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Posted by Toni on 2nd February and posted in Uncategorized

Start my article thinking about a better world, where the dialogue prevails, that the so absent families in the current society, do not look the form most easy to correct its children, supported in the thought of some specialists who place this practical as solution problems to discipline. Mine some years of study reflection, cantinho gives the right today to me to think about one, on what it is more healthful for the bio-psio-social development, what would not obtain to make, without the prerequisite ones that I was accumulating throughout my existence and after some research and studies in the area of the Pedagogia, Psicologia and Psicopedagogia. In the current days, it is common to hear of professors, who had ordered the preschool child for one cantinho to think, when these make some thing that dislikes. This to think, is recognized for the pupil, as punishment, even so many times it nor knows to say right, nor the diapers it has left. As teacher of Philosophy, I have one another one boarding on the act to think, and it I do not associate the punishment, one time that the reflection also contributes for the learning and develops critical spirit, contributing for the development of intelligence and the improvement of the knowledge. Therefore, when I make the child to think that it will be punished, and that it has that to think, I am demonstrating it, who to think is not an act that it makes possible to search solutions to decide problems, yes a punishment, because all time that it does not please place, it to think. This form of punishment it is transferred of the school to house, and vice versa, the people do not know as to decide the indiscipline, that many times is related with the lack of complicity, dialogue and affection of involved. .


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