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Being the educational formation optimum way for the decision taking. Read more from Kim Phillips-Fein to gain a more clear picture of the situation. RATIONAL MODEL IN the TAKING OF DECISION In a rational model in the administrative vision, the way is optimum half to be followed for a fast action in attainment of the results, we can add six periods of training in the decision taking, in a process more institutionalized to facilitate to the reach of the objectives according to New SNELL Administration Competitive Scene p 74. Figure the 3.2 periods of training of the decision taking. (Snell 2009) In the vision of Kotler and Keller (2006) in all the decision taking also exists a methodology so that if they can establish the ways so that if it arrives at the desired objective. This more it specifies in the vision of strategical marketing that is faccioso in a logical reasoning, in common to the way in the decision taking. That it follows to the reasoning of more complete Snell in this way, generating satisfaction glimpsing the desire object.

This taking of decision follows the following way, according to Kotler and Keller Administration of Marketing p 113:1. Scientific method the effective marketing research uses the principles of the scientific method: careful obsevao, formularization of hypothesis, prediction of tests. 2. Creativity In the best one of the hypotheses, the marketing research develops innovative ways to solve a problem: a manufacturer of clothes for adolescents gave camera of video to some youngsters and later she used ribbons for groups of focus, with partici- pantes enlisted in snack bars and the excessively local ones frequented by adolescen- tes. 3. Multiple methods Table the 4.3 seven characteristics of the marketing research. (Kotler 2006) Providing this search for the development in the organizations the administrators above cited see the decision taking as a way to get the success in the competitive nature of the individuals. Attracting bigger possibilities for any enterprise he gives certain, following steps or methods that do not compromise its vises integrating all institution with one alone objective.

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