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Clarified Despot

Posted by Toni on 23rd August and posted in Uncategorized

In the Memorial of the Convent of Jose saramago exists diverse and vast personages who form two opposing groups: The aristocracy and the high clergy represent the group of the power, while the people and the oppressed ones represent the group of the against-power. The first ones are lined by the falseness, ridicule, ostentation and indifference for the human suffering or cruelty badly disfarada of religiosidade. Second they are the heroes forgotten for official History, who gain relief and revolt through the fiction of the romance. it underneath appears the bishop of the rich pallium, and later the images in the andores, the regimen interminveld and priests, confrarias and brotherhoods, all to be thought about the salvation of the soul, some vain of whom they had not lost, other doubtful Lisbon smell badly, smell the podrido, the incense of the one felt the fetidez, the evil are of the bodies, that the soul this is perfumed. (SARAMAGO, 1997, P.

28) In the stretch it is perceived used irony to represent one critical to one of the groups that if found in the power, that is, the high clergy being the focus of critical of saramago. A constructed fictitious vision of the constructed historical facts from a particular vision. To represent as the Saramago group a war soldier creates Baltasar, was ordered even so of the army for already not having usefulness in it, after cutting the left hand to it for the knot of the pulse, estraalhada for a bullet. (SARAMAGO 1997, P. 34) the effective king of Portugal, that lives only of staged formalities, without any espontaneidade or emotion. It represents the absolutism and the consequent repression in the needy people. Thus faceta of Clarified Despot is disclosed when this, when desiring to be remembered by a workmanship magnificente as King-Sun, orders to construct to an enormous palace and a convent of Mafra for franciscanos, with the excuse to fulfill the promise that made to the clergy – influence that it justifies and ' ' santifica' ' its power – to guarantee the succession to the throne.

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