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College Life

Posted by Toni on 20th September and posted in Uncategorized

I was born in a simple and poor family, all with financial difficulties. What to eat? What to drink? These were the questions that my mother made for same it. Difficult life mine, I was created in this environment of poverty, inside of a wooden barraco, place small very, but very bad to live. Rain, my God is raining, our barraco this flooding, the stream is going up, is a flood, where it has garbage and rats. Online education usually is spot on. My mother cries she loads while me in the col, my father, is same my father I does not know, knows that he is imprisoned, why I does not know, I only know what they had counted to me, it she stole to have money and thus to buy the things that we had. The hand was condemned by assault armed. Difficult life this, but I am growing, I have that to study, but the temptation is great, possibilities to gain money easy, I with only ten years and the tempting proposals of the delinquents of the slum quarter where I live.

I, I thought; he pulls my mother fighting, my father that I do not know, prisoner has ten years and I go to enter in this. Not, I said and it was not my first great beating there, I was strained in the soil, had called my mother, desperate it caught me for the arms and it took me for house, it took care of of me, it made dressings and it had all the cares of a super mother, did not make no question. The time passed, I had some problems with that to take wanted me to the missed way, clearly was not easy, always continued in the school and suffering pressures from day-by-day in the slum quarter where I live. I with thirteen years heard a phrase of my mother left who me very happy, I said me to it that we went to move from there, that we go even so today.


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