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In the hall together parents and guests. Q: I thank you sincerely that you come to this meeting, because our kids are also waiting. They are under the door – right there. Meet clap them loudly, 'Cause holiday but will only begin! Preschoolers the music run into the hall, parents and guests of pop. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out FireEye. Children sweat New Year's song, sit on the seats.

1 child: Christmas tree, look I have, and toys here are countless. Just do not have lights, fireflies New Year! 2 child: This should Santa Claus Poabotitsya seriously: lights turn on in the woods and have a Christmas tree on his nose! Three children: So let's call in unison: "Santa Claus, come again!" I'll tell you: "One, two, three, Grandpa, come!" All the choir is called Santa Claus. Santa Claus come to the hall, sing a greeting song. In the hall comes to Tiger. Tiger: Accept the terms of her and me, I want to play here, my friends, I want to dance and sing I want And I'll teach you everything! Q: And our kids all know how, We'll join the circle now, soon, and you Tiger, do not miss, And with us side by side, get up! All dance Novogony dance. Tiger: Kids, you – all the fun, I now know how to dance! And you brought the game, played with us, Santa Claus! Tiger divides children into two teams. Each team given set with carved images, nak Authorit izobrazhny: Tiger, Tree, Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, a bag with gifts, etc.

Each team will be expanded or Save Image As in the sequence and the resulting tale to tell. In this game no losers – all the winners! Host: Sit down, guests, lovely, beautiful herringbone Under. Listen stishochki, sitting here on penechkah! Children take turns out to the tree to tell learned poetry. Santa Claus: I am all of these preschoolers Very pleased, believe me, kids! And snow brought here, will let Unas game! Kids, Santa Claus, Snow White and Tiger Cub playing snowballs to the music. Q: Have played? Relax, you sit back a little, sing a song for all of us – This Christmas hour! Kids singing Christmas Songs. Snow Maiden: Presents a wonderful tired of waiting for their turn. We gave them a song, Under the New Year holiday! Santa Claus giving presents to congratulate all those present a Happy New Year 2010, Year Tiger. Tiger: I walk into the New Year, I will lead you all to forward to me now it's time to hurry up, I'm glad I was with you friends! Tiger goes out the music hall. Q: The holiday will prodozhatsya, the group will help themselves. But you dance surprise Dance to their mischievous! Kids New Year's polka tantseyut pairs, then all left the hall. Celebration continues in group: food, greetings, photography.

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