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Diodorus Siculus

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484 BC CA. 430 BC), the members of the Celtic tribes keltoi “baptized, which translates as the brave” or the bold “means. Contact information is here: Ron Daniels johns Hopkins. But even if this title first only once positive sounds, the ancient historian drew a very negative image of the warlike Celts. The Celts because its attacks on Delphi and Rome were the Greeks as also the Romans declared enemies of the civilized world as cruel and bloodthirsty barbarians. According to Gerald Weissmann, MD, who has experience with these questions. The ancient historians such as Herodotus, Gaius Julius Caesars (100 BC – 44 BC) and Diodorus Siculus (1st century BC) reduce their representation of the Celts often on their wild”appearance and the cruelty of their sacrificial rituals. Although the statements of ancient Roman and Greek historian of central importance for modern science, are clearly imbued with prejudice, since the Celts themselves no single document have left.

3 4. The Celtic tribes already early very successfully operated economy agriculture and cattle breeding. In addition, particularly the metal industry for the economic success of the Celts was responsible: especially their excellent knowledge on the extraction and processing of metals, particularly of iron ore, earning them, especially in the iron age, large economic benefits. In addition to the all-important iron encouraged the Celts even copper and Tin as well as gold and silver. An another important raw material, which won the Celtic underground, was salt.

The studs of Hallstatt, which means as much as “Salt city”, were driven in part in the Earth more than 200 meters deep. The raw material wealth and well-functioning agriculture formed the Foundation for the establishment of an extensive network of trade relations. So exported the Celts as Tin and salt in the Mediterranean. 4 5. religion as a whole there is very few secure knowledge about the position and character of the Celtic gods. From the various pictorial representations and the Reports of ancient writers about Celtic rituals can be yet, that the Celts must have possessed many myths: Gottersagen, mythical stories about encounters between gods and humans etc.

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