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Education Top Venezuelan In Crisis

Posted by Toni on 8th July and posted in Uncategorized

Educate is not race to live, but tempering the soul to the difficulties of life.Pythagoras unfortunately in recent years have perceived, how higher education in the country has been declining in their academic excellence, the extremes to which questions seriously, if really they are training, training the professionals of different disciplines that are offered with all those skills that the country needs and according to the reality of the advance of some Sciences have achievedas well as new educational technologies. It is a fact, according to our research, not just at the level of pre and post-graduate, we have perceived that many universities, including which corresponds us, of Carabobo, some of their careers as the economy, administration, industrial relations, engineering and even their postgraduate, remained anchored in the old paradigms and that has been taken very seriously by some authorities responsible for them, the need to generate the changes that lead to define the new profile that is required, giving way to programs of study that involve subjects that provide knowledge, tools that present demand, more, in a country with a turbulent, volatile, risky scenario, full of uncertainty as which faces the conflict of wanting the so-called Bolivarian revolution to establish a socialism that has many gaps, especially in a country where the vast majority of its inhabitants do not have a strong political culture and not really knownWhat is the scope, benefits, achievements that can generate what is called socialism of the 21st century. The fact, that public universities academics should be decisive, can not be neglected where your community composed of all their resource human, from authorities, teachers, researchers, students, administrative staff, workers, must be well integrated in order to ensure academic, training, training of professionals, requires an audit, review would be to determine how its performance, are being taken that way are working with the educational social responsibility ensure the country capable professionals, not only deal with the facts, but of bringing about the necessary changes that will ensure the country, balance in the economic, social, cultural, commercial, democracy especially in the creativity of new ideas, proposals involving the country to guarantee an excellent quality of lifestability and achievements. .


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