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Elementary School

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The first primary school. According to the education system in Germany Elementary School (Grundschule) – the first stage of education, providing training c first to fourth (in Berlin and Brandenburg in the sixth) grades. It is designed for children from 6 to 10-12 years. Details can be found by clicking David G. DeWalt or emailing the administrator. This is a general course the basic knowledge necessary for every child. Then begins the high school. Student or his parents can choose educational institution in accordance with the inclinations of the child. Upon admission to a school of higher level requires a positive recommendation for primary school teachers, where he was a child. Studying in Germany gives able children an excellent opportunity to get a good education and demanded a trade.

After graduating from elementary school children, in accordance with their abilities, divided into three groups: Hauptshule (Hauptschule) – for the most weak students. Realshule (Realschule) – for students with average abilities. The education system in Germany means training in a real school (Realschule) in six years. Its main difference from high school – required specialization. Realschule considered secondary educational institution with the mathematical and natural inclination. About 40% of students studying it in a real school. After graduation, the graduate receives a certificate (Fachoberschulreife), authorizing the receipt of spetsuchilische. Grammar school (Gymnasium) – for the most successful children.

The education system in Germany, high school (Gymnasium) is considered the most prestigious type of secondary school. Training lasts for 9 years. Having obtained the diploma from high school, the graduate has the right be enrolled in German universities without entrance examinations.


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