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Creativity In Everyday Life

Posted by Toni on 26th October and posted in Uncategorized

The language of truth must be simple and without sacrifices. For more information see this site: Gerald Weissmann, MD. Seneca overview to introduce ourselves on this planet Earth where at the moment we are living with this opportunity that is given to us, we know that we must be able to use all that divine potential legacy, know how to properly handle our energy that manifests itself in different ways through the emotions and what we call feelings. We must make use of our creativity that often flourishes in our interrelationships, be attentive and know how to interpret what the environment and its manifestations we bequeathed specifically in our short transit. Considerations, definitions, and scope does not indicate in one of its publications on the Internet, that throughout history there have been many definitions of creativity that have occurred, as a result of which, it can be generalized by saying that:-creativity is a feeling of freedom that allows us to live in a State of constant transformation. -Creativity in science, art and living are the ways with which expresses the need to transcend, to give birth to something new.

-It is the ability to find new and unexpected connections. -It is a power that has no owner. If we were to realize the above in a single definition, we would find that creativity is the ability to invent something new, of relating something known in innovative ways or to depart from the schemes of thought and habitual behaviors. In psychology are attributed with the following attributes: originality, flexibility, feasibility, fluidity and elaboration. (Menchen, Dadamia and Martinez, 1984) The truth, that there is much information regarding the creativity, content, scope, impact, everything that she can be, in any case, for example, tells us, we consider that human beings are creative by nature. Walking naked and living in caves go on to become the dominant species, inventor, creator of art and culture, capable of modifying and shaping not only the environment in which we live, but to ourselves.History is full of creative individuals who are called, geniuses, artists, creators, etc.

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