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Contempoary Education

Posted by Toni on 13th August and posted in Uncategorized

In this direction, we search to evidence conceptions on the education in the present time, over all what it says respect to the mediaes between the State, society and the education, considering in such a way, that for the development of a nation an education of quality is demanded. Ahead of this, one used a bibliographical research and of field with article analysis, magazines, monographs and periodicals, as well as, a qualitative and quantitative boarding with two teachers of the city of Itaituba. It was perceived in the speeches of the teachers in analogy with the theoretical quarrels, a holistic vision concerning the Education in contemporaneidade, where is necessary to pass for still more consistent challenges to have an ideal of education or ideological chain, therefore what it is seen he is emaranharado of information by means of a society still without direction on what to teach? How to teach? Why to teach? that type of citizen is being formed for this society without a specific identity. Word-key: Education contemporary, School, teachers, formation. Abstract: The present work approaches the subject Education in contemporary perspective and it has objective presents adds questions and reflections about the educational practice, your problem and possibilities. Sense In that, we looked will be you evidence conceptions about the present teams specially, the education, above all you that concerns the mediations among the State, society and the education, considering this way, that will be the development of nation quality education is demanded. In the face of this, the bibliographical research was used and of field with analysis of articles, magazines, monographs and newspapers, well, qualitative and quantitative approach with two teachers of the municipal district of Itaituba.

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