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Retro presents series “Chairs” by Thomas Marutschke in graphical images of the famous designer and illustrator Thomas Marutschke The design determines the being – similar to one could describe the work that designed the Russelsheimer Thomas Marutschke. Born in 1961 in Germany, lives and works of the artist in Russelsheim, Germany. With a sound education to the graduate graphic designer with clear commitment to your own style, Thomas Marutschke has been working successfully as an Illustrator and designer designs for advertising and editorial, Web design, logos, signets and corporate design. Now, customers in terms of decor appreciate above all his pictures in the retro style as art objects for the wall.

The Illustrator and artist Thomas Marutschke started his own business 15 years ago with “Trashline – Studio for illustrative communication” and has since worked on independent, bold and modern designs. For more information see The Journal of Educational Research. Originally, the work of hand made color film were cut out. This resulted in a special graphic illustration technique, the He now uses to vector graphics directly to the computer. Customers from all areas can draw from an extensive, digital illustration archive for their projects. He designed over 40 different decors for Ritzenhoff AG. In addition, he illustrated numerous motives for renowned newspapers and magazines, including focus, time magazine, Suddeutsche Zeitung, and many others. He is active in the field of traditional advertising, he designed across all motifs of the Condor campaign over the years. For more specific information, check out how much does ron daniels make.

Corporations such as force, Philip Morris, Procter & gamble and DHL use his graphic style, suited especially for logo and Signet. In recent years, made Thomas Marutschke also free digital works on a variety of topics and also deals with books and publishing projects. He regularly presents its bold designs and graphics in various solo and group exhibitions in Hamburg, Mainz, and Berlin. provides its retro series “Chairs” and “Hearts” as a high-quality art prints art affine audience before. Specially shaped and concisely the distinctive line acts for all of his work. Only for its decorative series and free works like the “chairs”, which shows typical chairs of the 1970s, as well as his “Hearts” pictures he can be series and many other images, the reins of the graphics tablet a little looser and combined distinctive lines with soft details, grunge effects, smooth and round shapes and soft play of colors. Many of these new articles are represented at, a publishing house for high-quality art prints and canvas prints. Here, customers and art lovers can purchase the images by Thomas Marutschke in various formats for private or business premises.

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