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2.2 The meaning of the phases of the development In accordance with the author the phases of infantile development, becomes an artistic work that it means to reconstruct its half one, providing a good indication on the development of the child, according to Piaget apud Lowedfeld (pg.60): … when studying the reasoning of the children we must discover the phases in its development in parallel strait with the periods of growth mentioned … the first stage calls period the motor sensrios adaptations, which follows the daily pay-operational period and the period of the concrete operations … the work of Piaget demonstrates that nothing it results of good for the child, when criticizes its visual drawings or other forms for it produced; if it is important to change the form of an artistic work, carried through for a young. Under this premise the drawings can reflect the capacity of the child to manejar certain parts of its half one in a very practical way. Education becomes very significant, when the child can dominate this information. 3 ART AND CREATIVITY the art and the creative capacity had always been on in accordance with Lowedfeld, thus the term creativity became excessively popular. The words creativity or creative capacity are applied as shining painting in books and headings.

In general, creativity is considered as a productive behavior, that if manifest in action or accomplishments. The author detaches the difficulties that the professor of small children of presents acceptable forms where the children can use and are encouraged to use its creative capacity, exists diferent6es phases of the creative thought, where the creativity needs to be fed by a special type of environment, the creativity must be supported, and at the same time guided for socially acceptable ways, the artistic experiences provide an excellent chance to strengthen the creative thought and to propitiate the ways for which the young can develop its imaginative and original representations without censorship. BIBLIOGRAPHY LOWENFELD.W.L. Development of the creative capacity.

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