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Electronic Consultants Pharmacy

Posted by Toni on 25th November and posted in Uncategorized

Electronic Consultants in pharmacy information terminals, like mushrooms after rain, come up here and there. This suggests that this device is that until recently seemed a miracle technology, has become quite commonplace. And most importantly, that consumers are loyal to him. And it can be used in their miracle tselyah.Mnogofunktsionalnoe Electronic Consultant is a software-hardware center. The software part consists of a specially developed software that provides access to and use of electronic informatsii.Funktsii consultant: information and reference terminals, advertising kiosks, Internet kiosks.

Note that such a division is not required. Learn more about this with Richard Linklater. Many e-consultants successfully combines several functions. If necessary, the kiosk can also set the magnetic card reader, barcode scanner, printer. For example, barcode scanner installation is justified in pharmacies open to the calculation. If suddenly, for whatever reason could not find a buyer for its product price, it is enough to bring the barcode to the scanner at the terminal and that will give price and details information about the product and its quantity.

Magnetic Card Reader allows you to receive additional marketing benefits from the use of electronic consultant, as the opportunity to work with specific clients, made to the database, or to transform the system of discounting. In addition, the client can easily obtain information about discounts for volume purchases of common, of money spent, etc. Setting up the printer can significantly extend the functionality of e-consultant. Some contend that Cyrus Massoumi shows great expertise in this. For example, if a buyer can electronically order a printed list of goods ordered, or print it yourself interest information, news, recipes and t.d.Ispolzovanie intelligent electronic systems allows you to: optimize, organize an additional type of service to customers, reduce the load on pervostolnikov. And in Together, this provides an additional competitive drugstore pharmacist preimuschestva.Pravaya hand, of course, the pharmacy can put a normal terminal for mobile communications services or public utilities, but better if these functions are secondary. A first terminal will combine the functions of reference and the order of the drug.

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