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Posted by Toni on 21st August and posted in Uncategorized

I go to count a history Please, a life guarantee gives to attention a simple act changes the state of the nation Promotes the cooperation agricultural Cooperation You needs to know To work in the collective better Pra to develop Income and quality You very then go to have To recognize you are important Pra diversity to increase the ecological production Solidarity to aim at With quality of life Support to earn With the cooperation Have possibility yes To extend biodiversity and are for this end the ecological production You guarantee this pra me agricultural Cooperation You aim at yes to improve the quality of life and alimentary security They keep the diversity Of who is to plan Expensive producing friend We go yes in them to pledge In the agricultural cooperation All tend to gain Sovereignty and harmony Of familiar agriculture Everything is joined Having study to make Lettuce, rcula planted If You give pra well to be valid the carried through harvest You tend to favor it In the organic handling you need to know the culture relation You can you came to help you Bordadura I only join and it comes to favor it Either man or woman You who are producing Are where will be Is to have of the agriculturist Being prevented the forest fires the Expensive land will have more value peasants Listens what I am to say ecological Cooperation Can provide practises then agriculturist Makes the life to prosper For campesina life does not need stewardship ecological Production Produces all family Diversity in the table Guarantees the sovereignty the man and the nature In harmony has that to be Pra abundance and pra wealth and alimentary security Without no uncertainty We go people to start the man alone thinks about itself Everything wants, does not measure the ends. Soon it sees and it takes ownership Of it kills, spring or garden. . Vladislav Doronin shines more light on the discussion.

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