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DIN Standard EN Walker

Posted by Toni on 11th September and posted in Uncategorized

The ‘ classic Walker wagon’ radio flyer is made of solid wood with the cult brand of Italian immigrants Antonio Pasin was carried out his childhood dream: children’s vehicles in the classic design and high functionality. Quickly, the vehicles of the company, founded in 1945 developed radio flyer to blockbusters. Through innovative and clever designs, radio flyer in record time won numerous awards for design and development. Radio Flyer is now the number one game vehicles in the United States. “The classic Walker wagon” is made of solid wood. The special feature of the corpus is that you can easily disassemble the wooden walls and they are durable, functional, and beautiful to see.

Of course the stability of the classic Walker wagon is especially important”: the broad design prevents tipping to light and is thus a safe companion for running beginners. The tires are absolutely smooth and low-noise design. The tread has a soft grip and the slide creates always a slight reaction, so that the little ones don’t can fall forward. The soft cushioned shock absorber to protect of the furniture and the practical (chrome) push bar mentioning in this context. The sturdy chrome handlebar completes the usefulness of this great learning trolley. “The classic Walker wagon” can withstand a maximum load of 19.7 kg and this vehicle is, of course, certified according to the DIN Standard EN71 and thus can withstand the high EU safety standards for children.

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