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Communicative Communication

Posted by Toni on 12th February and posted in Uncategorized

Communicative method of teaching foreign languages is now one of the most popular in the world. Many consider it the most advanced and most effective. Communicative method appeared in the 60's and 70's in Britain, when English gradually began to acquire the status of the language of international communication. It was then revealed that experienced and reliable for the time of traditional methods no longer satisfy the needs of most learners English foreigners. The main reason for this was a new enrollments – pragmatic, considering a foreign language, primarily as a means of communication. They need not be deep, systemic study language, which offers a traditional academic program, and can immediately apply their knowledge in practice. It was found that people who have studied the language for communication simply does not possess a modern conversational speech (about slang, and not talking), and even more so about the etiquette of speech does not have a clue.

In general, when the real communion they felt completely helpless. This was the main impetus for otbrakovyvaniya (seemingly) obsolete elements of learning that are not focused on the development of speech – communicative. In principle, not a whole communicative system methodology. Rather, it represents set of methods designed to teach effective communication in a language environment. Most of them are used in the classroom before. One of the key techniques it is an imitation of the real-life situations designed to encourage students to actively 'speaking'. It is very important to topical themes were related to the daily lives of students, challenges them to be engaged. Unlike classical methods, which are based of repetition and memorization in class, held on communicative methods, lesson progress depends on the learners themselves – their responses, reactions, etc.

Since communication is a meaningful way, the usefulness of the topic. Of course, most of the classes is spoken, although reading and writing are studied as well. Teachers, generally do not speak, and listen to and guide the lessons. The main question that arises in the communicative approach, whether you want to correct errors in speaking students and how to do it. Some people think that you need to pay attention only to the elementary mistakes, such as 'You is …', others prefer not to intervene at all, and others also say that teach all the same should be the correct language and not know what … themselves as students often require that teachers are still pointing to them in error: In fact, many then go to university, take the international exams, looking for work. Thus, although the communicative approach is truly a remarkable invention, its main drawback, oddly enough, the human factor. Unfortunately, many (some say even a majority) of teachers agreed that Grammar is not important at all. As a result, several teachers who were educated in Britain, but have no idea about the grammar. Therefore, in learning a foreign language is important to follow balance between communicative and traditional teaching methods.

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