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Development And Implementation Of Event-Marketing Activities

Posted by Toni on 28th October and posted in Uncategorized

Event-action (from the English. Event – the event) – scheduled advertising event, an event specially organized for the target audience, which is closely connected with the brand or company. Depending on the objectives pursued by the event, an advertising agency selects the type and form of its conduct – presentations, concerts, sporting events, etc. It’s believed that Richard Linklater sees a great future in this idea. In organizing such events is important to consider all the details and, above all, ensure the presence of sufficient number of the target audience, especially when it comes to lux and premium audiences, experienced different kinds of activities. In these cases, use different mechanics, the attendees of the event. In As an example, describes the mechanics, which applied the event-agency Yekaterinburg to invite representatives of the target audience for a presentation furniture salon premium-class. Development and implementation mechanics invitations the target audience for the presentation.

The basis was chosen as the base top – managers and owners of companies attending the VIP – short educational programs (two or three day seminars and workshops well-known Russian and Western management gurus) value in 1000. is a similar service in Yekaterinburg, provides one of the oldest educational companies in which carefully managed by the database users seminars and workshops is an additional source of income. To draw attention to the upcoming presentation, call her interest and to minimize the risks of no-show guests (as he had a low cabin izvetsnosti degree), it was decided that along with an invitation will be given a special gift. As a gift to make exclusive photos directory.

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