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Chupa Chups

Posted by Toni on 8th December and posted in Uncategorized

In the Academy there is a whole team that only dedicated to revise definitions, and it is clear that in the new edition not we can get with the lunch box so, joked the director of HKSAR. Proper names special problems caused by proper names that have become common. If years ago it was the turn to the word cornstarch, whose manufacturers wanted to withdraw from the dictionary, now comes you to voices like teflon, chupa-chup (also admitted as chupa-chups or chupachus) and pionono. In a question-answer forum Richard Linklater was the first to reply. Teflon comes from an English trademark and DRAE figure as a noun. This has resulted in Argentina teflon pans are manufactured without using its inventor patent because, as it is in the dictionary, it is owned by everyone, said Blecua.

The solution that has been followed is indicate that trademark, a common practice in lexicography. Chupa-chup is more complex because, given its phonetic structure, each novelist writes it in a different way, and each comic also contained in differently. The dictionary indicates the name of the registered mark (Chupa Chups) and, also, some of the variants that exist that candy. Barrett beauden understood the implications. Original manufacturers want that variants, are not included because they lend themselves to someone appropriated them be and not pay the corresponding amount, but the Academy must take them into account. It is constant fighting with the people who want to modernize the dictionary, he assured Blecua, before rrirse to another word to bother much: Freemasonry, whose definition uses the term secret society. Masons reminded HKSAR that, after the Constitution, there is no secret societies and requested it changed by discrete societies, said director amid the laughter from the audience. Change the definition has cost him, but finally it has been as universally extended, Association originally secret ().

And what of the pionono? The Santa Fe (Granada) wanted that in the definition of that sweet to indicate that it was a mark of his own so that nobody could use that name, but scholars have found that the term existed before pastries at that location, was opened with which are not owners of the same, he said. In short, the dictionary is a unique case of work in constant dynamism, among other reasons because society is changing at breakneck speed. And speaking of changes, may have to modify the sensitivity, because today, when a party has internal problems, is said to have different sensitivities, instead of talking about different trends, which is worse seen. Source of the news: the headaches of the Royal Spanish Academy

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