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Cinergetic Sport

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For the lovers of the cinegetic sport, the environs of Poplars are prodigal in diverse classes of pieces of hunting like deer white tail, wild boar, dove, quail, ducks and less abundant others. The fishing can be practiced in the Cuchujaqui stream or the prey of the Moczari, on the way to Navojoa, where it is possible to capture lobina, catfish and mojarra. Poplars it counts on all the services: banks, powerboat, pharmacies, hielera, excellent hotels and restaurants, where the sensation is lived to be very far from century XX. Old and prepared for the needs of an increasing tourism. There are also motels, where the lack of ” estrellas” that they announce his category, is replaced with the human treatment and the proverbial courtesy of the sonorenses. All the necessary one to turn to this city of long ago into a forced destiny of visit. History the population of Poplars began to form in the last third of century XVII, as a result of the discovery of minerals of silver of Promontories, the Customs, the Goats, the Quintera and others of smaller importance.

The City of Poplars was founded the 8 of December of 1682, by merit of Domingo Tern of the Rivers. From his foundation it showed an evident prosperity constituting itself in just a short time, like the most important city of the northwest, as much by his population as by his economic, political, social and cultural development of the time. it called to him originally Real of the Clean Conception of Los Alamos and also Real of the Friars. The importance of its mines determined the establishment of an assay house that formed shortly after 1690, Don Juan Rescuing. During long years Gobernador of the province of Sinaloa was seat of a general lieutenant, in 1769 also settled an office superior of Property. Poplars had their first city council in 1814.

To the passage of time one became the most important city of the United Provinces of the West, reason why the 24 of November of 1827 were declared State Capital of the West. It was therefore first that obtained this rank legally, by Decree of the 19 of January of 1828 sent by the Legislature of the State of the West; having lasted until March of 1831 in that the separation of the Sinaloa and Sonora states was verified. The region of Poplars, that belonged until then to the province of Sinaloa, was annexed to the state of Sonant to express request of its city council and its neighbors. Due to its geographic position and to his economic and social importance, Poplars was scene of diverse military events, related to the defense of the national sovereignty towards 1865 and to the Mexican Revolution at the beginning of Century XX. During century XIX it was party head. In 1865, by decree of Archduke Maximiliano of Austria, the Imperial department of Poplars was created. Towards aims of century XIX district head was, including/understanding the New municipalities of Poplars, Mines, Customs, Macoyahui, Conicarit, Camoa, Navojoa, Promontories, Batacosa, Quiriego, Baroyeca, Tepahui, Rosary, Nuri, Movas and Ro Chico. Many of these municipalities have been suppressed and the first five comprise of the present jurisdiction of the Municipality of Poplars.


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