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Deaf Children And Education

Posted by Toni on 9th February and posted in Uncategorized

It has as objective, to identify the main difficulties of the deaf pupils of the municipal net of education of Belm, specifically in what the possible problems in the learning of the deaf pupils are mentioned; to verify the vision of the professors of basic education in the inclusive education and of the deaf pupils and to detect the main barriers presented for the deaf pupils, in a teaching perspective, for the Inter-relationship with the other pupils. Being thus, one identified some problematic that they take the difficulty of learning of the deaf pupils, such as, problems of junction, separation, where the pupil does not segment the words correctly, oralizao, therefore fonema that it composes the said word is changedded into Sonorous letters and vice versa, and Deaf people and, in which fonema does not present vibration of the vocal folds, among others. Word-key: deafness, inclusive education, learning of the deaf people. ABSTRACT Approaches the situation of deaf students and to their difficulties in teaching learning, through survey conducted with teachers of the network of municipal public education of Bethlehem, whose methodology was through questionnaires with open questions and closed with sample of 18 teachers, from those that allowed the analysis of 40 students with deafness. Its goals, identify the main problems of deaf students of the municipal system of education of Bethlehem, which to refer specifically you the potential problems of deaf students in learning, check the vision of beginner’s all-purpose symbolic instruction code education teachers in also education and deaf students and detect the main barriers presented by deaf students, to teacher perspective, will be the Inter-relationships with to other students.

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