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Design And Execution Of Logic

Posted by Toni on 2nd February and posted in Uncategorized

What is it for – the ability to understand how the logic design and execution of logic? It is to be able to comprehensively and objectively evaluate a particular network resource. Well mastered the techniques, methods and techniques assessing the site, having mastered the hierarchy and the importance of evaluation criteria and, as a consequence, learning to impartially assess the quality of web projects, you will be able to come close to the transition in top category webmasters: you'll not only know exactly what you want (or wanted) to the customer resource, but more than that – will give a number of relevant and competent advice on improving the quality of existing Web project. 5. The principle of full-scale. Full-scale evaluation of the site is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. For an objective and comprehensive characteristics of the resource, should be evaluated by all without exceptions to the page (as is often the projects are collected from two, three or even more different sections). In addition, for a project already running web and having a certain "weight", it is desirable to carefully monitor at least 30% a leading reference.

6. Evaluate creative, but not the mercantile value. By assessing the site (an abstract and quite a stranger), in no case it should not be considered primarily as a platform for profit (income from web advertising, selling links, etc.). Keep in mind that the earnings on the Internet, as such, many of the major owners of network resources (eg, corporate websites) are not taken into account – It is simply ignored. The site, as such, is in itself a powerful tool to promote a particular product (goods, services, and so on), in which, in fact, is his main purpose. If you plan to using the estimated resource to organize their own money on the Internet, special attention when evaluating a site address on the urgency and relevance of its theme.

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