple what they had before in a short time. It is still very common the following recipes from relatives or neighbors, without the knowledge of herbs, but this is another serious risk that health can even increase as in the case of using fruit juice to the star probably indicated by chronic renal media, this juice worsening situation of these patients because it is rich in potassium, which is not filtered by the kidneys and becomes toxic to the body. Knowledge through popular names of plants can create doubts and misunderstandings in their use, as the case of spine and there are several species that are sold under this name, some of them with a proven effect of the plant extract. Education for medicinal plants should be encouraged in society, as it is and will always be used by people in search of healing and improve quality of life.

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