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Composition Course

Posted by Toni on 17th June and posted in Uncategorized

Just need to remember that every object has the ability to reflect or absorb colors of nearby objects, which are two different color on the same subject matter background can look different. All these factors must be taken into account when drawing up the color composition is also important to remember that the whole picture in the final version should be subordinated to a common color. Of course, much depends on what the problem poses artist, what emotions, feelings and associations, he wants to provoke in the viewer. Sometimes you can build a job and on the opposite color, the contrast of tone relations, but we should not forget about the combination of colors shades. Spatial composition as related to the color scheme, since the removal of the saturation tone and color saturation of subjects becomes less pronounced. While in space, objects may be partially block each other, creating a shadow that just affects the change in color of items and in some cases may create the effect of 'dark spots'. In constructing the composition in still life the artist, of course, more opportunities than in the writing of the landscape, unless of course this is not a fictional landscape. Artist at will may make a statement of changes, adding or subtracting the required items can rearrange them, choose to color and shape.

The same goes for songs in the genre scenes and portraiture. The landscape is a complex task and at the same time easier. The complexity usually is.


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