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Educating Humans

Posted by Toni on 11th April and posted in Uncategorized

Monotonous, heartless and tasteless "embittered us consciousness more free time and beautiful life "… Journal of Teacher Education has many thoughts on the issue. it was a learning apathetic and dull, directed not to life but to learning itself, things that we imposed the old pedagogy. And the only time really happy and glad that I owe to the school was the day when its doors closed behind me forever "… This new approach results in students falling within a few centuries into nihilism and hedonism (Gallegos, 2001) and leads to learning what UNESCO calls today as "catastrophic" for their low educational levels, high dropout rate, violence, depression and drugs, among other serious problems. (UNESCO, 2005). By the end of the twentieth century began to take shape concerns as a result giving the appearance of new proposals for education, issues such as freedom, respect, individuality and the rescue of spirituality are present.

Among these proposals, features a gathering in Chicago in the 90 educators from around the world, which aims to investigate a new education that is capable of forming a new human being, living responsibly and wisely in this new century begins. (Gallegos 2001). The new paradigm is education, "holistic" which is based on the thought of great teachers, recent scientific contributions, and the essence of spiritual philosophies remain intact over thousands of years and who meet as called perennial philosophy. (Gallegos 2001). It seems that humanity after living for several centuries without spirituality is transported suddenly looking for meaning and thoughts of great men from various disciplines revives longing.

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